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  1. Keegan

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    Super corny and pricey in some spots but it looks like the ends and a lot of the seating is under $30.
  2. Keegan

    CPL General

    Bingo. The true reality is that North American leagues like MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL have been the worst things possible for their sport. The NHL has limited markets, which in turn skyrocket prices, they are openly hostile to competing leagues of the same sport and have all but ruined international hockey. The NHL is bigger than the IIHF and that is a nightmare scenario that will ensure hockey remains a 3rd rate sport globally. All things being equal CHL should be in the pyramid and promote and relegate with a chance to make the top level. Just imagine that and what it would mean for hockey... it’s sad. Canada is a hockey mad country with only 7 teams.. as of this moment we have more professional soccer teams. Imagine Germany having more pro hockey than football teams? It’s insanity. The GTA alone should have 3+ NHL teams. Guess who is running this same scenario? MLS! It’s the reason we have a ton of Americans supporting us. We are literally the last hope in North America... CPL is the hip hop in a pop music landscape. We are trying to do things right and people who can use their head see that and support it. If we fail the Americans know they never have a hope of fixing their pyramid.. they want us (for once!) to lead the way and show up the USSF.
  3. Keegan

    CPL General

    No, this isn’t even close if we are using NHL as MLS. The average ECHL salary is $30k .. the NHL average is $2.4 million. That is 1/80 the salary. the average CPL salary let’s say is $30k as well.. the mean average MLS salary is $316k (the median is around 120k which is more accurate). That is 1/10th and that is with me skewing numbers to make them look good for you. Any logical person would probably say 1/4 because DPs are an anomaly. So, please. If people are thinking CPL is like a minor league to the best hockey league in the world you need your head examined. If your point is that MLS = AHL AND CPL = echl that sounds a lot more logical
  4. Keegan

    CPL General

    It’s more like the WHA v NHL than AHL v NHL, though both are inaccurate. CPL will not be subordinate as the AHL is and will actually be able to compete against MLS continentally. The migration of fans toward CPL proves this isn’t an apt comparison. If an AHL team started 40 minutes outside of Toronto you wouldn’t see people leaving to solely support that AHL team because it wouldn’t be a substitute (NHL v AHL). Here, CPL can be seen as a legitimate substitute for MLS by people. A player that could make Toronto (rotational player) could choose to sign for CPL but there would never even be a question of where you would sign AHL v NHL.
  5. Keegan

    Daniel Gogarty

    The only thing concerning there is the weight... we regularly debut players at older than 22 and always get players who never featured for our youth team(s).
  6. Keegan

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I believe we’ll see Borjan at Forge FC one day.
  7. Interesting he wasn’t selected in the USports draft. Maybe another Caleb Clarke situation?
  8. Keegan

    CPL -- Friday & Sunday Double Headers

    I’m not opposed to doing it as a one off as I said. I can definitely see the benefit of doing that. Im more open to a Thursday + Monday on a long weekend with 3 days rest if it’s more frequent. I’m with you that I don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze. We have almost every piece in place to make this legitimate, the last thing we need to do is jeopardize that with something as trivial as scheduling. Also, and I think this is maybe the most powerful argument, what are the chances a team can draw decent crowds twice in 3 nights for CPL? Each home date is valuable and you can’t diminish the demand to nickel and dime.. it may even cost you more than the travel savings (if there are any.. because putting up a team at a hotel for 3-4 nights is still going to cost you and you have to fly home eventually).
  9. Keegan

    CPL -- Friday & Sunday Double Headers

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jan/02/pep-guardiola-kyle-walker-injury-schedule-kill-players-manchester-city-watford Next you’re going to tell me that Pep Guardiola isn’t in the game I suppose. Its actually funny, even in Football Manager the bot reporters are programmed to ask you about your thoughts on doing away with the winter break. Like I said though, whatever it’s a novelty. I personally like watching football during the holidays so what do I care? But at the end of the day you must understand the reasons why it’s not a good idea to do this regularly, not that we could anyways with a short schedule.. it’s not like England where some clubs in the prem play 50+ matches a season.
  10. Keegan

    CPL -- Friday & Sunday Double Headers

    Those involved with the game think it’s ridiculous, it’s well documented and a topic of debate. And it is on the face of it ridiculous.. it’s a novelty for fans around a holiday and produces ratings but takes away from the competition. If they did it once a year.. say around Canada day then I think you may be on to something. But if you make it just a normal thing that you do to save travel costs it’s bush league.
  11. Keegan

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Absolutely agree with you on the first year as I said before. And absolutely agree that it comes down to economics. That’s just an assumption on your part that you’re passing off as a key point. It’s all about economics.. to our clubs $50k may not be a lot but to a club in Uruguay it could be. Think Techera or Mezquida or heck even the next Camilo. Are you going to pass a guy like that down for $50k because you’re ignorant enough to think you can find an equal player on the Canadian streets? And if such a player existed would you not be competing anyway with other CPL clubs to sign this gem? Soccernomics. There are many, many factors at play here. Maybe you luck out and the next Camilo is on a free but sometimes you will have to pry them away and $50 k shouldn’t stop you from buying a guy who will make 10x that for your club and bring you success... it’s just common sense. You have to spend money to make money and luckily these ownership groups already seem to get that.. even if paying transfer fees isn’t topping the agenda right now.
  12. Keegan

    CPL -- Friday & Sunday Double Headers

    That is one time a year... and everyone complains about that every year LOL.
  13. Keegan

    CPL General

    From what I recall PLSQ has been bullish on CPL so I don’t see an issue as this will be beneficial for them. For all we know that deal is done and they’re just waiting to drop it at another time. It would be a waste of media time to drop all them at once.
  14. Keegan

    CPL General

    Hopefully by him saying they can join CPL in the future this isn’t like a MLS/USL deal where they bought the league so they could be its overseer and use it as a tryout for clubs to join CPL based on their business potential. We want pro/rel (eventually)! Once you get into “selling” spots you sort of lose the opportunity.
  15. Keegan

    CPL General

    At the very least it’s another bridge between levels. One of the worries has been player salaries.. so how could a kid from Toronto going to York U afford to live out in Calgary for instance if he’s a fringe player? Well, here’s your answer.. he won’t have to. They can develop, be at home and go to school.. like a junior hockey player. Hopefully graduate and make the pros but if not at least they didn’t jeopardize their future. IMO this makes it a lot easier on guys on the cusp.