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  1. Except it doesnt happen that way. I dont know why some players threads are in the players forum, and other players threads are in the CMNT forum. I think uncapped or youth players should have their own forum.
  2. Deepest condolences Pawel. Jarrek's legacy in Canadian soccer will truly live on through the iconic Voyageurs scarf he designed back in 2005.
  3. Jarrek was not only a longtime Voyageur, he actually ran and funded this very Voyageurs board for years until the keys were given to @socceronly. Jarrek was involved in our first ever scarf run and personally gave me my first Vs scarf more than 10 years ago. He was also an original contributor to the Voyageurs Cup trophy fundraising drive. He leaves behind many friends in the Toronto soccer supporters scene and especially in U-Sector, the supporters group he helped establish. RIP @Jarrek
  4. I suggest a separate thread be started where we decide, via volunteers or nominations, who the moderators of the forum should be. Thereafter there should be a moderators only subforum or whatever where they discuss what rules or behaviour they will be looking out for, and what the expected penalties will be. New rules get posted. Short grace period to get used to them. And then we start moving offside comments to the off topic area, sanctioning repeat offenders, deleting comments, closing threads and banning people. Lets clean this place up. If we want this done lets just get i
  5. At no point have I asserted either of these positions that you take issue with. You have put words in my mouth and insulted me. Why is that? Well, it's not because you are a poor human being or genuinely wish negativity upon me. It is because sometimes that happens when communicating on an Internet forum. That is the way human dynamics work when it's not face to face, with someone you know in real life. We just take less care in our communications with random people the internet.
  6. I take your point. To be more accurate, the forum unites those of us who post and read the forum. Moderation can address the negativity, but some negativity is to be expected. It's still an Internet forum. Nature of the beast.
  7. The forum unites us from coast to coast. We have all agreed on more moderation. I strongly disagree that any further action need be taken with the forum. I fail to see how having the forum "take a back seat" will accomplish any net positive.
  8. What the hell. You guys are overthinking this. We are Canadian soccer supporters. We support our national teams. It's not difficult. We have been around a long time, therefore seniority and knowledge is respected and newbies have a tough time. That's the way the world works. If you're too thin skinned for the forum, so be it. It is still the best place for national team news and discussion anywhere on this planet, and any attempts to minimize the reach, scope, or availability of this forum would be a detriment to Canadian soccer.
  9. I think we should discuss who the new moderators should be. I suggest Tg11, SpecialK and Robert.
  10. In 1974, an American criminologist, Martinson, studied every single program that had been implemented in order to reduce crime and treat repeat offenders. His now very famous study came to be called "Nothing Works", because according to the data, nothing works. We can try to moderate, but people on the internet will be people on the internet. Nothing works.
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