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  1. As far as the Touchdown Pub (aka: The Dizzy Weasel, aka: The Avon aka: Johnny's) is concerned, the lack of food beyond the deep fryer, craft beer options and ceiling tiles are why many members of the Battalion don't enjoy the Touchdown. Additionally issues with the beer lines, living Halloween decorations on the windows in August and the colorful regulars are a couple other reasons why, I for the most part have generally avoided the place since forgoing my Ti-Cat seasons. That said, if you guys love the place that much, who are we to say no?
  2. If I'm not too late to the gate on this one, put me down for a black XXL
  3. A hoodie would be awesome, what I wouldn't mind seeing (although I'm not sure if all the Canadian supporters groups would get behind it) is some kind of shirt that incorporates the various supporter group logos into one shirt that says "We are all Voyageurs"
  4. I still stand by as saying, I'm not a fan of our current logo and would like to see us go to something like this. Of course, I'd edit the maple leaf a bit so it's a bit different then hockey Canada. However, given our hockey, rugby and golf programs have generally the same logo, I'd like to see our soccer association follow suit. I also wouldn't mind just a small splash of black thrown into our kit.
  5. Obviously if the prices are the same, go with the Canadian product, however I really don't have any qualms if the product is fair trade or from another country with labour laws similar to our own. I generally try to avoid products made in the likes of China and Bangledesh.
  6. I'd consider it, but my head is very large and that toque doesn't look like it would fit. That and...is it just a Red toque or is the logo going to be added to it?
  7. Just put an order in for a pin and a Canoe shirt.
  8. Brazil vs Panama Canada vs Peru
  9. Ecuador vs Costa Rica Canada vs Brazil
  10. Peru vs Brazil Panama vs Canada
  11. Brazil vs Ecuador Costa Rica vs Canada
  12. Opening Prelim match for Pan-Am Soccer in Hamilton Ontario at Tim Horton's Field Panama vs Peru Canada vs Brazil
  13. Opening Pan-Am soccer game at Tim Horton's Field in Hamilton Costa Rica vs Brazil Canada vs Ecuador
  14. Any chance these are still for sale/potentially available at the Women's Friendly in Hamilton?
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