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  1. The empty means it’s been sold.. to me that looks like it’ll get up to 10k.
  2. Keegan

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    How? Iceland qualified on merit by beating Netherlands and the Czechs. Good luck having the winner of Cyprus v Estonia make a run.
  3. Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome to have a guy from Juventus on our roster, it’s cool but at the same time when you put u23 and people clue in that he doesn’t even play for Juventus youth and we’re selling this new/improved team it’s Mickey Mouse and sort of takes away from the guys who are making impacts at big clubs in their system. One thing I will say, he’s going to have a nice resume if he gets a cap. Former Juventus keeper who will (guessing here) be the youngest Canadian keeper ever. Even if he’s a flop that looks good on paper for him.
  4. Well if that’s the bar then there are literally thousands of kids we need to play. 18, non-friendly, dual international and excited to play for Canada. Damn, wish I knew at 18! 😉
  5. But Busti doesn’t play top tier youth football? He isn’t even making the bench for the youth team. Millar was producing and earning the praise of the first team manager and a Liverpool legend. Can Busti say the same? Does the first team manager even know who he is? If he’s the best keeper in camp, play him but if Pantemis is better I’d hate to see a cap handed out for simply being at Juventus. And I’m sorry to burst peoples bubble but playing 2nd tier Norway is better level for international football than youth football. Remember Josh Doughty? Two years ago he was playing for Manchester United at probably a similar level to Busti ie never going to make the first team and only made the odd appearance but no one was clamouring for him to be cap tied.. where is he now? Do we even know that Busti is better than our other youth keeper in Italy? Just because he’s at Juventus. Desjardins is the same age and sits on the bench in serie B, just like Stillo who also sat on the bench in serie A.. so why weren’t they cap tied? Basically all anyone can say is that he should be capped because he’s at Juventus and that’s wrong. We have a lot more to offer him than he does to us at this point imo.
  6. The downside is you’re giving a guy a cap who hasn’t earned it and is in Canada for his second time. That’s two negatives.. at least Arfields football had earned him a cap before he played for us. He has zero chance of playing for Italy so why are we knee jerk capping him? We have had other keepers In youth systems at big clubs who never got a cap.. this is just a bad precedent. If he actually played games for Juventus youth I would have an easier time accepting it but he never plays. Or heck, even if he proves himself with our u20s I’ll be more accepting of a cap. But now? He’s ours. Stop worrying about playing a guy because he has another passport.. the whole “he’s at a big club” thing doesn’t check out if he never plays.. Guyana has a keeper at Liverpool as well, so what? (And he’s probably higher on their depth chart than Busti for Juve) Also, Buffon was developed at Parma.
  7. I keep thinking about this and I don’t know if this guy should be capped. It doesn’t seem right.. he can’t even get a game for Juventus youth teams (yes, plural). Hes about 7th on their keeper depth chart and has played around 5 matches the past year. That’s probably good enough for the u20s but not our senior squad and he shouldn’t be capped because he has an Italy passport.. he had no chance of ever playing for Italy and he said as much.
  8. Keegan

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    So dumb.. I learned this when suddenly Estonia was in the Euros in my FM (with Vaikla in goal), I thought it was a glitch at first. It’s bad news for us because we can’t say to a guy like Vaikla or Yankov that they’ll never play in a big tournament since they very well could. The format makes no sense though.. so you should get relegated to league D on purpose for an automatic spot?
  9. Keegan

    Atiba Hutchinson

    The Jamaica and Honduras games were in separate windows...
  10. Keegan

    Best XI

    Agreed, but this is bound to catch up to us if we don’t start playing two match windows. A guy like Larin (just an example due to distance) might decide he wants to fake a knock rather than fly across the world to play 45 minutes.
  11. Keegan

    General Discussion on CMNT

    I think we just have to live to love his football and not his comments. He has an obvious chip on his shoulder where he always wants to hype up South America and South American culture at the expense of Canada for whatever reason. If all it took to be a technical footballer was your family being from a football nation we would all be pros.
  12. Keegan

    Atiba Hutchinson

    What issue did we have with Julian De Guzman? I think that's unfair.. his brother was a shame but that shouldn't reflect on him. De Guzman was class for us and always showed up.
  13. Keegan

    Best XI

    The only issue I see with the idea is that it means Morgan starts at LWB and I don't think he has any business starting for Canada right now in a competitive match. So I suspect we'll see Davies at LWB again and David worked into the attack again, which is only right considering he had a brace on his debut. Here's a crazy idea: -----------------Cavallini------------------- -------------------Hoilett------------------- Davies-----------------------------David -------------Osorio---Piette------------ Arfield------------------------------Tabla ---------Hutchinson--James-------- That is probably the most offensive we could shape our outfield players. Remember Arfield played at LM for Burnley so this isn't too wild for him. Tabla at RWB.. yea, probably not ideal but he won't have too much defending to do. How can you leave out Osorio and Piette? These depth issues are tough.. we need to play more matches.
  14. Keegan

    Herdman new head coach

    I agree but a different mentality wouldn’t have just prevented a soul crushing loss.. it could give us the result we needed. We were unlucky with injuries but still had enough talent to organize and get the result.
  15. Keegan

    Herdman new head coach

    Exactly. We can argue about teams on paper all day but the reality is there are tons of talented teams. What separates them is the culture and attitude. We are better on paper than teams that have played in the cycle back to 97 but we haven’t been there, teams like ES and T&T are average on paper but have had more success than us in the past 15 years.