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  1. And behold, a possible solution to the Ottawa CPL mess:
  2. Good list @SpecialK. Real question is can THIS team qualify: -----------------------Bair Reid------------Choiniere------------Zajac -----------Baldisimo----Okello Chung----M.-Giguere---Dunn-----Bayiha ---------------------Pantemis
  3. There's a good point here. Perhaps November is too cold in Toronto for the players' liking. I don't think we would get any kind of cold weather advantage against the Americans and its not like our players are used to the conditions. Still, I just don't see the players ever opting for a turf field when other options are available. Too bad the Whitecaps waterfront stadium was never built.
  4. We cannot be playing these important games on turf.
  5. A three team group is often decided on goal differential, so the Cuba games could be decisive.
  6. Would rather have had Costa Rica or Honduras, but games against the US will be very fun.
  7. I cant believe Im seeing a proper Concacaf draw. first time for everything.
  8. Post French Guiana Starting 11: Hoilett----------Cavallini---------Davies ----------Arfield----------------David --------------------Hutchinson Adekugbe--James--Henry--Godinho -----------------------Borjan 12-18: Larin, Osorio, Kaye, Piette, Edgar, Crepeau, Thomas 19-23: Millar, Tabla, Tiebert, ZBG, Cornelius If anyone should be at risk of losing their spot, it is Tiebert (Johnson, Wotherspoon), Cornelius (Vitoria, Straith) and ZBG (only if he doesn't play in Montreal and Cordova does play in Chile). Millar and Tabla may also benefit more by staying with their clubs for pre season. I don't think we lose too much by replacing them with Akindele and Edwards for the Gold Cup.
  9. I agree he should, ideally, cut out those antics, but we cannot sit here and speculate on the meaning of his behaviour. We can't say he was upset about being subbed off, or that he's upset with Herdman or he's not a team player. Players with attitude problems or players who can't control their emotions tend not to stick with one club for very long. They play selfishly on the pitch. They take on stupid yellow and red cards. They make foolish comments in social media and to the the press. Osorio is none of these things. He's just passionate. If he wasn't a player, he'd be going nuts in the Vs section with us. Like us, he takes the game way too seriously, and if he shows it post game, who cares? His team mates and coach seem to understand him and have his back. We should too.
  10. As for the game itself, in general we did not play as a team. We are far from a cohesive unit. Players were getting in eachothers way at times. We had good moments of ball movement but there's no system or identity there yet. Compared to how well we were clicking against FG in 2017, we have dropped form bigtime. We generally raise our game against bigger teams, so I'm not too worried, but I'd have expected us to be further along by now. It looked like our first game with a new manager.
  11. Regarding Osorio, let's not start with the attitude problem BS on here again. He's been a consistent starter for JH every game, for a year now, JH likes him and plays him bc Oso is a professional in every sense. Osorio plays hard every single time and wants to be a difference maker. Osorio is just extremely hard on himself because he wants to do well so badly. That's it. Read nothing more into his reaction to the sub. It happens in Toronto from time to time. No big deal.
  12. Say the most ridiculous thing you can think of: 'Umm cannibalism will soon solve the world's problems of starvation and over population.' Anything else? 'It's as simple as that.'
  13. Hate to be that guy, but Jamaica - El Salvador should be investigated for match fixing. Both goals were extremely suspicious. Blakes error on the first goal was farcical, never seen one so bad. The Jamaican defender on the second goal, who was about a foot taller than the Salvadorian forward on the play, didn't even jump for the ball, and Blake didn't move. Jamaica looked so lethargic all game. Not at all how they've been playing the last few years.
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