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  1. Airfield hat trick on the hour mark!
  2. Watched the game from when he came on, was a composed finish considering the ball was always rising and would have been very easy to smash it out the stadium. Got a bit lucky with being in the right spot, but that’s what you need I guess. He came on a left back initially, made some good tackles, then after he scored moved to right wing (I think) and played a lovely through ball over the top to lewondoski
  3. Millar has scored! So pleased for him, hopefully this is the first of many. Can’t wait for the reaction from spitfire! As an aside, his goal may have won me 70 quid so even better Liam 😎
  4. Arfield came off in the 79th min, score at 1 1 which is how it finished. Taking him off killed Rangers’ chance of winning as he was everywhere for them all night. First in the box in the attack but also was back winning the ball as soon as it was lost. He also should have scored first half but there was a great block put in by hibs
  5. David assist on first gent goal 2 mins into the game, currently 1 1 36 mins in.
  6. Love this tweet by rangers And this is the greatest drop ball ever contested, scotty rolling up the shorts ready to kick the shit out of brown
  7. Same! Although knackered out over the weekend so I’m going to have to watch it later than that. Hope to wake up to a nice comfortable win
  8. Oops, sorry for completely running over your joke! My bad It is kinda sad! We’ve lost him forever
  9. Sweet thanks for the info. Hopefully he can show something in the NCAA
  10. Wait have I missed something about Jumeau?
  11. He had one dodgy moment where he spiked the ball down in front of him trying to throw it out, but he reacted sharply and booted it away before anything bad happened
  12. Its made my year. Best unexpected thing I’ve ever seen in a game
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