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  1. HochelagaFC

    about those open tryouts......

    Yes he is, on the CPL website they highlighted him as one to watch on day two.
  2. HochelagaFC

    Canadians abroad: October 5-11, 2018

    In the Danish 2nd tier, Manjrekar James started and scored for FC Federicia in a 3-0 win against Thisted. They are now 3rd and in the playoffs zone after 12 games.
  3. HochelagaFC

    What is our CB depth

    There’s also Derek Cornelius. He is already ahead of Jakovic, Vittoria and Edgar (I think) for the 2022 cycle. He was pretty good at Toulon this summer and my opinion is Herdman wants to give Henry and Cornelius the chance to establish themselves as the duo going forward.
  4. HochelagaFC

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    How is Petrasso doing with the Fury? I would call up Cordova before him, I don’t think he is the answer at right back.
  5. HochelagaFC

    Canadians abroad: September 21-27, 2018

    Cannigia Elva came on in the 79th minute for Wurzburger Kickers in a 1-1 tie against Eintracht Brunswick.
  6. HochelagaFC

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    Maybe pre game, one of they’re goal was to score 10 goals so when he shouted « 2 more » it was to remind them of that and keep them focus.
  7. We had a stream for the game against New Zealand in the middle of Spain. I don’t see why we wouldn’t have one this time.
  8. HochelagaFC

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    After watching him at RB this year for Montréal, I would much rather see a young and unproven player at this position then Petrasso. He really has been poor this year unfortunately and I don’t think that is future with the CMNT is at right back. For me Cordova would be the front runner, after that it would be for me youngsters who where groomed at that position: Godinho, Legault and Brault Guillard.
  9. Where have you seen he would use 3 at the back? I don’t remember him saying that. From what I read he talked about playing attacking football but at Toulon and against New Zealand he played 4-3-3 so I would assume it will remain that way.
  10. I just think that because of 2026, the spotlight is on Canada more than ever and we have to present ourselves in a strong manner each time it is possible. We have to come in those qualifiers with a mentality of winners and for that our best eligible players have to be there. So we shouldn’t care if Davies, Millar, David, etc. have already played senior by November, our best players have to be there so we can send a message that we are a talented team.
  11. HochelagaFC

    Liam Millar

    I think it’s even more positive that Leeds and Aston Villa are interested in him. That means clubs from the Championship thinks he’s ready for that league. If he can avoid a loan in League One it would mean he is closer to the first team than just being perpetually loaned out.
  12. HochelagaFC

    Emile Legault

    180cm looks pretty generous from what I saw at Toulon. Also, it’s the first time it’s mentionned anywhere that he plays centre back so maybe it’s an error? Also from Toulon, he displayed a lot of good things for a fullback but nothing that says he could play centre back.
  13. HochelagaFC

    Jonathan Osorio

    Samuel Piette fits the exact same description. He also earned is lot of criticism but once he got his game together (like Osorio this year), the praise started coming.
  14. HochelagaFC

    David Edgar

    I would be interested to know how many of these players have signed with the Fury for only this season? My theory is that they are signing them so all these Canadians would be free agent at the end of this year so they could sign on a free transfer/allocation draft(?) with other teams in the CPL. In that way you ensure yourself that these players are available once the teams are ready to make roster decisions. That would need to be on the basis that Ottawa Fury would play in the CPL of course and they would probably be able to keep those that they had signed to longer contracts.
  15. Why not both? Millar as proven he can do a good job on the wing so it’s not like they are necessarily fighting for the same spot.