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  1. apbsmith

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    Also from a "life/personal transition"....this transfer should be very smooth. Transfering to your country + language of native tongue....IMO really keeps things smooth and allows you to pure focus on footy. Sure, some people adapt fine bouncing around from country to country, language to language etc etc...but often times for certain individuals (not saying ZBG), a difficult transition can effect athletic performance. Anyways, I don't see that being an issue at all here. I think it's great especially if he keeps logging 1st team minutes and builds solid chemistry with Piette from a CMNT perspective.
  2. apbsmith

    Ballou Tabla

    Thanks for this, European immigration law is not my speacilty. Here is a very interesting legal response about a small Danish Superleague team which it appears, started the entire African players being domestically eligible under the Cotonou agreement.... Very interesting: https://www.kaburakis.com/index.php/news-2/law-and-policy-developments/sport-and-eu/71-cotonou-agreement-application-in-eu-sport-labor-dk Anyways, I can't see why Ballou would not be able to use a Cote D'Ivoire passport for "work purposes" thus making him a domestic(provided he has one). Many Canadians work in the EU as a result of having 2 passports. I am sure Barcelona and his agent are all well aware of this..... Which should only aid in a potential opportunity for a callup to the 1st team within hopefully the next 3-24 months, :). All my opinion of course.
  3. apbsmith

    Ballou Tabla

    That was because the majority had ties to France(national team eligibility), so that rule was made. No idea about Spain though. Edit: originally the rule applied to AFAIK (French colonies) but Blackdude and Unnamed Trialist are correct, the Cotonou Agreement has been applied since 2000 for all African countries being considered domestic. However when you go through Ligue 1 rosters , the majority of "African Domestics" are French speaking African countries.
  4. apbsmith

    Tesho Akindele

    Couldn't agree more and I'm glad he is going to be given another opportunity in MLS. "In total, Akindele scored 24 goals and eight assists over 133 appearances (67 starts) with FC Dallas". Nothing outstanding but not awful either, though he didn't really see the field much this season( only 577 minutes). Wishing him the best and hoping he establishes himself with consistent minutes.
  5. apbsmith

    Tesho Akindele

    Great news, he should have his fair share of opportunities. Glad he is getting a run with another MLS team, here is hoping to a strong 2019 for him.
  6. apbsmith

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    I do respect your privacy suggestion on their own personal votes, however I strongly disagree with your "campaigning" post or people not allowed to voice their personal opinion. Almost every major league in NA, there are countless articles and interviews by voters and non voters (journalists, bloggers, executives) who discussed who they voted for, who they feel should be #1, and stated their personal opinions why.
  7. apbsmith

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    1. Borjan - 3 Clean sheets for CMNT, led entire Champions League in saves and stopped a PK from sadio mane, shutout vs Napoli, plus excellent saves on Salah & Mbappe & other top players in world (club). 2. Cav - goals for CMT, excellent work rate, hold up play, dynamic and off the ball work all CMT games, established himself as our #1 FWD(CMT). Goals in liga MX (club). 3. Davies - dominate threat every game (CMT), his transfer and MLS performances (club). Hom - Osorio(missed him in St Kitts), amazing club season. David -goals (country & club). Hoillet, Arfield, Hutch.
  8. apbsmith

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    If we are cheering for Davies minutes..... We want BM to go on a deep CL run. Bayern's two best wingers are 34 & 35. Robben has admitted himself he can't play 90 mins 2-3 times in one week anymore and rapports already showing he is taking Davies under his wing. The deeper Bayern's CL run goes.... more clogged the schedule becomes .... and hopefully some minutes for Davies. In my opinion, there is no doubt BM will give Davies his chance, what's to be determined is what he does with his opportunities. Exciting times!
  9. apbsmith

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    Let's please not forget that reserve teams CAN"T play in Ligue 2 or National 1.... for obvious reasons, which should be self-explanatory. So the entire "4th tier" is very open to interpretation. Not trying to be condescending in any manner, but if you are going to tell me the best reserve teams from PSG, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, St.Etienne, Nice, Reims, *Monaco(a mess right now)*, would not be competitive in "the 2nd or 3rd division"...... I am not sure what to tell you, except that our opinions of the quality of football in the French league pyramid would be quite different. When you look at the table of "4th division" it's also important to keep in mind, that reserve teams also have very frequent roster rotation. Cheers.
  10. apbsmith

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    Lyon has developed a handful of quality players from their academy through to their B team before they get transferred off. I honestly don't mind him staying in Lyon's system for a few years as long as he is getting minutes and developing. French clubs in general (including Lyon) have done a great job in player development the last 5-10 years. Although, aside from Umtiti who Lyon developed and Barcelona paid 25M for in 2016, there top developed players have been offensive. None the less, I am still confident he is in a great spot right now and in the few interviews I've seen, his attitude seems excellent. Very exciting prospect for us (and recent starter) at only 19 years, couldn't be more happier how the competition for our RB spot is shaping up.
  11. apbsmith

    Milan Borjan

    He's having an incredible Champions League, in arguably the hardest group. I agree, his distribution has made an incredible improvement, likely due to playing time and the coaching. I believe he still leads all Champion League goalies in saves? That is simply an incredible stat. Mo Salah hasn't been in the same strike rate form as last year, but anytime you make multiple saves against him, in both games! (including a breakaway last game & a PK stop vs Mane last game), you are going to turn some heads. As much as I would like to see him stay the rest of the season on his childhood dream team Red Star while logging minutes and keep improving. You would need to assume there will be some interest this coming January transfer window....will be interesting to see what happens. Keep it up Milan!
  12. apbsmith

    Marcus Godinho

    Well said, let's hope he puts together a run of game to get his game fitness + minutes back. Would love to see him called back in November.
  13. Incredible and congrats! . Please check your DM, as I do not want to advertise myself but I would be very interested. Thank you.
  14. apbsmith

    Best XI

    I can't help but resist after last night's game. This is my "outside the box thinking" , I'm happy with all of these! Made 4 lineups based on opponents. Soft-Mid-Hard Tier opponent. This is as of today! of course always subject to change! Notes: ZBG could be replaced with Cornelius. Piette will eventually be our mainstay #6. Can Hutch play LB? Soft to Mid tier opponent: 3-4-3 (looking at this again, could work at Home vs hard opponent but put Cornelius in over ZBG vs top opponent) Mid tier opponent: 3-5-2 (hybrid) Away - High Tier opponent: 4-2-3-1 (triangle mid) Home - High Tier Opponent 4-1-2-2-1 / 4-1-4-1 (flip the midfield triangle to include a CM over DM, OSO for more offense)
  15. apbsmith

    Best XI

    I personally feel the past two games had alot to do with the offensive talent rolled out based on our opponent. Will be interesting Herdman's tactic vs stronger opposition.