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  1. Wow people are harsh on our CBs. One day Henry is getting criticized from a bad VAR call and now Miller from 2 Orlando goals. First goal #2 runs over the ball handing it to the RSL forward and the second noone picks up a run to the top of the box. Neither can be pinned on Miller.
  2. No matter how much you dislike Henry, there is no way that should have been a penalty. Bad call.
  3. What I meant is that us and Costa Rica combined could beat Mexico. Also I was comparing our core to Costa Rica not Mexico.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing. Their defence and goalie are better than us, but I would take our midfield and forwards. (Combined we might actually be as good as Mexico) Also, if you look at both teams top 15 players we have 3-4 that are over 28, while Costa Rica only has 3-4 under 28. In 3 or so years when they are gettin past their prime and our team is just entering it we should surpass them.
  5. From what I can tell Inter RD played in the Dominican first division in 2018. They finished 11th of 12 teams. It doesnt appear that they are playing the 2019 season.
  6. What's crazy is that we have a Canadian who plays relatively poorly and he constantly gets to play. How often in the past have we thought someone is deserving and never gets any gametime.
  7. We should put the game against the US in either Edmonton or Winnipeg. Somewhere more difficult for them to get to. Last thing I want is for Toronto to be overrun by Americans.
  8. My preference would be US and Bermuda. Almost guaranteed 6 points against Bermuda and the games against the US would be alot of fun. As long as we avoid Mexico and Curacao. I think Curacao is actually better than T&T and Haiti.
  9. Stryker911

    2019 Attendance

    This is all Ticketmaster is showing for Forge's second game on May 8. The other side of the field is similar. Individual tickets went on sale today for season ticket and flex pack holders.
  10. This also give Gent a lot of incentive to continue to give David prime minutes the rest of the year. As the better he plays the more teams will be willing to pay for him.
  11. Just took a look at our roster from 2015. 9 guys that were on that roster will be playing in CPL this year. CPL might not contribute much to the MNT at this point, but it will be huge for our youth teams.
  12. Can someone just please straight up ask about the lack of friendlies? If there is a legitimate reason that is fine, but it is super frustrating.
  13. Looking at all the other CONCACAF rosters (the strongest roster that we could all call) I think it is worth noting that our group of forwards and midfield on paper would rate 3rd in the entire region behind both US and Mexico, pretty comparable with both Honduras and Costa Rica, but I would take our group over theirs. Our defence/goalie would definitely be behind Costa Rica and pretty comparable with both Honduras and Jamaica, so somewhere between 4th and 6th. Our roster is also much younger so lots of potential to move up.
  14. James starts in a cup quarterfinal match today.
  15. Canada's kit firmly in last place. http://www.squawka.com/en/news/ranked-every-confirmed-womens-2019-world-cup-home-kit/1086234#9wTAZUxk04HG6pmD.97
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