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  1. BrennanFan

    Best XI

    Teibert should be tried at right back. He covered well for Millar at times today. Herdman obviously likes him. He has all the tools to fill in for us there, at least for the Gold Cup. I don't see any of the other right back options distinguishing themselves before then.
  2. BrennanFan

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    Difficult to learn anything from a game like that. They weren't even in a realistic formation where they could get used to each others movements. This was just an exercise in team building/bonding, which is very important at this stage. Respect to the Dominica fans who showed up, they were partying post game as if they'd won.
  3. BrennanFan

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Yes. Football is cultural. Cavallini and Osorio's South American backgrounds have clearly and obviously shaped their games, and for that I am thankful. If not for their roots, they would not have had the passion, style or ability to make it to Nacional's academy in Uruguay. They are both the type of players we need to win in Concacaf, and they should form the spine of this team.
  4. BrennanFan

    Atiba Hutchinson

    I think its even worse that some CMNT players hit the clubs in Toronto after the Jamaica game, just a few days before the above noted Honduras game. Just insane behaviour during a FIFA World Cup Qualifying window that would not be tolerated by any half decent program. In fact, I believe DeRo was the host at the club that night. The inmates were certainly running the asylum that cycle.
  5. BrennanFan

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Knew he'd retire sooner than later, but it is still sad. Atiba was and is PURE CLASS on and off the pitch. Never a shred of controversy or drama relating to him unlike the DeRos, Radz or DeGuzmans of past teams. And now we have a clear mid-term goal. Win Gold Cup 2019. No more talk about just scoring a goal or getting out of the group. The sky is the limit for this team.
  6. BrennanFan

    Jordan Perruzza

  7. BrennanFan

    Long time fan. New to my this community

  8. BrennanFan

    What is our CB depth

    This depth is terrible. Our back line will either be very old and slow, or athletic and error prone. Or both. There is no sugar coating this. Our back line is at a historic low point.
  9. BrennanFan

    Kyle Bekker

    Bekker is an MLS level player. I have no doubt of that. With respect to the CMNT, he'd be competing for that 5th centre mid spot against Tiebert, Johnson, Wotherspoon, Kaye, Chapman, Fraser. A callup is possible with his current numbers in the USL, no one in this group is putting up numbers like that anywhere. And his set piece skill gives him an advantage. However, do we need a creative type player in that spot, or a workhorse like Tiebert or Kaye? Will we even need a central mid on the roster in addition to Arfield, Hutch Osorio and Piette?
  10. BrennanFan

    Radzinski joins Hall of Fame

    I think you have the timeline wrong. Radz left a CMNT camp during the 1998 Qualifiers when Lenarduzzi was still the coach. I agree that there is no possible way to excuse this. He did not play at all during Holger's tenure, skipping the 2000 Gold Cup and the 2002 Qualifiers completely. This is the time where I recall the issue about first class flights being discussed in the media. Radz also made a comment to the media about not wanting to play for Canada in "Mickey Mouse games", anyone remember that? He finally came back to the fold in 2003 once Holger was gone. The Belize series you referenced was in June 2004. He missed the first WCQ match later that year against Guatemala due to a questionable injury, but he did play the rest of the qualifiers under Yallop. That first Guatemala game, though, was the first nail in our coffin. We actually had a great team going into that cycle: Radzinski Hume Brennan deGuz Imhof deRosario Jazic deVos McKenna Stalteri Onstad But due to egos and injuries, Radzinski, Brennan, deVos and McKenna were not available. And it was over before it begun. He of course played all of the 2008 WCQ, but not before skipping the 2007 Gold Cup. Radz was the best of his generation, but with only 46 caps and 10 goals, one wonders what might have been if he had simply shown up and played consistently. I'm not sure if he ever scored a crucial goal or game winning goal for us. However, if he had played more for Canada, perhaps his club career would not have been as amazing as it was. At the end of the day, he did have the balls to put on a sack the CSA shirt on. He did play in 3 WCQ cycles. He was the first Canadian to play in the UEFA Champions League. He earned his place in the Hall of Fame.
  11. BrennanFan

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    Straith, Hainault, Vitoria have never been to Herdman camp. Not sure what's going on there as CB is the one place we need depth. Hainault is 32, and has had his chances with us in multiple cycles, so I can live with his exclusion. Straith is only 28, and despite his limitations, was solid in WCQ. I trust him not to screw up more than Henry or James. Vitoria is 31, usually but not always starts for his club, is (arguably) playing at the highest level of any of our defenders, and has never had a run of games to show what he can do in Concacaf. Another absentee is Will Johnson, 31, who declined the call up for the New Zealand game. A regular starter in MLS, was our best player in our biggest win of the last WCQ cycle, is versatile, experienced and leads by example. Has not played for Canada since the Curacao game in 2017. Perhaps he is the odd man out in a packed central midfield. I think he can still contribute, but probably in a substitutes role.
  12. BrennanFan

