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  1. BrennanFan

    Best XI

    With Tabla in the mix, our best 11 and formation is now totally up in the air. Its a versatile team with many moving parts. I can't wait for the Gold Cup. With this team, and our deep bench, anything is possible. -------------Cavallini----Larin -----------------------Tabla Davies------Atiba-----Arfield-----Hoilett ------DeJong----Henry----Jakovic ----------------------Borjan
  2. BrennanFan

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    A major reason we have been backsliding and getting poor results at the Senior level is because we stopped qualifying for the U20s twelve years ago. Also, with David and Millar, I wouldnt be surprised if their European clubs refuse to release them for the U20s, so its even more important we at least have Davies on that team.
  3. BrennanFan

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Id rather see all our teens in the U20 qualifying. The next generation needs to start believing they are winners and Qualifying for things is how you do that. If we are serious about 2026, we must prioritize this U20 tournament over everything. As for the Nations League, it won't be coming down to goal difference. Since all of the teams who currently have 3 points play at least 1 other "3 point" team along the way, as long as we win all our games, we will finish top 6. For example Cuba and Haiti play in the 4th matchday so someone is going to drop points there, same with El Salvador v. Jamaica, Guadeloup v Curacao, Guadeloup v Martinique. We are the only team with a straightforward schedule where we are favourites in every game. Our tough game is against French Guiana and its at home. The only mathematically possible scenario where we win all of our games and dont qualify requires all of the following teams to win all of their games: Curacao, Cuba, Belize, Jamaica. St. Lucia and Nicaragua. That's a big ask for St. Lucia and Nicaragua, as they both have to play Haiti. If Haiti gets full points (as they should), only 5 teams (including us) can possibly reach 12 points, so we would certainly qualify then. Assuming we don't drop points anywhere. If we do, we are almost surely in League B. Do we really need Alphonso Davies to beat St. Kitts away? I think not. And before anyone brings up our tie in 2011, it was the second last game and we had already qualified to the next round by then. Totally different scenario.
  4. BrennanFan

    Ayo Akinola

    if we were serious about recruiting him away from the US program, we wouldve called him up for the CMNT camp and capped him in stoppage time, couldve easily taken Rickett's place. maybe we did and he declined, who knows. Personally I dont even see Akinola becoming any better than AJH or even Jordan Hamilton, who are well down the pecking order... but time will tell.
  5. BrennanFan

    Hoodies for the fall

    Black and Pink please.
  6. BrennanFan

    Cyle Larin

    Besiktas down 1-0 to LASK at the half, couldve been 2. Larin not seeing much of the ball. Stream: https://www.sporcast2.net/lask-linz-besiktas-j-k/
  7. BrennanFan

    Jonathan David

    --------------------Cavallini----Larin----David Davies-----------------Tabla--------Hoilett-----------------Miller -----------deJong---------Hutchinson--------Johnson -----------------------------------Borjan (Yes, I am serious).
  8. BrennanFan

    Goderich CPL

    Would be a good summer road trip location.
  9. BrennanFan

    Doneil Henry

    In the most important minute of the most important game of his year he cracks under pressure. One mistake like that can cost us an entire 4 year qualifying cycle. I'm not ready to quit on DH but this does not help me see him as a starter for the CMNT.
  10. BrennanFan

    Ayo Akinola

    It is a FACT that Toronto FC got Akinola in touch with the USSF and completely encouraged and assisted him in taking part in the USSF youth programs. I've heard this from people close to TFC myself, but in case that doesn't count as fact, perhaps this assists (from the first page of this thread, attached for convenience):
  11. BrennanFan

    Jonathan Osorio

    Guys let's be serious. I am a huge fan of Osorio but he is not in Yotun's league. In terms of technique, vision, goal scoring ability, and experience playing at the highest levels of this game, there is a vast ocean between Yotun and Osorio. If Osorio was Peruvian, he wouldn't have made the Peruvian national team for the World Cup, he's just not at that level. Yotun was the General of Peru's midfield.
  12. BrennanFan

    Jonathan Osorio

    Osorio just keeps scoring. Clearly he is extra motivated in this his final contract year. By all accounts, it looks like he's as good as gone this off season. I'm hoping he moves to Liga Mx, just a slight step up in level, a lot more money, not too far out of his comfort zone, and his experiences would directly translate to WCQ. Excerpts from a couple of recent articles I hadn't seen before: Bezbatchenko said he speaks regularly with Osorio’s representative, but did say dealing the 26-year-old before he becomes a free agent remains an option. “All of these things are in the conversation, are in play, and we’re talking. But there are a lot of clubs that are interested in him, both south and over in Europe. We want to make sure that he feels like he’s just respected, right? In either direction, whether or not he doesn’t accept an offer or we decide not to get where he needs to go — whatever it is. I want to make sure that he’s respected for the player that he is.” https://www.prosoccerusa.com/mls/toronto-fc/toronto-fc-transfer-news-jonathan-osorio/ And from Neil Davidson: While soccer is a global sport, it can be a small world. Others will have taken notice of Osorio's skills. Osorio, who already has international experience from a stint in Uruguay prior to joining Toronto, has made no secret of his soccer ambitions. He wants to test himself at the highest level. But he acknowledges he is not sure of what lies ahead. "I don't know if it's the right time, to be honest. And I don't know it it's going to be that simple that I wake up one morning and know it's the time (to move on)," he said after training Monday. "If it comes, it will come when it's supposed to." "I don't know what's going to happen," he added. "I just know I'm here now and I'm happy here in Toronto. So we'll see." https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/soccer/jonathan-osorios-future-looks-bright/ar-BBL0CRa
  13. BrennanFan

    What should we do with the Voyageurs forum?

    I suggest a separate thread be started where we decide, via volunteers or nominations, who the moderators of the forum should be. Thereafter there should be a moderators only subforum or whatever where they discuss what rules or behaviour they will be looking out for, and what the expected penalties will be. New rules get posted. Short grace period to get used to them. And then we start moving offside comments to the off topic area, sanctioning repeat offenders, deleting comments, closing threads and banning people. Lets clean this place up. If we want this done lets just get it done. What are we waiting for?
  14. BrennanFan

    Alphonso Davies

    Keegan, I think the problem is youre not seeing the league for what it really is: a joke. It is intramural soccer. Its just one big team called MLS. Club ownership is not real, never has been. The club owners are merely partners or shareholders in ONE CLUB called MLS. Whenever an MLS "club" makes money, they keep a fraction and the rest goes to the MLS central bank account. So when the league pays a player, its really all the club owners paying all the players in the league, together, so MLSE does pay for player salaries but only in a roundabout way. As the league grows and makes more money, all the teams profit equally. Because they are the league. Its just one thing.
  15. BrennanFan

    Alphonso Davies

    I can actually fully enjoy this transfer because the kid is capped! Hopefully this starts a trend in which our next generation of CMNT players make an impact at home, get international exposure via CMNT caps, and then go on to conquer the world. With this transfer to Bayern, we have come full circle.