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  1. Keegan

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Come on... He’s entitled to his opinion and it adds a sort of balance to the discussion. Do I agree? Not always, but he can think of the league as he sees fit (and be proved wrong).
  2. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The horror - imagine winning a trophy and qualifying for a continental competition. They can kiss their 1500 ticket holders goodbye.. there’s no where to go but down. One way or another it’s coming down to money for the Fury. It’s not about the players money though, we know that. It’s not about competition since CPL rosters are shaping up to be similar if not equal to USL sides. It has to be down to corporate, exec and coach money. OSEG doesn’t care about soccer - they would rather piggyback off MLS sides, put out a adequate product and fill calendar dates for the stadium. That’s it - they don’t want to be involved in this project until it is stable I.e profitable and they don’t need to affect OSEGs bottom line by making the move. Right now they are obviously in a spot where they are not losing money and they don’t want to move and risk that. Why get our hands dirty when we’re comfortable and we have a throng of fans loyal to whatever BS minor league project we put together. Businesses can choose to do what they want to do. But the national governing body can also decide. Having a sanctioned club is a privilege and not a right.
  3. Keegan

    Jahkeele Marhsall-Rutty

    Wonder if he has a shot at making Canada u17 next year.. that’s really impressive.
  4. Keegan

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Probably just an approach of reasonableness re: Foothills. Cavalry can’t possibly get to keep that whole team plus they got the first overall pick, who is also a forward. It makes sense that Musse is an odd man out when he can be called a “hometown guy” on another team and generate local buzz. I think it would be cool to see what type of Xmas wish lists we can come up with using 1 keeper, 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and 2 attackers (all Canadian and within reason).. here is mine for Forge FC: Keeper: Roberts Defenders: Gasparotto, Murrell Mids: Awuah, Laryea Attackers: Reid, D.Haber
  5. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    This is exactly it. I can’t see a CPL team doing any worse than Ottawa against TFC either tbh. I really feel my theory about the loans from TFC/MTL makes sense because this can’t be about playing level, existing salaries, club progression or any of that .. those points are easily debunked. It can’t be about fan support when a CPL side in Ottawa would more than likely get 1500+ SSHs. It’s not about exposure when no one in Canada has heard of you anyway and you’re not on TV.
  6. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Ultimately it's a fight over a market and that's why CPL can never be just "okay" with Ottawa in the USL. They've already essentially written off the top 3 core markets in the country and now they're going to just give up the capital/one of the few "sure thing" cities we have left? The US system leeching yet another market may just be too much for the league to handle in the short term, so it's kill or be killed. OSEG is being foolish, it really is a road to nowhere for them.
  7. Keegan

    Why was the original CSL short-lived?

    @nolando you’re not seeing any names that generate excitement but the names you mentioned weren’t names until the CSL. I’d bet this new league attracts more “names” recognizable to the casual fan than the previous start up. The signings by the league have been good so far.. at least USL level. Guys like Bekker, Ledgerwood, Edwini-Bonau etc. that is a pretty good start. Those are guys who have played at decent levels and are still at reasonable ages.. could CSL say the same initially? And being linked to guys like Zaccardo, O’Dea etc. Was that the case then? I genuinely don’t know.
  8. Keegan

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    What do people think about the viability of such a club so close to Montreal? I suppose it’s another York 9 type situation.
  9. Keegan

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    He scored at least a couple for QPR but in the championship.. I think one was posted here earlier.
  10. Norman is on in the 60' for QotS vs. Dunfermline 0-0 right now.
  11. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    They're funded by Bob Young, not necessarily owned or controlled, if I understand correctly. Also, this has been known for some time. I believe it was mentioned on here around the time the team was announced.
  12. Keegan

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    https://www.uslleaguetwo.com/news_article/show/976961 Just a mock draft but they have Montgomery, Miller and Comsia going 5, 6 (TFC) and 17 respectively. If they're all actually projected to go in the first round I'd be surprised if TFC doesn't grab one.
  13. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    How do you think I have it in for TFC? Because the only thing I said was that they’re not the darlings of MLS like they used to be... that’s true. I’ve been a TFC supporter since day one and completely agree with your points in that post but it’s a straw man. If anything my post is a criticism of MLS, not TFC.
  14. Keegan

