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  1. toontownman

    Daniel Haber

    Sad if true, had hopes he might break through at Vancouver when with the 2nd team it never really worked for him there either.
  2. toontownman

    David Edgar

    Why fight the inevitable. CPL is your density David. Your density.
  3. toontownman

    Georges Mukumbilwa

    Is he a RB or a winger? Or both. I thought he played high up the field and generally as a winger. He did fill in at RB in the first preseason game though?
  4. toontownman

    David Edgar

    My favourite part is how they refer to David as "It". I hope it works out for him but at the same time I'd love to see him in the CPL. Having him and dejong in the league would help further with credibility.
  5. toontownman

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Seeing as it's that dreaded day today, you reminded me of this.
  6. It's the lack of transparency that pisses me off more than anything, followed by the lack of clarification that is needed right now. There simply has to be a better reason for picking those three clubs than the one announced. It makes no sense. If that is the case (remembering nothing is usually 100% logical with the CSA anyway) then for the love of Bunbury let everyone know now rather than letting the anger stew for a few weeks or months. If the process and logic behind picking the teams really is as simple as they say then they rightly deserve a boat load of unending grief.
  7. toontownman

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    I think Ferreira and Eustaquio will suit up for us if/when they get playing again. I think the former is getting past Portugal call ups and the latter moving to Mexico puts further doubt and less eyes on him for Portugal. If he was already a part of the senior squad then the move might have been fine but he would have to tear it up in a serious manner imo to get noticed. As others have mentioned Tomori is my hope also. He would simply be a huge edition to our weakest area. He isn't likely to get into the England team within the next 3/4 years at least. There are so many ahead of him. As mentioned too Bassong or Gutierrez would also be great. Maybe my tail is up for the wrong reason but I feel we could see all of the above. Everyone is going to shit the bed when its revealed the player is Ferdi Kadioglu.
  8. toontownman

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    Glad to hear this isn't a CPL approved decision. I expect they feel the same about the V cup. Its literally madness that is comes down to who was registered for the league first. There has to a better way for both competitions. Classics CSA amateur hour.
  9. toontownman

    Wandrille Lefevre

    Hasn't he spoken out about not wanting to play in the CPL? Hopefully he gets back on track. He looked promising a few years back but completely bombed out since, more due to his mentality than ability imo.
  10. toontownman

    CPL Season Schedule

    It will only be 12 games if they play each other twice though. 7 teams but only 6 games to play each other once. Could be a mammoth season where they play each other 4 time but I think that takes excitement away and gets to NHL repetitive. Two mini seasons of 12 games would be more exciting. But not sure where they get the extra 4 games for each club to make 28.
  11. toontownman

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    Can't we just put out a select CPL XI for this year lol. Interesting to see how they handle this. I think Ansem has the most logical solution with whomever is leading the league come July. That said if they do split the season into two mini leagues (which doesn't look the case but who knows until the schedule is announced) we would likely have a champion in July. I like this solution to the argument in the other thread. This gives all Canadian clubs the chance to automatically qualify for the CCL through the V-Cup and then the CPL its own spot to try and earn their way as the National league. If the league grows in quality and stability in a few years maybe they can revisit Canada's allocation of spots.
  12. toontownman


    We debuted the jerseys at our full mens and youth friendlies last month.
  13. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    Go down with two losses in the pacific rim tournament. It's very clear there needs to be wholesale changes here, trade the lot of them. 😀 Always a good trip and exercise to start the year. IMO and the experience will be good for the young-uns that saw serious game time. Looking forwards to seeing over half a new team to add into the squad for LA. Like the first game, most players pressed well in the first half. We didn't create a whole lot but the Japanese also played tight and pressed. Obviously this team was also missing a lot of creative spark. Though Levis did well, but I am biased. Lass looked tidy and Reyna worked hard, he just isn't a front man and some of his runs showed that. Out of the two Keepers Crepeau looked more assured today imo. Interested to see who starts come season kick off. Central defence was fine. Henry was more problematic up top with a couple of headed chances he should have done far better with. Anywhere but on goal.
  14. toontownman

    CPL General

    I agree with the logic but I think they would want the prestige to be related to the CPL. I thinks it would also be another barb to aim to canadian teams outside of the CPL "if you want it you have to be part of your national league." I'd be shocked firstly if we get another ccl spot, at least for the next year or two until the league looks sustainable. Then I'd be shocked again if it wasnt allocated by the CSA to its primary national league. Also wasnt their talk, maybe just on here, that if we got a 2nd CCL spot it would be a playoff spot vs a Caribbean team or something?
  15. toontownman

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    I would argue maybe not. MDS sees Reyna as a winger and really there is only Colyn that is a natural 10 or attacking mid. The central midfield is staked but all the others predominantly play deeper don't they? Montero can flip flop between a support striker or target man. I read some rumblings that maybe Teibert might be the next casualty of the MDS cull. Seems shocking on the outset but they are stacked with Rose, Hwang, Felipe, Norman Jnr, Baldisimo and Erice all vying for likely two spots.