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  1. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2018/12/15/report-vancouver-whitecaps-fc-interested-swedish-defender-johan-larsson Would be a good pick up. - 28 - National team player - club captain for past 3 years - available on a free Hopefully he doesn't see himself as a DM.
  2. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    Brett Levis has been there longer.
  3. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    Other than goal there isn't a position that doesn't need new players. Its fifa/champ manager dream territory getting start from scratch with a decent amount of money. It's going to be a clusterfuck at the start of the season trying to get everyone to gel. Hang on for the ride!
  4. toontownman

    CPL new teams speculation

    I think that is going to be the litmus test. If they stay professional, build sponsors, enthusiasm and draw crowds it would surprise me to see more interest and investment for team start ups than we think. There will be a group just sitting on the trigger right now depending on the above and likewise more eager to come in if it doesn't bomb.
  5. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    Loving the outgoings so far (Kamara excluded and obvs keeping waston would have been great but only if he wanted to be here). Not in the least excited by any of the incomings but excited to see the bigger picture develop. Some serious money and room to revamp the squad now. Juarez is next out the door.
  6. toontownman

    CPL new teams speculation

    Two teams in sask could definitely work. Possibly it might be better to start with one though rather than both at the same time. Although the instant rivalry might well be a draw rather than confusing fans that would change loyalties a couple of years down the line. I can't see the league growing to 16 for 2020 but 10-12 maybe. Who knows though. Guelph Moncton St.Johns Fraser Valley/Kelowna Saskatoon Regina Laval Ottawa Quebec city Population wise there is scope in Ontario but not sure if there is the interest in: Kitchener Oshawa Windsor London Clanachan said 20 cities were talking about clubs. It seems a stretch but time will tell. I hope as they amp up the promo the crowds matches the professionalism and great job the CPL has done so far in their promotion.
  7. toontownman

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I also assume given this involvement, Concacaf are willing to be there if this league falters to help support it should the be forcing clubs in and away from established leagues. It just feels a bit like forcing your kid to do something they don't want to or as a coach or teacher having a player that simply isn't committed, fuck that. It doesn't benefit the CPL, Ottawa or anyone else to have a team that doesn't want to be there. Edit: It's certainly not doing the CPL any favours, plenty of people all over facebook blaming the CPL. Feels like Montagliani only just cleared his desk of paperwork and found the memo saying Ottawa decided they aren't joining CPL. "Oh no Ottawa, that wont do at all, not at all. Feel my Fury."
  8. toontownman

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Agree with lots of points here. - The rationale is acceptable. CPL should be aiming around the the level of USL, negating the need for them to be in the USL. I just don't really get the timing. Why not take this line earlier so they could feasibly join the CPL for next season. Not to say they still couldn't (they have an existing roster and operations/experience) but it might be far too much to organize and transition. - Clearly it is different for MLS clubs. It is a much higher standard and will be for at least the next decade or two. Keep those clubs there as Canadians will benefit from that too. - I also understand Ottawa's hold off and wait and see how the league goes approach but they want to have their cake and eat it as much as be cautious. It's two sides of the same coin they could have been (could still) be a huge part of growing and establishing the league instead of waiting and demanding for it to be a success so they can join the bandwagon. - Overall back to my first point, I don't get the timing and the approach is heavy handed and not wonderfully helpful to anyone but I also don't know the full behind the scenes details and maybe this was intimated earlier or there is more to the story? Seems weird the CSA wouldn't push it first, maybe some smart politicking having Concacaf come across the bad guys.
  9. toontownman

    CPL General

    Guess it could be worse if true. We all hoped for more but maybe this is realistic and more sustainable long term while the league gets off the ground. That said, I've lost track of the amount or times the people in the know have confirmed the salary cap.
  10. toontownman

    CPL new teams speculation

    Think it was likely a slip of the tongue and mix up of dates but Brennan said in his sportsnet interview they are expecting/hoping for 16 teams by 2020. Must have meant 2022 or 2026? As long as Saskatoon is in
  11. toontownman

    CPL TV Contract

    I'm with you. I'd still rather go through tv. The signal is generally more reliable which is keeping Cable afloat. Cable has been dead for a decade it's just desperately denying it and clawing to stay alive. Bell got smart though in creating crave so they have the best of both worlds. Looks like all these are likely apps are merging with cable companies or at least thats the smart way to go. Going to get worse next year with Disneys own version of Netflix coming out and errrr Disney's other own version of Netflix, Hulu coming to Canada. Then there is the ever impending chance Amazon prime might actually bother with their Canadian version and fill it with the same level of content as the UK and the state's. I had the same problem with setanta and sportsnet world. I'm not paying 5x's more for a channel that I'm only watching once a week. If MLS, EPL, Championship and premier league are on there plus rugby and a few other things id consider it. Still $14 more than I pay at the moment if I cut tsn.
  12. toontownman

    CPL TV Contract

    Is there anything stopping Dazyn becoming part or tv packages ala setanta/www network/crave if they (tsn/sportsnet) have lost EPL there is zero reason for me to need TSN other than EPL and MLS (Although isn't that on Dazyn too?). Cable packages might well want it now. I was thinking of cutting my cable down to a slim line package and adding tsn soon. I didn't entertain the idea of Dazyn until now. EPL and potentially CPL is a game changer. Can see Dazyn bumping up their prices after this, so that current one year up front option looks attractive.
  13. toontownman

    CPL TV Contract

    For what its worth the survey on the CPL App asks what you would like to see most as part of the app and live streaming games is one of the options.
  14. toontownman

    How about a CPL club signing Landon Donovan for 1st season publicity?

    Only if he tags with Teal Bunbury and they play up to the crowd. Plus third times the charm for coming out of retirement! Think he is quite heavily involved in bringing San Diego an MLS club so its probably as likely bringing DeRo back, but twice as less likely to disappoint the fans watching. The name factor is a tough one with this league. I think any fan that has bought in to the league would be happier seeing money spent on a good age and experienced player with potential to grow than a "name" that will likely be underwhelming past the shirt sales. Attracting the neutrals and other normal people aside from ourselves is important though and that is the MLS way of doing it. Ultimately if you get those new potential fans into the game and they are underwhelmed then you lose them anyway. The product and game day experience first and foremost will keep fans coming. I hope the league continues to be smart and savy with where and on whom they spend their money.
  15. toontownman

    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    A huge bonus to our program over the past couple of years. Hope he comes back stronger, regaining and building on the form he was on prior to his injury.