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  1. Completely forgot about that option as well :).
  2. Props to OZ for the scouting recognition and springboard his career after GC 2017. Props to Bradley and his team at LAFC, signing him, playing him and developing him at LAFC. He is only getting better and better at LAFC. Biggest props to MAK himself with his work ethic, commitment, dedication and humbleness. Huge ankle surgery last year also and is playing even more confident this season.
  3. At this point, we should not rule out Petrasso at RB either, depth at worse case. I do think he's better suited a bit higher up the pitch, but still. Here is my pro argument: 1) Last Gold Cup, played all 4 games full 90 mins including 0-0 vs Honduras, 1-1 vs Costa Rica. The minor defensive criticism that tourny was the lack of pace of Vitoria & Jokavic. 2) Few years removed from major career surgery 3) He's only 23 This is why we are finally blessed to have the CPL, really hoping he can remain healthy, have some quality outings and potentially springboard his career back on track. By no means am I saying call him in, but we should not forget about a guy, who not even 2 yrs ago when he was only 21 was solid for us.
  4. Was healthy and availibility confirmed? I know he has been dealing with the knee issue. Thanks
  5. He's 21, coming off injury, in the Scotish Prem he's played 2 games at RB since January ( one vs 1st place team, one vs last place team), 2 games at RM and 60 mins at LM. Since the International break over 4-5 fixtures, he's played 60 mins at LM. Look, I like Godinho, but I disagree with "undesputed starter".... if anything with 3 games over 8 days + travel, followed by what is hopefully knockout round, we need two healthy and playing right fullbacks. Hopefully Godinho is healthy and can find his way back into the 18 & get some minutes in phase 2 of the Scottish prem ( 5 games) and/or Scottish Cup final.
  6. LSAT score + GPA + and/or story of exceptional circumstances. Tell him go to law school in the UK if he really wants to be a lawyer and can't get a good LSAT score. He will still need good grades in the UK for the Canadian province he wants to practice in to accept his degree. Also needs to pass a bunch of other equivalency exams. If there's a will there's a way. Sounds like fiction with weak excuses.
  7. That call was bad IMO, attacker bicycle kicked it from 1 foot away and went off his shoulder. Incredibly unlucky. I felt he played excellent apart from that misfortune. In the same game, Max made a stellar save with only a few mins left in the game.
  8. I noticed that I was not able to buy section 114 through the site... I am taking my 2 daughters. Is section 114 still your recommendation for family? I have sat at back of 113 in the past for the men's with my kids. Originally we had plans to head up North, so I am a little behind. Please let me know your recommendation, we do not want to miss this!
  9. Nice draw USA lol....Canada/Mexico/Costa Rica all on one side of the bracket. I'm sorry, but when only two teams advance from 1 group... two teams from the same group should not stay on the same side of the bracket, simply awful. Would never happen in World Cup or Euro's etc. etc and should not be happening in our region either, it's embarra$$ing. Anyways vent over, I actually like playing Mexico at altitude, will be great experience. On paper, if all things go as I predict, we should also cross over to get a match vs Costa Rica. All that I like :).
  10. Upset of tourney Canada over Costa Rica in QF.
  11. It appears I was mistaken.... Gutierrez plays mostly on the left, for some reason I could have sworn he was a RB. Anyways that's not bad for us either, hopefully he gets minutes in Chile Prem and uses his one time switch :). Great point about Aird 😕 ? Agree with Petrasso about him playing higher up the pitch, still a nice depth option. So really is between ZBG/Godinho at RB. I'm honestly glad we have both, especially with the tight schedule + travel of gold cup.
  12. The 3rd option(not starter) is only born in Canada, for the thread itself I won't edit it(Gutierrez-played 70 mins in Chile Prem last weekend on one of their biggest clubs). My bad, that was unfair of me to assume/suggest. Petrasso is the current 3rd option :).
  13. The RB spot w the CMNT is still up for grabs to whoever is fit and playing the best. I'm wishing the best for all 3, and until shown otherwise, confident in all 3. It's just a nice relief to know we have 3 solid options at RB moving forward. We should not even forget about Petrasso, who did fine in the last Gold Cup, and I put him #4 on our RB depth chart.
  14. Exactly ^ (bachelor preference aside), you stole my words how valuable that could be towards the 2022 WCQ campaign.
  15. Honestly, I should have commended and complimented all of them. Pretty awesome seeing 6 young Canadians hold their own out there.
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