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  1. toontownman

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    Great job ladies. Very professional performance in the end. Didn't get overly frustrated in the first have and the quality shone through. Congratulations. Another great step forwards for Canada Soccer Flemming was exceptional, Leon was composed and Prince looked great out wide when she came on. Definitely lots of young players coming through to build with.
  2. toontownman

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    It's so selfish! lol.
  3. toontownman

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    8 to go. Can she actually beat the record? In this game?
  4. toontownman

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    9 to go. Great header from Sinclair. Been a frustrating game.
  5. toontownman

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Also a call out for players to step up in terms of leadership on and off the pitch.
  6. toontownman

    Atiba Hutchinson

    What a servant he has been! While I am sure he will have lots of options if he heads into coaching I hope he returns to the Canada to continue to inspire our youth. Some interesting and frank quotes but could just be how its presented. Good to see he is complimentary about Herdman but I read it more in the sense it was as much a put down to past coaches than a glowing recommendation. I'm also going in with the knee-jerk before anyone else. "My three sons were born there, and my wife loves it there and doesn’t want to leave, so it’s home for us." Captie before its too late! 😄
  7. toontownman

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    If he is good enough then that is one thing. His playing would do the talking for the skeptics and would obviously bring some attention. If its just predominantly for the PR and bringing in a sub par but known name player then no thanks. The MLS is still trying to outgrow its "Superstar Graveyard/Retirement home" reputation. It brings some eyes on the product sure, it brings some fans to the show sure but if the product is good enough on the pitch then the that will attract the crowd with the added bonus of keeping them where the hype of an under performing superstar wears off. Whether he is good enough or not my worry would be taking the attention away from Canadians which is the sole purpose of the league. There needs to be a bit of pulling factor for the general public but quality of the product is what wins through in the end.
  8. toontownman

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Odunze called up again to US u17's again https://www.whitecapsfc.com/youth/post/2018/10/09/odunze-called-us-2018-u-17-international-youth-tournament I read he can't rep Canada yet as he is still working on citizenship. I take it you didn't need that to take part in the u15 Canada identification camp he did in 2017? One to watch given his height. 6'7 and he only turns 16 on Sunday!
  9. toontownman

    What is our CB depth

    .....and Titus Bramble. Maybe it's through biased rose tintet specs and certainly I haven't been paying full attention in the past few whitecaps games, who has on or off the pitch, but is he even making mistakes every game? I didn't think so? I know he has been praised and had a couple of MOTM performances. Are they mistakes he shouldn't be making. Yes. Are they the same mistakes others around him are making throughout the year? Yes. Hard to find anyone on that backline that hasn't. Waston a few years ago was as bad. There is only so much coaching he can take before he has to be the catalyst of his own mental change though.
  10. toontownman

    CPL General

    Wasn't expecting any roster announcements until after the tryouts had finished, so within the next two weeks is a bonus. I am actually surprised they wouldn't just wait and do it the week after the Vancouver trials.
  11. toontownman

    CPL TV Contract

    Not sure about TSN but I know sportsnet you can just log on and watch programs from earlier in the evening and skip through them. I would imagine TSN is the same. Not hugely helpful You can subscribe online to both TSN and Sportsnet now without TV for sure.
  12. toontownman

    CPL TV Contract

    Does anyone see someone else out bidding DAZN? TSN might be interested but won't play the bidding game. CBC probably won't bid period. Fair play to DAZN who want to boost the profile. Free to air matches however is the best outcome and going to a subscription site will immediately hurt chances of expanding knowledge of the league and building a wider fanbase across the country. I am sure people from here will sign up but that is preaching to the converted. For me DAZN is far from the best outcome, however should they win, at least we know it should be a reliable stream and one that won't get bumped, cut in late or out early for another program or sport.
  13. Saskatoon - Gibsons Fish and Chips (Gibson's Pub) https://www.facebook.com/events/178211459736346/
  14. toontownman

    Dario Zanatta

    Has gone under the radar a bit since a great start in Scotland. Hasn't got as many minutes as we would like as of late but still not to be forgotten. I think he is a dark horse to keep growing to add to our fantastic depth upfront.
  15. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Also baring in mind he is probably in the worst team in the league for making rash hot headed decisions and I'll discipline. Hopefully whomever comes in can put him on the right track, provided he wants to keep him around.