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  1. soccer.shocker

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

    Same old? Cornelius has what, 4 caps lol. And zero goals against in any appearance for a +/- of like +15. Early days I know tho ha.
  2. soccer.shocker

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Had anyone been able to confirm the extent of the injury Eustaquio sustained a few weeks back when he debuted in Mexico? Any news in the Mexican media? If it was a “done for the season” Ferreira style knee injury, I’m not sure he’d be the guy to announce while on the long term injury list. Hopefully his knock was not so serious but haven’t seen any news about him so wondering. Him or Tomori would be great to add to the pool.
  3. soccer.shocker

    Derek Cornelius

    Just speculating. Herdman clearly seems to favour Cornelius but I can't imagine he was thrilled that his starting CB was riding the pine in the Serbian second division. Persons of influence tend to use it. Just happy the player could be going somewhere to play and develop.
  4. soccer.shocker

    Derek Cornelius

    Hopefully this a good move for him! Wondering if Herdman put some sort of bug in Dos Santos' ear about him or had anything to do with the move? Somehow I think Herdman is following his players and their clubs much more closely than Zambrano and Floro did.
  5. soccer.shocker

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    My German is not fantastic but most of the twitter response was positive and cautiously optimistic.
  6. soccer.shocker

    Canadians abroad: January 11-17, 2019

    Phonzie debuts for Bayern in the Telekom cup. Pretty unreal.
  7. soccer.shocker

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Hearing that the youth programs are going to ramp up again starting in February or March but not sure which age level. I’d imagine U17 and U23 the priority since U17 WC this year. Has Olympic qualifying tournament been announced for this year ahead of Tokyo?
  8. soccer.shocker

    Lucas Cavallini

    Not short on confidence that’s for sure.
  9. soccer.shocker

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    We might reasonably suspect that if this young player has just arrived in Canada (for the first time??) and already has permanent residency status then sparky's player is likely a refugee or asylum seeker. If that is the case, he / his family have probably been exposed to, or been directly through some violence, persecution or other atrocity that even the most catastrophizing and self-indulgent of Voyageurs cannot comprehend so IMO we should get off our collective soap box and not expect a youtube highlight reel, pristine academy pedigree or masterclass in agent etiquette. (That is a general comment and not aimed directly at you UT, so chill.). As rudimentary as sparky's introduction to the board was, there seems to be no value in harassing him for it. He has met his ostensible objective and made a connection that may at least get him a try out in front of L1O folks so that is a start. In the end football is a meritocracy once you are on the pitch. How you make it to the pitch then becomes irrelevant. Welcome to Canada. Good luck to sparky and the young lad. Please let us know if he gets a deal somewhere.
  10. soccer.shocker

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Where can I buy a Gatineau Fury t-shirt?
  11. soccer.shocker

    Steven Vitória

    I think Herdman is going to primarily play the young guys at the back through the Gold Cup and Nations League to give them as much experience and exposure as possible ahead of 2022 qualifying. The exception is if Atiba stays involved and plays some CB. The assumption that the leadership and experience that Edgar (or Jakovic or Straith for that matter) brings is valued more at this moment by culture-building Herdman that the bit better form that Vitoria brings seems reasonable, especially since the more senior CBs probably aren’t going to play much anyways.
  12. soccer.shocker

    Liam Millar

    What about a side like Monaco in Ligue1? Disaster this year but surely they will improve under a legend like Thierry Henry and be an upper table side next year and presumably back to European competition after a short hiatus. Playing for Viera at Nice would also be good for his development I’d think. Might also be neat to see Millar and ZBG on the right side for Lyon a few years from now.
  13. soccer.shocker

    Maxime Crépeau

    Fury just announced in the last day or two that their goalkeeper coach is leaving for Whitecaps. Good continuity for Crepeau if the trade to Vancouver is on.
  14. soccer.shocker

    Octavio Zambrano

    This. I think if systems building and structural re-organization are part of his mandate, then it would be pretty reasonable to assume that in between MNT camps he’s not just sitting around playing Fortnite and counting dollars.
  15. soccer.shocker

    Emile Legault

    If Celtic were after him and he was showing well in France he’s better off going back to Europe to develop if he can than in year one of CPL.