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  1. Well if y'all are gon' play the Canadian vs American narrative especially when it comes to Davies and Pulisic, I guess it gon' make sense because the players in question are gonna be compared to one another not just now but for years to come especially in CONCACAF in the North American game. Both play in the same league Pulisic for Dortmund but for how much longer since reports been comin' out dat he may even go to the Premier League to join Chelsea and Davies for Bayern Munich. Regardless if Pulisic stay in Germany or he go to England the debate still gon' continue on though. Americans have always had this way of thinking that they the best at everything so why wouldn't dat train of thought/narrative translate over into soccer. I mean how many Gold Cups have they won on this continent compared to how many Canada have won. Basically what I'm sayin to y'all is dat USA will always see us Canadians as being inferior because of dat superiority complex they have because it is somethin their society teaches them dat their media relays. Now back to the subject of Davies though if he gets first team minutes at Bayern and he actually perform there too like his stats are better there vs his stats in Vancouver then will he truly be considered as being better than Pulisic.
  2. But USA they been payin' attention to him too so but it all come down to which Federation/FA cap tie him first. Canada can use him but then again the USA can too. USA they depth chart as far as young talent right now is pretty deep but then again as of late Canada they depth chart too especially in recent years has been lookin good too.
  3. If he sign with Impact dat good just like how if he sign with Celtic dat good but personally Celtic will do more for him in dat long run and we just need more kids out there in Europe right now but just my opinion anyways on dat subject.
  4. Real recognizin' real y'all...real talk keepin it all the way 100 with y'all but it seem more and more world class elite players takin' notice of dis kid and his talent which says a lot in the game of soccer
  5. More or less Canada need depth at GK, at CB and more depth at dat striker position to compete at least within CONCACAF. The thang is is dat Canada need to look more at those homegrowns but also pay more attention to those dual nationals who either on dat come up or who be in other national team programs right now and lure them away from said programs and on over to Canada. If Canada can get all of dat then they gon' be good in dat regard as far as ranking right up there with USA and Mexico in terms of having dat offensive/defensive depth ya heard me?
  6. Hoilett but dat neither here nor there. Hoilett, Davies, Larin and if Tabla decide he want in and he buy what Canada sellin by deciding to play for Canada and you add him to dat nucleus on paper Canada is right up there with USA and Mexico as far as depth assuming if any of dat happens
  7. Not just different but it help the Canadian game grow tho forreal and it was dat greatness that was ordained on him...yeah I said it...greatness ordained on him because how many homegrown talents with dat God given unique special ability dat Alphonso's got come along? Or how many can land on such a big team especially at 17 years old and it ain't even like he 18, he 17 so let that sink in for a minute. Playin wit elite level talent dat Bayern has day after day will turn such a great player who already special into a man who can put right up with Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Salah, Bale, Kane, etc etc.
  8. Well he gon' leave MLS dat just a given but where he go is anyone's guess but not all great players make All Star Games. They go on to have great careers regardless any way which is the case for Osorio.
  9. They prolly already is a rivalry or it been already happenin' but now it can officially kick off. Hell these players already get compared to one another and I always hear the debate one way or another.
  10. Apparently Schweinsteiger of all people said dat if Alphonso work on his defensive game especially out there in Germany in the Bundesliga but maintains dat speed of his and dat technique he can be even better than what he already is tho. I mean he's already a star now but with dat facet of his game if he work on dat like what I was sayin earlier he can evolve from star to superstar. The thing is is dat he ain't got nothin but time on his side.
  11. Well obviously he got talent as a 17 year old and he is the most talked about 17 year old ever in Canadian men's soccer history which say a lot. Howeva, I'm looking forward to seein him play for Bayern since dat contract starts in January of 2019. But also we kno dat once he enters the Bundesliga the Pulisic vs Davies debate begins ya feel me?
  12. Don't even kno what dat means but whateva
  13. Well what you expect when he makin' dat paper with dat big contract he just signed with Bayern Munich. He big time now and he don't even got to play the rest of dis season but he is and I can respect dat especially because he wants to show Bayern fans just what they in for next season.
  14. It ain't even like All Star snubs don't happen in sports because they do all the time but then guess what happen after it said and done? All Star snubs tear it up after the All Star break over...don't matter what sport it is ya heard me? Osorio will tear it up post MLS All Star Game.
  15. Yeah in Bundesliga dat won't fly at all going against top flight talent day in day out and it especially won't fly if he try any of dat in Champions League assuming he get to play Champions League games for Bayern next season
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