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    Victoria CPL

    Pacific Football Club Member #113 https://twitter.com/sashmaster/status/1020798334108196864
  2. Bbeto

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  3. I think 5000-6500 membership...
  4. What was the number of memberships sold during the YEG4CPL push?. someone knows?
  5. Yesterday 8 Canadians in their opening lineup!!! the best game of the year. Congratulations!.
  6. Bbeto

    Victoria CPL

    David Canachan said: 8-10 teams. I think that Eigth: Hamilton and Winnipeg. York, Calgary, Halifax, and Fraser Valley (Port City). Edmonton and Ottawa. Ten?: Saskatoon and Victoria...K/W?
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    more photos please!
  8. Bbeto

    CPL General

    the correct road
  9. Bbeto

    CPL General

    the important thing is that everything goes forward
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