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  1. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The rule is that you can't play in a foreign league when an equivalent league exists in your own country.
  2. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    They tried, discussions were ongoing for literally years. At some point you gotta go to plan B. I for one feel much more confident about the CPL's chances for success knowing they are capable and willing to play hardball.
  3. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I really dislike that view, that the Fury's skepticism was reasonable. the CPL is the best and only answer for Canadian soccer. If you love Canadian soccer, you take the risk and fight tooth and nail to make the CPL a success. At one point, people thought a Toronto MLS team would not draw more than the Toronto Lynx. The CPL is a totally different product than the USL Fury and will serve a different crowd, just as the National Team brings a different soccer crowd to BMO field than TFC does. The city owns TD Place and the city will want another tenant there in addition to the Red Blacks.
  4. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    My theory is that since September, it became clear to everyone involved that OSEG was never going to join the CPL, not in 2020, not ever. Thus, the only way a CPL team was going to exist in Ottawa was if the Fury died. And here we are. I don't think this move by Concacaf was to force the Ottawa Fury to move to the CPL. It was to kill the Ottawa Fury and clear a path for a new CPL club to establish itself and begin operating as of 2020. As much as this hurts the fans of the Fury and the employees of OSEG, this is the best way forward for the development of Canadian soccer in the Ottawa area. This makes the CPL stronger which makes Canadian soccer as whole stronger.
  5. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Exactly. This destroys the narrative that CONCACAF sprung this decision on Ottawa at the last minute. This was the logical and expected time for the decision to be made, and if anything, CONCACAF was proactive in making their position known. The Fury knew the CSA's sanctioning was not the last word on the matter. They gambled and lost.
  6. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    No the CSL was barred by FIFA from taking the case to the general court system and the parties agreed to allow the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada to deal with the case as a compromise.
  7. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The rule is and has always been that clubs have to play in leagues within their own country / FIFA member association. The Fury were always operating under an exception to the rule. CONCACAF has decided the exceptional circumstances no longer exist and the "rule" is back in place. I don't know what you mean by opening themselves up. The Fury has the decision in writing via the CSA and they can make that public if they want to. It is now up to the club to take the case to the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber if they disagree with CONCACAF's decision.
  8. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    When it comes to governance of member associations and their registered clubs, dispute resolution must be done through FIFA's own Tribunals if they want to remain sanctioned by FIFA.
  9. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    CONCACAF makes the rules.
  10. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I don't think OSEG has the first clue about how to fight the decision "legally". Will they try to file papers at the local court house? LOL. Taking this matter to the FIFA Tribunal, FIFA Appeals Tribunal and the Court of Arbitration for Sport is a process that takes about a year. I hope they know a Swiss lawyer. They won't get a resolution before the USL season begins. No way. Win or lose, it's already over for the Fury.
  11. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

  12. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Can someone paste it here
  13. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Ottawa as a soccer market will be very attractive to investors, the most attractive market left I think. It is far from over but I'm calling it early. Fury were having trouble getting a roster together already, now what player will go near them? They're a wounded animal, and the CPL clearly has friends in high places.
  14. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    They can and will be replaced quite easily. In fact, I think that would be the best way forward in Ottawa. The Fury are now damaged goods. Time for a fresh start.
  15. BrennanFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Love it.
  16. BrennanFan

    Octavio Zambrano

    Various factors. To me it looks and feels like Herdman's hiring was a politically driven decision, and not a football decision. I trust Victor Montagliani's decision making far more than Reed's, given their track records. Reed is basically a nobody and Vic could be FIFA pres one day, but let's go with Reeds guy, sure. Even if OZ had been rightfully fired, there is no excuse to not go through a proper search for a replacement. This makes the scenario of Herdman pressuring the CSA for the job all the more likely. Again, I don't think Herdman got the job due to his coaching skill or experience. Of course, his lack of experience in the men's game speaks for itself. Also, despite the medals and success with the women, Herdman underachieved at the tournament that mattered most in his tenure (and in the history of the CWNT) and that defines him in my books. All of this takes me back to 2007 and Dale Mitchell. The similarities are startling. Dale did well with the U20s, but when the pressure was on at home, he buckled. After a thorough search, the then CSA president Linford recommends Brazilian Rene Simoes, only to be back stabbed by the CSA board who then hire CSA old boy Dale Mitchell. The rest is history. CSA cronyism does not translate to the pitch. I hope we do not re live history, but frankly repeating mistakes is what the CSA does. Would any association on earth ever hire CSA staff coach to get a team to the World Cup? Of course not. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? The sad part is this time we did have the money to bring in an experienced head coach.
  17. BrennanFan

    Octavio Zambrano

    Bc he is not just a coach. Herdman is the Director for literally everything on the men's side. He has a massive budget to work with. Herdman is the CSA.
  18. BrennanFan

    Octavio Zambrano

    I am worried that Herdman is absolutely clueless and in way over his head. Even worse than Dale Mitchell was. If this is the case, we need to know asap deal with it asap. This is why the lack of serious friendlies is problematic for me. As for the rumours against OZ, I've heard a few stories before and after his firing, tough tell what's true and not true given that in retrospect OZ' firing has to be justified by the CSA. Having never run a national program, one can speculate that OZ had shortcomings in the non-football aspect of things. Whether these were in and of themselves sufficient to fire him OR whether they were used as an excuse to fire him in favour of Herdman when Herdman threatened to leave - that is the question we will never get an answer for. Other rumours going back years suggest Herdman was not happy that Floro was making so much more money than he was. Let's not forget Herdman had a contract with the CWNT through next World Cup, what was he doing entertaining offers and threatening to leave last year? When the dust settled, he got a massive raise supposedly a 7 figure deal... Let's be serious. We have not heard the full story because it is dirty. No direct allegations have been made against OZ because A they're not true or B the CSA does not have clean hands themselves.
  19. BrennanFan

    2018 Voyageurs #CanWNT Player of the Year

    1. Beckie 2. Sinclair 3. Fleming
  20. BrennanFan

    Octavio Zambrano

    I thought so too at the time. Cavallini, Osorio or Bernier, James. We played well and we were dangerous going forward but we were very disorganized defending the counters and unfortunately due to Herdmans aversion for friendlies, I doubt we will get much practice at defending counter attacks until the next Gold Cup itself.
  21. BrennanFan

    Montreal Impact offseason 2018-19

    Both Petrasso and Crepeau on their way out of Montreal, apparently. https://twitter.com/ImfcSupporter/status/1069633958734901249
  22. BrennanFan

    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Its a new contract. You can be sure the kid is getting a raise from the 75K he made last year.
  23. BrennanFan

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    This one? He had a nice free kick goal against Jamaica in 2014 as well.
  24. BrennanFan

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    The idea of doing it this way is that points are allocated based on one's top 3 choices. Is it possible to do that on a poll?