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  1. People from Saskatchewan support their sports wayyy more than Newfoundlanders
  2. I can't believe we have to wait this long wtf
  3. Having seen a few Peruvian games live myself, I can attest that it falls under the weak MLS to high level USL stream and will likely be half a notch to a notch better than the CPL during their first year.
  4. Is York 9 not their natural rival? That goes without saying, I'm not a Hamilton fan so I don't truly understand you're culture and what it takes to build a rivalry. Then again, York's a hell of a lot closer in distance than the other rivalries in the league.
  5. His nose color makes him look Caucasian, no?
  6. Isn't there a park near the ruisseau DE brasserie near the projected Laurier stop on Gatineau/Aylmer's proposed LRT? It is supposed to link to the Rideau stop I believe if all goes to plan (never does) ... maybe this could hold a pop-up?
  7. Would be hard to build a 5,000 stadium on those alone unless you get creative and stack them somehow
  8. Langley or Surrey would be ideal IMO, especially with the new Langley-Surrey line coming into play and the region having like 500,000+ people within a 30 minute radius
  9. With respect to the team in Fraser Valley, just remember that the caps play DT Vancouver. If you place a team east enough you can draw those caps fans that are too far away to maybe make it the game on a regular basis. Its also a lot closer to Abbotsford and chilliwack, which has 100,000+ ppl to draw from. This can totally be done if you only need 5-6,000 people.
  10. Senorpopps

    CPL General

    I think he means the first player to score for their national team and/or qualify for the Gold Cup while being signed to a Canadian Premier League squad ... oh, the nuances of the English language
  11. Given the sheer number of USL teams and how weak the Canadian dollar is, I'm not surprised at the lack of American signings tbh. Their financial and professional opportunity atm is superior to ours, whether we like to admit it or not.
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