    Christine Sinclair calls out CSA

    This is probably the best thing Sinclair could have done to bring attention to both games. #ControversyCreatesCash
  13. BrennanFan

    Liam Millar

    Still happens to this day. In the TFC youth teams it's about who you know and who your Dad is.
  14. BrennanFan

    Radzinski joins Hall of Fame

    I recall he called out the CSA for not springing for first class flights, and that was one of the reasons he didn't play for a while. Seemed petty then, but things like that are real difference makers. Eventually the CSA got a clue, and it was Radz who blazed the trail.
  15. BrennanFan

    Herdman new head coach

    This is the one. Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous?
  16. BrennanFan

    Radzinski joins Hall of Fame

    He's right up there with Hutchinson as the best player we ever produced.
  17. BrennanFan

    Herdman new head coach

    Herdman is all about growing his brand. It's all about him. In the roster graphic they released for the Virgin Islands game, his photo was included right along with the players, as if he was a player too. Ridiculous. He is giving way too many interviews that seem to be aimed at just growing his brand. It's about the players. I want to hear from the players.
  18. BrennanFan

    Best XI

    With Tabla in the mix, our best 11 and formation is now totally up in the air. Its a versatile team with many moving parts. I can't wait for the Gold Cup. With this team, and our deep bench, anything is possible. -------------Cavallini----Larin -----------------------Tabla Davies------Atiba-----Arfield-----Hoilett ------DeJong----Henry----Jakovic ----------------------Borjan
  19. BrennanFan

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    A major reason we have been backsliding and getting poor results at the Senior level is because we stopped qualifying for the U20s twelve years ago. Also, with David and Millar, I wouldnt be surprised if their European clubs refuse to release them for the U20s, so its even more important we at least have Davies on that team.
  20. BrennanFan

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Id rather see all our teens in the U20 qualifying. The next generation needs to start believing they are winners and Qualifying for things is how you do that. If we are serious about 2026, we must prioritize this U20 tournament over everything. As for the Nations League, it won't be coming down to goal difference. Since all of the teams who currently have 3 points play at least 1 other "3 point" team along the way, as long as we win all our games, we will finish top 6. For example Cuba and Haiti play in the 4th matchday so someone is going to drop points there, same with El Salvador v. Jamaica, Guadeloup v Curacao, Guadeloup v Martinique. We are the only team with a straightforward schedule where we are favourites in every game. Our tough game is against French Guiana and its at home. The only mathematically possible scenario where we win all of our games and dont qualify requires all of the following teams to win all of their games: Curacao, Cuba, Belize, Jamaica. St. Lucia and Nicaragua. That's a big ask for St. Lucia and Nicaragua, as they both have to play Haiti. If Haiti gets full points (as they should), only 5 teams (including us) can possibly reach 12 points, so we would certainly qualify then. Assuming we don't drop points anywhere. If we do, we are almost surely in League B. Do we really need Alphonso Davies to beat St. Kitts away? I think not. And before anyone brings up our tie in 2011, it was the second last game and we had already qualified to the next round by then. Totally different scenario.
  21. http://www.confrontingthestigmaofdrugaddiction.com/my-story Paul James resurfaces on #BellLetsTalk day with his story of mental health issues, drugs, and his subsequently being unable to land a coaching job anywhere due to the stigma from disclosing his mental health and drug issues. According to his website, he is living in poverty and is now on a hunger strike: "Today, January 25, 2017 coinciding with Bell Canada’s Lets Talk About Mental Health, I communicate to the Canadian Prime Minister, the Canadian government, Canadian society and the global community as a whole that I am refraining from eating and drinking fluids with the exception of water, as one final effort, to confront the appalling injustice I have experienced over the past eight years fighting the discrimination and prejudice of my exposed poor mental health including a substance addiction to crack cocaine. Win or lose this particular battle, if the cause moves the ball an inch in making the path easier for others facing similar circumstances then the sacrifice will have been worth it." Surely there is something we can do.
  22. BrennanFan

    Ayo Akinola

    if we were serious about recruiting him away from the US program, we wouldve called him up for the CMNT camp and capped him in stoppage time, couldve easily taken Rickett's place. maybe we did and he declined, who knows. Personally I dont even see Akinola becoming any better than AJH or even Jordan Hamilton, who are well down the pecking order... but time will tell.
  23. BrennanFan

    Hoodies for the fall

    Black and Pink please.
  24. BrennanFan

    Cyle Larin

    Besiktas down 1-0 to LASK at the half, couldve been 2. Larin not seeing much of the ball. Stream: https://www.sporcast2.net/lask-linz-besiktas-j-k/
  25. BrennanFan

    Jonathan David

    --------------------Cavallini----Larin----David Davies-----------------Tabla--------Hoilett-----------------Miller -----------deJong---------Hutchinson--------Johnson -----------------------------------Borjan (Yes, I am serious).