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  1. So couple comments on the more recent posts. As far as which side, there was still snow on the other side, and while I feel soccer should start up in May and end in October in Canada, you play the hand you are dealt. At least they have a stadium that can accommodate both sides, and has turf immune to the weather. Second, lets be honest here guys. Between Investors group field and Tim Hortons Field, it's wishful thinking that there aren't going to be games where the stands don't look good. Heck, there are "sellouts" of Ti-Cat games and TFC games where the stands don't good with attendances apparently in the 20,000+ range.
  2. I see that there has been a lot of talk about exit fees from USL and from my understanding, when the CSA sanctioned the Fury for the USL I thought one of the conditions on allowing the jump was no exit fees if and when a Canadian league comes around. I'm not sure if that still would be the case, but I could have sworn that was the case.
  3. K, first off, that's not an Ontario plate, which means...it has a license plate, so it's already not sketchy enough to pass the Hamilton sniff test. Second, rust is a valuable commodity in steeltown. I kid you not, we literally have a building that was designed to rust here. We wouldn't waste it on a van. Last, it's considered rude to not leave your own cinder blocks by your car, so be sure you buy a set.
  4. Well, now that the schedule is out, I'm investigating a trip out to Halifax for the end of August. Swoop flights there and back as of this post will set you back 236.51 right now. Issue now is renting a car and hotel
  5. If we are talking legal actions, for the most part the courts don't like weighing in on professional sports, and the main reason is because it near always is a dispute that could be resolved either through arbitration or internal politics. They are almost always glacial in pace, and without a doubt any decision made will be appealed and drag out. However, when they have from my understanding it has always been understood that you can buy and own a team, but what league they play in, is the affair of that league. If the CSA, USSF, CONCACAF, FIFA or the USL say the Fury can't play in this league, the court can't force the league to let them play there (as FIFA rules give each of those bodies a say on sanctioning). Conversely, the court can't force the Fury to play in a league they don't want to be a part of. They could, in theory join a non-FIFA affiliated league or start their own, which we all know isn't going to happen. The core point is there isn't anything the court is going to be able to do to force the sanctioning hand unless it's something to the effect of "You optionally grant sanctioning instead of paying damages" Depending on how the leagues dictate terms and go about sanctioning and desanctioning realistically determines if there are damages the court could potentially awarded for desanctioning. The Fury would likely argue they previously sanctioned us and granted us exceptions, there was no reason to deny sanctioning and that we have a schedule/brand/agreements that need protecting. The sanctioning bodies would likely argue "We have always stated the Fury's presence was an exception, due to necessity, we gave them ample time to recognise their sanctioning was in jeopardy and they should have made arrangements as appropriate." and I'd be inclined to favour the bodies, given there isn't a contractual expectation you are/going to be sanctioned, until it actually happens. However, make no mistake, at that point it's basically just an argument as to how much the sanctioning body would have to pay out in damages, if at all and if the risk warrants not simply resanctioning. It's basically just a big game of chicken.
  6. Here is the big thing, MLSE is owned by Bell and Rogers. At some point you will want to deal with them regarding a TV deal unless you are putting all your eggs in the live streaming basket, unless CBC decides to get back into sports. You want to keep that door open, but that said, you simply can't let the fox into the hen house. MLSE has a vested interest in making money and ensuring competition to TFC doesn't take off, as it will not only draw fans away from the big club, but potentially force a ticket price reduction and honestly reduce the ratings on their already lacklustre TV ratings. Nevermind that you suddenly have an owner who is privy to every deal the league may make, and has the potential to undermine the league itself. If I'm the CanPL, I tell them for now, it is way too soon. When the league has enough stability where two rogue owners can't potentially spell doom for the league, it's a different conversation, but for now I would say it should be a hard no. Now, ten years down the road, with franchises across the country, and potential to break into the big markets, it's a much different conversation. Then that conversation becomes "Look, we'll let you in, but this league isn't a farm for MLS or TFC. Draconian and limited loaning and transfer options to your MLS club if you want in."
  7. As far as the Touchdown Pub (aka: The Dizzy Weasel, aka: The Avon aka: Johnny's) is concerned, the lack of food beyond the deep fryer, craft beer options and ceiling tiles are why many members of the Battalion don't enjoy the Touchdown. Additionally issues with the beer lines, living Halloween decorations on the windows in August and the colorful regulars are a couple other reasons why, I for the most part have generally avoided the place since forgoing my Ti-Cat seasons. That said, if you guys love the place that much, who are we to say no?
  8. I'm sure we can come up with an insulting chant to the tune of Team America: World Police just for you Jambo
  9. Yes, I agree that it's fine to question my option, especially when I've already communicated that my opinion is questionable, however your post basically said "I'm crazy, because the high performance and synergy that you said will happen, is going to happen" Anyways, having guys with a history should in theory mean the Forge will have a lot more synergy the other teams, but given Halifax signed though three guys from Trinidad who played together, I wouldn't say that's a guarantee.
  10. I wouldn't quite go that far, I mean Sigma is still one of the top (if not the top) academies in the country, and it's a lot more understandable here. He's the coach, he knows how to evaluate players and which players he needs, as opposed to an agent, where a good manager should be able to see through that agent's smoke and mirrors and acquire talent.
  11. I sincerely do hope so, and really Bobby has more then ample roster room to put that observation to bed quite easily. So far I've been pleased with everything he's done thus far.
  12. Did you actually read my post? Not only did I ask for a grain of salt, but I explicated stated that I understood the coach getting his own guys who he previously worked with, and that I had no doubts that they would perform.
  13. I'm probably one of the least qualified people to speak about the quality of these signings, so please take this post with bowling ball sized grain of salt. Really, I think that's the only criticism you can make, that we're all getting Sigma alumni, and potentially not casting the net as wide as possible. I mean, I understand getting your guys and I have no doubts they'll perform. My concern is, ok now fast forward a few years, other academies are producing talents, a few injuries happen or someone gets picked up by another club, how are you filling those gaps? That said, it's far to early for actual serious criticism on this front. This is probably me just me projecting on pretty much exactly what happened to the Ti-Cats over the last 6 years.
  14. I think your most mission critical market to get into is Quebec. Having a team Quebecer's can rally behind besides the Impact I think is certainly something you want to pursue. After that, I'd be setting my sites on Saskatoon and getting a presence there. Just make sure you schedule games there to not coincide with the Riders.
  15. So pretty much this is going down how we expected, the Fury are getting sanctioned for 2019 with a giant question mark, and likely a push into the CanPL for 2020. Sure, there is some speculation there, but I suspect this is how this will play out.
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