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  1. ZBG subs in at the 59th minute for OLII and scores in the 80th. They end up winning 6-0
  2. Fullback

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I am absolutely pissed. I have never gone from liking a team so much (because of the Canadian content) to absolutely hating a team. I hope they fucking fold and are replaced by another team in the area.
  3. We should be able to absolutely dismantle this team. I am thinking 8/9/10-0. This is a team that has lost to Curacao 7-0 and Antigua and Barbuda 10-0. This is a team so much worse than even St. Lucia or St Kitts it should be total destruction. I understand we have had issues against other minnows but our squad is different and this team we are playing is a bottom 15 team in the world. Goal difference could matter and I will be dissapointed if we score less than 8.
  4. Brault-Guillard played 90 and was captain for OL II today as they destroyed Pontarlier 6-0
  5. I would think ZBG would start at RB/RWB. I assume he was partially brought in with the idea of cap-tying. If we start him then we can also captie Millar, David, and Busti by subbing them on but still using a pretty strong starting XI
  6. Fullback

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    For now Petrasso is the clear cut #1 for me followed by guys like Godinho (returning from injury) and Juan Cordova. For now I would lump ZBG in with the USL guys. I would not be mad if they were called up but I do not think they have the quality yet. On another note Zach got subbed on in the 60th minute in a 1-0 win today. Hopefully he can fight to reclaim his place in the team.
  7. Fullback

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    I dont think it is a returning to fitness issue I think he is being outplayed for his spot right now. He started the first game of the season and has been on the bench for the next two. In the article posted he said he respects the decision of the coach of putting him on the bench because there other players playing better right now. I just do not see how he has earned the right to a callup for the senior side. He is getting limited minutes in the fourth tier of French football. I dont doubt that he has potential to be a player for us but right now I just dont see how he has earned a callup over others
  8. Fullback

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    He is on the bench again today for Lyon II. Does not really seem like he warrants a callup to the senior side at the moment.
  9. Brault-Guillard on the bench for OLII against Monaco II
  10. I dont think it was mentioned but Brault-Guillard started for Lyon II in their season opener in the 4th tier of French football on Saturday. Unsure if he played the whole game but his team lost 2-0.
  11. Fullback

    CPL General

    I would think so. Later in the article Campbell says if there is a stadium that would change things but I think with his mindset I would rather they go a different direction. London is also having its first supporters group meeting Thursday. I wish the guys luck in trying to build something
  12. USL Weekend Update Nashville 2-0 Ottawa Fury - 6 Canadian starters Crepeau, Attakora, TMG, Edward, Dixon, and Haber. Three Canadians were subbed in Haworth, Kinumbe, and Mannella. Tampa Bay 0-2 NCFC - Already mentioned but Bekker played 90 at CM and had an assist. OKC Energy 3-2 Real Monarchs - Drew BEckie plays 90 at CB for OKC. Josh Heard goes 90 at LM (first half) and AM (2nd half). Kacher gets subben in for the 2nd half at LM. Saint Louis 4-1 Las Vegas - Michael Cox is subbed on in the 77th minute for his debut and SCORES in the 88th! Tulsa 2-1Colorado Springs - Paris Gee plays 90 for Tulsa in the win and Jordan Schweitzer plays 90 at CM in the loss and picks up a yellow card. Phoenix Rising 3-4 Orange County - Alessandro Riggi starts at LW but in the 11th minute he goes down in a lot of pain holding his knee and is subbed out. Does not look good. Sacramento 2-1 RGV - Aleman is subbed on in the 57th (his team was down 1-0 at this point) and picks up an assist on the 2nd Sacramento goal. Bethlehem Steel 1-2 Pittsburgh - Nanco plays 90 and picks up a goal in the loss. On the other side Dover plays 66 minutes at RB in the win. TFC II 1-0 Richmond - 6 Canadian starters for TFC II Boskovic, Fraser, Uccello, Hamilton, Srbely, and and Campbell. Two subs Hundal and Daniels. Hamilton scores with a blast to the near post off a nice pass from Fraser. Both players I think are too good for USL. On the other side Mallan Roberts with his second straight start for Richmond in his return from injury.
  13. Fullback

    Dieu Merci Yuma

    Another guy back in Canada in League1 Ontario. He is with Sanjaxx Lions and scored two goals yesterday.
  14. Fullback

    Cyle Larin

    You can find his misses here. Not as bad as I thought they would be but you would probably expect him to put that first one in
  15. Fullback

    Doneil Henry

    He fractured his wrist after the game from punching a wall. Yikes! Apparently still potentially good to go for the game tomorrow. https://twitter.com/HarJournalist/status/1028025406002102272