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  1. Didn’t Abdi have a trial at Wolfsburg in the past as well? Seems like a good prospect
  2. How would this look for our best XI? Cornelius can sub in for Hainault depending on who's playing better but I chose Andre cause He plays left side of a back three every week in Germany
  3. No Davies today as Bayern made their subs already
  4. His best bet is probably the second division side they play in the DFB cup at the start of April
  5. Probably gonna be Ribery and Gnabry unless Robben is back
  6. Villalba got bought down IIRC because Atlanta's DP's last year was Barco, Almiron and Martinez. I don't completely understand MLS rules but he's a TAM player for them so mayyybe that means we could sign him as a TAM player too (again I'm not the best with MLS rules). But your right Pozuelo is more important. However getting both would give us the strongest squad in a looong time, possibly ever, in terms of quality
  7. If we're not gonna use VDW why bot try trading him to Atalanta for Villalba? We could even throw in Delgado and sign Laryea as a cheaper replacement and have the squad look like this... --------------------Bono--------------------- Auro------Ciman---Mavinga---Morrow --------------------Bradley-------------------- ------------Pozuelo----Osorio------------- Villalba---------Altidore---------Menendez
  8. I wouldn't mind them 3 signing but I think grant is the only starter.
  9. out of curiosity who are all yall's personal preferences to replace Seba? I want Jose Morales, Perotti or Edu Vargas
  10. The team so far looks excellent on paper and in my biased opinion is one of the best in the league.
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