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  1. Stryker911

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    Surprised to see this with the headlines on Sportsnet. 4 more signings for Cavalry. Carducci, Serban, Zator, Elijah Adekugbe https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/cpls-cavalry-fc-signs-ex-whitecap-goalkeeper-carducci/
  2. Stryker911

    Canadians abroad: December 7-13, 2018

    Millar came on in for the second half against Arsenal u23. Has a goal in the 74 and the 76! Game ended 4-1.
  3. Stryker911

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    I would be surprised if Herdman doesn't make a token CPL callup for the next camp. Someone like Ledgerwood or Bekker if for no other reason to keep the interest going.
  4. Stryker911

    Marco Carducci

    Just noticed that he was named Goalkeeper of the Year for 2018 PDL season. Still only 22. Don't believe there is anything official, but I thought there was rumours he would sign with Cavalry. Would hopefully be the type of guy that can springboard his career with some more experience.
  5. Stryker911

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    1. Hutchinson, shocked he hasn't gotten any votes. This vote is for the year of 2018, so it has been a bit, but he was the first Canadian on a long time to play in the knockout round of the champions league. He was also one of our best players against St. Kitts. 2. Hoilett, helped his team gain promotion to the Premier League and consistently one of our top players. 3. Borjan, couldn't be better domestically. If he played in a more recognizable league we would appreciate him even more and kept three clean sheets for us. Was a tough decision, considered Osorio, Arfield, Davies, Piette, Cavallini, or even Kaye if he hadn't gotten hurt. With Nations League and Gold Cup we will have a minimum of 8 games next year so it will be exciting how this turns out next year.
  6. They were also down 2-0 when he came on and they scored 2 in the 21 minutes he played.
  7. Stryker911

    Maxime Crépeau

    Bush just got resigned for 3 more years. Time for Crepeau to move on.
  8. Stryker911

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    There is a ton of talent in Guadeloupe-curacao game. Guadeloupe back line is 1 guy from Ligue 1 and 3 from Ligue 2. In mid, a guy from La Liga and one from Ligue 1 and at forward from Greek Superleague. While Curacao's keeper is from PSV, on D, 1 from Stoke, 1 from Eredivisie, and 2 from Dutch 2nd division. In mid, 1 from Reading, 2 from Eredivisie, and 1 from Moldovan champion. At forward a guy from Kazak champion and Oldham Athletic in England. Either team on paper would give us a run .
  9. Stryker911

    Montreal Impact offseason 2018-19

    I thought Montreal was going to play alot of Canadians this year and it mostly turned out to be just Piette and Shome on the bench. Very few Canadians especially after Garde made the comments regarding the draft.
  10. Panama beat El Salvador 1-0 today. So unless El Salvador can beat Mexico, Panama will qualify for the World Cup.
  11. I find it very hard to believe that all of our best youth players end up playing for MLS academies. There isnt1 hotshot young player in League1, PLSQ, FC Edmonton, Foothills, etc...? The teams we are playing in Nations League are calling up League 1 guys for their senior teams! Some people theorize that the reason not to call the big 4 is to give others exposure in these tournaments. Maybe the CSA needs to scout more than 3 places. There is people on this forum who could probably name a few individuals in the aforementioned league who deserve a call. Where do they think Larin came from? Is the CPL really going to make a difference? They hardly look at anyone else regardless.
  12. I still can't get over the St. Kitts loss, so I put it in perspective. According to Wikipedia from the years 99-01 there was 2505 births in St. Kitts and Nevis. Assuming half of them were girls that leaves 1253. They had 20 players on their roster. So 1 out of approximately every 62 people born those years was on this team. Mind-boggiling how we can lose. My high school was bigger than that.
  13. I hate playing CONCACAF. Can we just play UEFA?. It's not like we will qualify for any less tournaments. At least it won't be so frustrating to watch.
  14. That they had a better game that day. Is Aruba better than Jamaica because they beat Grenada 3-0 and Jamaica only won 1-0? Or is Saint Lucia almost as good as Costa Rica because Costa Rica only beat Barbados by 1 more goal than Saint Lucia did? I am not saying we will win tomorrow, but to use one game against a mutual opponent as the measuring stick is pretty lame.
  15. Really?? You know this for sure? I think most of us would be hard pressed to know anything about any of their players.