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  1. Fullback

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    I think it’s likely. Ribery is out and Robben is doubtful for the match. Leaves only Coman and Gnabry ahead of him, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get subbed on at some point.
  2. Fullback

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    I believe he would have to redshirt this past year. You are required to sit out a full academic year from sport when transferring unless you meet an exemption or graduated from your previous school IIRC.
  3. Fullback

    James Stamopoulos

    His team is playing PAOK in the next round. They are defending champions in the cup and are currently unbeaten in league play. Should be two good games for him to showcase himself in Greek football.
  4. Fullback

    Canadians abroad: December 21-27, 2018

    Pacheco is 34 and has played 134 minutes this season. Aird is 23 has 3 goals, like 15 assists, and has played over 1300 minutes this season. The league someone’s team is in is not the only factor in whether they deserve a callup.
  5. Fullback

    Amer Didic

    He has signed with San Antonio FC so no CPL for him. Should probably take him well out of senior team consideration as well. https://www.sanantoniofc.com/news_article/show/978420
  6. Fullback

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    I feel like he just does not meet the requirements to be a HG player. Chapman and Camargo were at least comng back to Ontario in the summer and conceivably could have still been training with TFC. Comsia has been playing for North Carolina U23 and Tobacco Road in the PDL, so I do not see a way he meets the training requirements from 3000 miles away. When was the last time he was with the Whitecaps? 2010?
  7. Fullback

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Probably for the best you just leave the forum and never come back then
  8. Fullback

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Please delete. Not sure how I managed this
  9. Fullback

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Why should the CPL even care what fans from a team in another league thinks?
  10. Fullback

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I feel absolutely no sympathy for the club and maybe some of the fans. This whole if it’s viable then maybe we’ll join thing really ticks me off. They’ll let others do the leg work and really try and change the sport in Canada, while Ottawa sits on the side trying to figure out if it’s worth it? Nah fuck that! For a team that spouts nonsense about how much they care about Canadian soccer, they need to actually prove it. Since the CPL began I feel Ottawa and it’s fans have been so smug acting like the league is beneath them. Well know what? Rather have the club fold then join?
  11. Fullback

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    To be fair at the time of the last Gold Cup he had just finished a season in the third tier of Portuguese football. Probably not the level of play we should be calling up to the Gold Cup. On another note I think he is as good as gone for us. He is currently playing quite well and getting a lot of attention from some pretty big clubs. I have to imagine that Fernando Santos has taken notice of him as well. I get that Portugal has some pretty good midfielders but if he ends up starting at Sporting he is going to be looking prime for a Portugal callup
  12. Fullback

    Scott Arfield

    His wife is expecting the birth of a child
  13. As I was the guy that went through it and did it my point was actually the opposite of his. The answers are no, no, and no
  14. Because a one-off tournament with no room for error isn’t the only way to judge if we are producing players
  15. Just because someone plays in Europe it does not mean they are automatically better than our North American players. I would think that our MLS academies are better than one in Bulgaria or Serie C. Another point is most of our U 20 players in Europe that are dual nats might not want to play for us. Its simple to say call up Yankov or Bassong but they have to actually want to play for us.