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  1. HochelagaFC

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

    Zohran Bassong is on the bench for Cercles Bruges against Mouscron.
  2. HochelagaFC

    Matthew Nogueira

    https://www.transfermarkt.com/matthew-nogueira/leistungsdaten/spieler/467545 Has been on the bench 3 games this year for the first team (clearly because of injury or suspension). He seems to be Maritimo’s 3rd keeper.
  3. HochelagaFC

    Zorhan Bassong

    I’m really not sure but I think he didn’t play in any competitive game with Belgium so he wouldn’t need his one time switch.
  4. HochelagaFC

    Emile Legault

    I think he clearly is a FB. I know an article mentionned him as a CB but after seeing him play at Toulon everything about him screams FB, wether it’s his physical built or his style of play. It’s just my take but I would be really surprised if he ends up as a CB at the pro level.
  5. HochelagaFC

    Ottawa CPL Club

    How many Canadians are contracted by the Fury right now? Seems odd that CONCACAF would do that over a couple of players...
  6. HochelagaFC

    Amer Didic

    If the CPL salaries where that much lower than USL’s I wonder why Kyle Bekker signed for Hamilton? I’m pretty sure that he could earn a high USL salary given that he is a proven performer at that level. My take is that the Canadian players that signs in USL are the ones who still hope to play in MLS (like Didic) because of the familiarity between the two leagues.
  7. HochelagaFC

    Derek Cornelius

    They took in consideration the performances for the youth teams and in my mind he was the best player at Toulon.
  8. HochelagaFC

    Steven Vitória

    My guess is that Herdman as identified Cornelius, Henry and James as his 3 relatively young CB that he wants to progress with for 2022 and that as the number 4 he wants a veteran (Edgar) to help them. I have no problem with this strategy, but personnaly I would replace Edgar by Vitoria because he is still playing at a high level and can also be that veteran guy.
  9. HochelagaFC

    CPL General

    When I said handcuffed I’m talking about the unilateral options, I hope CPL don’t go that route. I also think that CPL will be more willing to sell players if they’re is interest in Europe. Cyle Larin is probably not a good exemple for the CPL but let’s say you are eligible for the MLS super draft or could sign for a CPL club with a goal to ultimately play overseas. I think the best route for that will be to play regularly in Canada rather than be a benchwarmer in MLS. Better exemples would be Kwame Awuah, Richie Laryea or Amer Didic.
  10. HochelagaFC

    CPL General

    The problem with MLS is not when you are the real deal like Davies, it’s for young players like Cyle Larin who dreams of playing in Europe. For that kind of player I think they will benefit more from playing 1 or 2 years in CPL then go to an european team instead of being handcuff to an MLS contract.
  11. HochelagaFC

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    He played with Joe Cole for Tampa Bay.
  12. HochelagaFC

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    From how I see it he’s saying that he won’t wait too long to chose if a Portugal call doesn’t come.
  13. HochelagaFC

    Hanson Boakai

    Nice for him after a good season. It would have been nice if Ekenas had promoted!
  14. HochelagaFC

    CPL new teams speculation

    Really nice, I live near Saputo Stadium and have no car but I could definitely buy season tickets given this location!
  15. HochelagaFC

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Petrasso shouldn’t be the starter at right back, he was really poor for the Impact this year. I may be wrong but I think he didn’t play a single minute on loan with the Fury. Right now I think it’s better to try some younger players (Brault-Guillard and Godhino) with more upside at the position. In my opinion they are already better anyway.