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  1. Markoaleks

    CanPL Opening Game - Group Tickets and Post Game Party

    Am a TFC SSH ( at least for one more year) Live where the drive to Forge and TFC matches are about the same No brainer- the TFC game is dead to me- will give those tickets to anyone ( If I can) Forge match all the way
  2. Markoaleks

    CPL Jersey Outfitter

    I like the delay of launch till April for a few reasons; 1.No conflict with release of Nike Canada soccer jerseys for attention or $$$ 2. Builds hype the shirts for when they are released 3. It is Canada- we all are in Parkas till April so no one will see them till then
  3. Markoaleks

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    So impressed by Cavallini - love his strikers arrogance and confidence The penalty and his overall swagger too Tabla looked good too- great addition and ZBG could have scored late but his second touch let him down Easily could have scored more goals, keeper made some saves and some were shot right at him too 3 points 3 cap ties and bona fide competition for places on the 11 going forward on this time all great problems to have
  4. Markoaleks

    General Discussion on CMNT

    Can you imagine if Bryan C was on this list too??? Welp #oneanddoneitalycap
  5. Markoaleks

    Milan Borjan

    Borjan playing today : Game on DAZN Red Star down 1-0 at half, goal not his fault, poor defending After a tough start, Milan has played very well in first half LOL moment- the announcers clearly referring to notes referenced Borjan started his career at “ Mount Hamilton before going to Boca Juniors “
  6. Markoaleks

    Milan Borjan

    Red Star will have to play the next home game behind closed doors losing a bona fide home field advantage too.
  7. Markoaleks

    Milan Borjan

    Red Star win today 2-1 away vs Spartak Trnava to win the 2 game set. Borjan allowed a goal in the 6th minute, then Red Star scored and the game went to extra time with Red Star scoring to make it 2-1 Late drama as the home team had a penalty at 120th minute-but they hit the cross bar Team now advances to Champions League playoffs vs Red Bull Salzburg in round 4 If they win, Champions League qualification will be the result if lose, they have qualified for Europa League group stage
  8. Addition by subtraction With this move
  9. Markoaleks

    Milan Borjan

    Old habits
  10. Markoaleks

    Milan Borjan

    Another win for Milos! Err- could not resist the Seinfeld reference Another win for Zvezda 2-0 Borjan- 4th clean sheet in a row
  11. Markoaleks

    Alphonso Davies

    True that is the ideal
  12. Markoaleks

    Alphonso Davies

    Alphonso > Ballou x 20
  13. Markoaleks

    Milan Borjan

    Zvezda 3-0 home victory today in Belgrade Leg 2 next week Borjan with another clean sheet! 3 games in qualification and 3 clean sheets Bravo
  14. Markoaleks

    Canada vs Dominica Tuesday October 16th 7pm in Toronto

    The focus of this game is 3 points and 3 Cap Ties Nations League will allow the team to play more often at home and spread games around Canada
  15. Markoaleks

    Milan Borjan

    Borjan starting today for Zvezda in the 2nd leg of Europa Qualifying versus the Latvian side