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  1. 100% and yes, every athlete needs to pick the path right for them at the time. Syracuse has a rich history athletically and academically, huge $ behind all sports teams, big alma mater and big community support for their athletic programs. It is also "close to home (Canada)", usually helps for a smoother life transition. From a conditioning, strength, fitness, rehab, recovery, nutrition, etc. etc. these big NCAA schools are backed by big financial support, so provide excellent support in those areas. So outside of footy specifically, the additional benefits can be very helpful to an individual's/athlete's overall growth, both athletically(if go pro) and personally. Miller played NCAA ball, summer playing USL-2, and now a few starts in MLS. Crazy, but he must be one of our current CB's who has seen the most "90 min game time" the last 24-36 months? Not at a super high level, but perhaps that is why the "managing the minutes by Orlando"? Can't confirm how many appearance he made as a freshman but from 2016-2019(sept 16-march19) he must be close to 100 games played over ~2.5 years, not sure how many CB's we actually have playing that much? I'm sure he will have some ups and downs but hopefully he can stay as consistent as possible. Very unique prospect for the CMNT, and a CB, wish him the best.
  2. Congrats to him on his first senior CNMT call-up! Keep seizing the moment and run with it. All the best to him.
  3. Very impressed with his early season form after playing every single game last year. Impact have lined up in a true 4-3-3 so far this year, and Piette has been locked in as the true CM. Sometimes I forget he is only 24, hopefully he stays on this trajectory :). Herdman will have some interesting decisions come game day!
  4. In addition to a wideout, I would hope Herdman also sees him as a CF/ST. In my eyes, he has shown he can play there. Thanks for all the insight, he seems to be adapting very well, kudos.
  5. I was looking forward to see how Henry and Cornelius did as Whitecaps lined up as 3 at the back. Even more now, 4 at the back for sure for CMNT vs FG.
  6. Absolutely gutted for him. Unfortunately it can be a career defining injury, however happy to hear he is having the surgery ASAP, that will help. Wishing him the best.
  7. Plllllzzzzzz find a way to have Cavallini and David on the field together
  8. Lol fair, I was going based off Herdman direct interview where he said WJ has shown excellent pre season and early season form and is back in the mix. He also had excellent link up play with Arfield and helped score the goal off Larin's behind when we beat Honduras in Vancouver, but ya that was 2 yrs ago so fair enough. Where did I say I was judging Osorio too harshily? If you want my honest criticsm, I'm a big fan, he played amazing last spring. However, I don't think he's looked the same at all since his off season surgery, but I'm sure he will get back on track soon enough. I had WJ there because I think Piette is extremely valuable as a 60 min sub if not starting. That's not my ideal lineup by any means, I was just putting guys "out of position" from Herdman interview. Hopefully I'm just super over analyzing Herdman's interview. If we play 4-4-2 I'd go with Cav - David Hoilett - Arfield - Hutch - Davies Akedugbe - Cornelius - Henry - Godhino My favorite lineup is still the one Obinna posted.
  9. Very valid points, based on our current defensive depth, perhaps we see 1 or both called into the GC when their European season's have finished.
  10. Would prefer 3 CBs, but with Vancouver's FAST field/turf & players selected, I think we go 4 at the back. Based on the the boss's interview maybe something as wild as this? 🤨, & as "out of position" as it is, I do think this lineup would do just fine vs FG. Cav - David Hoilett - Arfield - WJ - Davies MAK - Cornelius - Henry - Hutch Borjan Although been a few years, Hutch has played over 60 games + 5000 pro mins at RB. At RB, he backs up Davies and can send him in on some deadly runs (ZBG-Godinho: 20-21 old), Herdman might want some experience back there? I have WJ ahead of Osorio & Piette (current form). Interchange- Hutch central over WJ with Godinho RB or MAK central and adekugbe LB. Not my ideal lineup, but I could see that, and truthfully, no doubt that lineup would do just fine.
  11. Normally I would agree, but in my eyes he was the best of the 3(trying to be neutral). Hopefully they stick with Miller. Here is the video of last weekend's goal Orlando conceded late, awful defending by Shane O'neil (#12), just watching a floater come into the box, 3 min mark. https://www.orlandocitysc.com/post/2019/03/09/highlights-chicago-fire-1-orlando-city-1?autoplay=true No doubt Miller needs to still earn it, hopefully he gets the start this weekend as he should be tested next weekend vs Seattle.
  12. I think it had more to do with a leadership role in the "defensive unit". Defensive leadership in training/drills,tactics, organization, prep, film study, guidance, etc etc. Just because he can't play at their level does not mean his soccer IQ can't help out the younger core. Not trying to overly compare(different situations) but in France, Rami at 33-34 was selected to this past summer World Cup. His selection was highly criticized as he was called over many other better defenders. However, in interviews of France's very young back 4 and the coach, they praised how valuable he was to the team. Point I'm trying to make is we don't always see what happens behind the scenes, and these types of players are important in a 23 man squad.
  13. I think most rate Godhino over ZBG. For me personally, I do not have an issue with ZBG being called in.
  14. Yes even MAK could prolly play as FB. I think 6 natural defenders, with 3-4 roster options who could (worse case scenario) is sufficient for this game/camp. Not condescending FG , but IMO I think this roster selection has enough defensive coverage and allows Herdman to have a look at some more of our midfield options. The Gold cup roster will have some of these midfield spots allocated to more natural defensive players IMO, or at least I hope so.
  15. What's crazy, is remember only few years ago, the overall sentiment on here was: " ...... not many offensive options.... why are we calling in 15 defensive players! "
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