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  1. Not if the previous post is anything to go by Maybe they are more willing to waive the fee for a CPL club 🤷‍♂️ wishful thinking!
  2. or he's saying he is an avid art enthusiast and the park is a good diversion for the kids while he can get 5 minutes of peace in the gallery.
  3. That will teach me to go off wiki. Says he is 1.88 on there. Possibly he shrunk 😂
  4. Wouldn't say he would be described as the biggest player on the pitch. Also he only just signed for Hartlepool and at least to season end. Paulus is saying the player will be there Weds.
  5. He has been interviewed and was training/playing. So I assume its all good.
  6. Isn't that why there are supporter sections now for this malarky? It can't be argued it creates atmosphere, it can be argued whether it's the best way to do it and the most beneficial. I remember going to my first roughriders game after moving over being fearful of not knowing some of the rules and how the game worked and being shown up for the amateur I was. Took 5 minutes to realise at least 50% of the crowd a) had no clue about the rule or what was going on in the game b) were there just to party and get drunk. It's why the crowd herding "cheer now" signs work so well to create atmosphere. As artificial as it comes and coming from the UK I hate that. It is effective. I understand the two lines of thought; a) when you pay your hard earned money out to watch it's your right to enjoy the experience however you want. b) You are there to support the team leave the antics until before or after, during half time or breaks, show the team you understand the play. I think there is a time and place and things like flags, drums/instruments (shudders - not really sold). Supporter areas do add to the atmosphere and can spur on the team but also add to the spectacle for cameras, new fans or people coming into the sport. As long as that is not impacting other peoples enjoyment I get it. If you don't like it you its like this forum, you don't have to read my stupid ass essays or react to them just ignore it or sit in a different section. I'm similar to SthMelbRed in enjoying watching and trying to analyze the game and joining in with chants etc. as the come. I wouldn't want to be waving flags around in the game and it would peeve me if it was happening around me and impeded my view. Again though keep it to certain sections or during certain periods of the match day, or simply sit in a section that doesn't happen when you book tickets. Both can create completely different atmospheres too. A whole stadium intently watching, seeing the play rise and drop in intensity, reacting to play and passes is a cool and unique unity of people. The Riders experience creates a fun party atmosphere but can take away from the game if overdone. Likewise they can affect the players differently. I'd think there is more pressure on the players shoulders and certainly more celebration when the fans are invested but that can also be too much for players sometimes. The party atmosphere might take a bit of weight of the players shoulders but also allow them to concentrate more?
  7. Doesn't sound like anyone Canadian we don't have anyone that "would have been the biggest player on the pitch" but if we did they aren't a marquee player Paulus is hinting at "It’s a massive signing for the club. He’s a top player.” They have one international roster spot left right? I expect thats where it is going, will have to wait until Wednesday to see who.
  8. I think he has been immense so far. Great shot stopper, physical presence and vocal. Has been a bit rough positioning wise and with distribution a couple of times but really hard to fault him. Given his age if he keeps his place he is about getting better.
  9. Are they both arguably ahead of tabla right now? Not least as the playing time margin grows bigger and bigger. Ballou has the experience and quality edge but desperately needs minutes.
  10. Stop it... both of you 😛 EXCITEMENT LEVELS RISING
  11. Yeah they have a sizeable amount of content on there too, I was surprised. Just another reason to cut cable. Its similar in the UK with the BBC iPlayer which is immense if you live in the UK, every channel has their own. So much content. Cable companies have been walking dead for years just scratching to stay alive and soak up more dollars. They are all rightly moving to an amalgamation of TV and internet and streaming. It just seems like such a long overdue process but Its hard getting the consistency and quality given how big the country is.
  12. That is all going to depend on it's being realistically priced.
  13. CBC Gem is pretty much free. There is a premium account but the only thing you get on the paid subscription that you dont on the free one is no ads and a live stream news network. This is great if it's true. It's almost the perfect scenario. CPL will be on free to air TV so it can reach anyone with a TV or computer/phone with the CBC website/app. Its maximum exposure for those games while also a taste to draw people in. If they want more they get the CPL/one soccer app.
  14. As predicted Eddies look rapid, even if the opposition looks poor.
  15. tut tut..don't count your chickens and all that 😛 you'll hex it. Actually we have a decent record to the contrary with Canada
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