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  1. This. Honestly, nothing should be asked until there’s an answer to this.
  2. That’s the best mainstream video I’ve ever seen on our players. You can tell it was edited and worked on by people who know their stuff - there wasn’t the typical gaffe and they included some of the best highlights. Hopefully that video can hit twitter and tv.
  3. No, no @Vince193 didn't you hear? They plan to win the Gold Cup - they don't need friendlies.
  4. I hope he keeps playing for us into the Nations League. Him leaving leaves a huge hole for us, even if he's 36 and we have depth we don't have anyone with nearly as much experience. Atiba is easily one of the most experienced players in CONCACAF, we can't replace that.
  5. ------------------------------Cavallini-------------------- Hoilett---------------------David----------------Tabla ------------------------Hutch----Piette----------------- Adekugbe-------Edgar----Henry------Godinho ----------------------------Borjan----------------------------- Never a fan of Edgar being called but I don't think we should be starting a defender on his first cap or a defender low on confidence. Edgar can also be a threat on set-pieces so I think he would be a good choice.
  6. He was also offside by about 3 feet for the ES goal.
  7. Oh the irony if a Honduran were to be the first player to use CPL to launch their career to the next level.
  8. He’s never played in USL and would without a doubt be out of reach.
  9. I wanna guess Junior Burgos but he’s an American citizen so not sure what the issues would be.
  10. If it means anything Curacao have called up a player from FK Suduva for this round.
  11. Wales has a better shot of playing in concacaf WCQ than French Guiana. Trinidad is playing Wales.. just wow. I wonder what type of turnout we would get for that game in Canada. Just imagine Canada v Wales.. Davies v Bale. That is the type of friendly that is reasonable but brings in some serious $$. What are our excuses? You can’t tell me Trinidad can afford that and we can’t.
  12. The messed up thing is that we have finished one game away from the Olympics in the past 3 tournaments. In spite of having little to no prep and calling a joke of a squad for the 2015 tournament.
  13. I know Okello did for sure last year and he played for their u19 squad. They made three bids for him as well.
  14. It would be great if they could agree to like a 20 minute sub appearance for Davies. Throw him on against a (hopefully) tired backline and let him put on a show.
  15. He definitely scored to level but didn’t score an own goal.
  16. I don't think this is 'putting your foot down'. It's more about setting a precedent politically. We obviously agree that he isn't going to play or train and we agree to it but we are basically sending a message saying "hey, we're not saying you did here, but just in case you ever tried to pull this kid with a little niggling injury we're gonna call your bluff in the future". We don't know the full story so maybe there has been some back and forth. But if it went down like Bayern called Canada Monday morning and said "Hey, Alphonso picked up a knock so we're not releasing him" and we just went "Aww, that sucks, okay" we're setting ourselves up to be bullied by a massive club. Big teams don't like to release their players and they wouldn't if they didn't have to. When they play for big nations there's nothing that they can do - but a guy like Davies with a nation like Canada, they'll want to strong arm us. Maybe this is a legitimate knock, maybe it's a convenient excuse... who knows. But either way we should call him in to evaluate him. Why would Bayern be pissed at that? If they were that would make them even more suspect. What's he going to do hang around the training ground for 10 days? He's apparently "injured" right? I also disagree that this is a small match. 1) Canada's most important match since July 2017 and 2) Canada's first call-up dealing with a massive (first-team) club.
  17. Why don’t we bring him anyway for the match and to see the squad? Isn’t there a rule where a club needs to release a player to be evaluated by their national team or am I imagining that? I think it would be worth it for the PR and also to send a message for potential future instances.
  18. I think Kaye would be our second option at left back after Adekugbe. He looked pretty good there vs. Jamaica.
  19. Imagine it was the knee slide that did him in?
  20. I'd argue that for that exact reason it hurts us even more. We haven't announced anything for the windows to come so that means that when Davies joins the team for our continental championship he'll have gone over 7 months without playing with the national team. That's a big deal. Players dropping out or missing games is a big deal to our program because we don't play enough games as it is. Wouldn't Bayern want Davies to get a start in competitive football? Something he hasn't done since November? Davies doesn't have a chance to start with Bayern anytime soon... why do I get the feeling that the CSA somehow pissed off Davies? I can imagine a scenario where they hand him some PR itinerary for when he's supposed to be in Vancouver and he would rather spend time reacquainting with people. That's probably just paranoia but we've heard crazier stories. I hope we can get an answer either way.
  21. Out of the Canada squad. Uhh? So Canada has hyped this whole match around him, he scores the day before the break and suddenly pulls out? Smells fishy to be honest. I hope it's with pure intentions but very unlikely he's injured.
  22. Arfield, Johnson and Davies OUT of the squad. Miller, Fraser and Chapman IN. So what the hell happened with Alphonso here? Damn, that's a real bummer.. almost predictable it's so depressing.
  23. Well we haven’t had confirmation that anyone is injured yet, even from their clubs. How about ZBG? Why wasn’t he dressed for MTL? Edit: Kamal Miller has been called as per Twitter.
  24. Petrasso vs Kaye is the perfect example of the margins in football. Both players had their MNT breakthrough with OZ, starting with their U23 call to Qatar. Headed into the 2017 Gold Cup Kaye is a USL player while Petrasso has played League 1/Championship level. In the tournament Petrasso plays out of position at RB and is a key player on the MNT while Kaye sees some time playing in central midfield. Fast forward to 2018 and both players transfer to MLS sides. Both immediately see time with Petrasso being used at RB (presumably because he's playing there with Canada) and Kaye playing a natural role at CM. Now we know where the story goes and one is a relative star in MLS and the other just signed for Valour. I have no doubt Petrasso could play in MLS, it's crazy he never got a shot in his natural position even once. This is a nice pick up for CPL on the back of the De Jong news.
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