    Ballou Tabla

    I saw they were hanging on social media somewhere.. can’t recall where.
  15. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Another major issue has to be the name “Ottawa Fury”. It doesn’t go with this league.. FC Edmonton was an exception because that name is a blank canvas. Ottawa Fury would need a rebranding to join CPL IMO.
  16. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    TFC isn’t the darling they used to be with MLS. There are a ton of other big clubs and all of them look to appease MLS at every turn. If MLS tells them the strategy is to choke out CPL they would be foolish to step on toes over a loan or two for players who may never make their first team. Let’s not forget MLS has the option to make up rules as they go along - do you want to ruin the chances of an admin call going your way? MLS is daddy and from a ROI perspective it’s probably not a good idea to cross them on trivial topics
  17. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    No arguing that but TFC has done it without CPL up until now - if they want to be hostile to CPL it will be VERY easy to avoid it. It would be easy for them to send players to CPL but maybe they would rather do damage to the league. Do I want that? No, but MLS calls the shots in that league not TFC.
  18. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I think you’re giving them a lot more credit than is due for their prioritizing of development.. in TFC’s entire history there have only been a few loans of young players - they won’t mind skipping out on a development opportunity if daddy MLS tells them not to. They won’t even give it a second thought. I thought this up on my lunch - trust me, brilliant minds in these multi million corps can figure it out. Especially when OSEG just came off a year of doing almost exactly that... it wouldn’t be hard to expand on. It’s not even a complicated plan or shell game. It’s simple - we loan you players on the cheap so we avoid CPL, you avoid CPL to get superior players on the cheap. Win-win.
  19. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    No they can’t force them to do anything - they can “funnel them” there as CPL is the only option to be a pro team right now.
  20. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    That would be great then. My theory was that they’re avoiding this - I don’t think Jimmy B is an old friend they’re looking to help out (or anyone in CPL). I’d bet they rather have their players play D3 than CPL but that’s just my theory. If your question is “wouldn’t that make them a feeder club, the same as you’re criticizing Ottawa for being?” . Yes, BUT the CPL teams can grow... the Fury have a ceiling over their head, they can’t qualify or promote to anything.. their best bet is to win a trophy in a 35 team shit show at which point they may qualify to drop the puck at a sens game.
  21. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The best is reading on twitter people saying “how will this effect Fury’s growth?”... What delusional world are people living in? Are you getting promoted? Are you going to the Champions League? You’re being sold a lie by a corporation and it has nothing to do with developing soccer. In the future players are going to choose between CPL and MLS because those are the levels where you can grow and take on the highest competition... Ottawa’s top competition will come in the voyageurs cup forever and always. Where are you guys growing? The fans are being brainwashed to thrive for mediocrity. “We demand to be a feeder club forever! It’s our right!”
  22. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    That’s exactly what they were doing it seems. OSEG tried to bully CONCACAF first - they thought they would just drag this on to the last minute and then pull the old “oops! But it’s too late to not sanction us, sorry!” Routine. MLS/USL need to learn they’re not the NHL/AHL where they can bully a whole sport. And now CONCACAF is saying “no, like we're serious, you’re not getting sanctioned as we said” and Ottawa is going full victim mode as if it’s the craziest thing ever. The question continues to be why? I have a pretty damn good theory I thought of over lunch that takes the Ottawa colluding with “elites” one step further. With TFC II in div 3 were they going to get another influx of “free” players in addition to their MTL loans? (I.e Okello, Daniels etc.). Was that the reason they cut most of their team? Think about it... they would only have to pay half their roster and keep playing this game claiming their salaries are higher than CPL when really they’re not paying and using MLS numbers. The MLS teams win because they get a 2nd division feeder and AVOID dealing with CPL altogether - Which one has to assume is a MLS mandate. MLS can undercut CPL, have a cheap feeder club and constantly keep this fallacy going that even USL is a step up from CPL. Ottawa increases their margins and plays the “sugar baby”. That would be a pretty sweet deal for Ottawa, the Canadian MLS teams and MLS overall. These MLS teams don’t want their players playing for Forge, York etc. because it’ll look like an endorsement and they don’t want them in D2 USL because it’s too low. Just my thoughts on how I would handle this “war” if I was MLS. The irony in my mind is that if my theory on the loans is correct, Ottawa would have to actually pay more salary for lower quality in CPL. Now does it make sense why they’re going kicking and screaming?
  23. Keegan

    CPL General

    $65k average? There’s no chance. I’d be really surprised if the Fury themselves paid $1 million in salary in 2018. They're not paying MLS salaries in full clearly and I can’t imagine the full roster players even averaging that amount. The numbers between CPL and USL can’t be that far off.. it’s just not realistic. If the USL numbers were that much higher they would be in MLS territory and how is that logical? In a supply and demand sense they wouldn’t need to come close so why would they? Are we to believe OSEG is just super generous? The stories we constantly hear from average USL players is that they struggle to get by. So if Ottawa is paying that much above the league average they should be canning their management because it’s clearly not paying off. Nothing makes sense with the Ottawa spin.
  24. Keegan

    CPL new teams speculation

    Before this CONCACAF ruling I'd probably say 0.01%, now I'd say zero chance
  25. Keegan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    It’s unlikely but you can’t rule anything out really. If our Canadian cities can take off as they have in Orlando, Portland, Cincinnati etc. the sky is the limit. It will take time but nothing is impossible and maybe one day playing nationally makes a lot more sense.