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  1. I enjoyed keeping up with the lists as well - miss them @stevensandor
  2. Agree, but $$ talks and Southampton would offer a big pay raise. He could be the "player to be named later" in the Steven Davis loan to Rangers .
  3. You're see it wrong: Marshall, not Marhsall
  4. Go down under my friend. Australia. Bond University is on the beach and essentially runs a Canadian law school - even teaching Canadian Constitutional Law. I believe there's one or two others that do the same, to some extent. It makes for less equivalency exams and an easier path to qualify in Canada. The caveat is that I've heard some of their students find it difficult to get an articling job in a tightening legal market.
  5. It's fiction. Law schools don't tell people why they are rejected. But I get your point about going to a less than well known university, and agree. The reality is that with so few law school places in Canada, and provincial preferences, it's hard to get admitted. I had decent grades, Div I athlete and other pluses but didn't get in - LSAT score was not that great, and had to go to a US law school (and Australian, but that was by choice). Accumulated debt, but now I teach law so it worked out in the end
  6. Can a mod correct the spelling of his name, please. This is a good little story - seems he was a fullback, and a fan of Bernier and Camara. https://sites.google.com/site/londonirishteams/zzz/charles-andreas-brym
  7. Yes, definitely remember that. Late in the game when they needed a goal.
  8. He's pretty focused, which I like. We're not second choice! “I have thought about playing for Canada’s senior team as I have played for Canada at various youth ages, he said. But if not, he was asked, would he consider a TT call-up? “I would consider playing for TT if I was not with Canada’s programme. That (a place on TT’s senior team) is not something I am willing to commit to at this point in time.”
  9. You mean the American fans won't be clanging drums outside our hotel, blocking streets on the way to the stadium and throwing bags of piss once we're there? Not that other countries would do that, of course...
  10. Hadn't heard of him, found this: http://www.thesuburban.com/sports/heading-south/article_513e8969-a3db-5b43-8c10-cc686f7cd823.html
  11. Ok it's close...but mate, we're hungry whereas they feel entitled. I also really do think their vets and some of the (overly) cocky young guys may not buy into what GB's trying to do. For whatever reason, JH seemingly has built up team spirit and has our boys believing. I could be wrong, but now may be the right time to face them and nick a point or even three. Hope springs eternal.
  12. After reading this, I see a beatable team. A little young, a little cocky and I reckon not all will buy into the new system. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/03/20/us-soccer-tries-new-path-under-coach-gregg-berhalter-this-is-starting-point/?utm_term=.f8ea2052078d
  13. It was a bad choice, poorly executed. I don't think it was a strategy though, and will give him the benefit of the doubt that he changed his mind in the walk-up (it was not a run) seeing the keeper committed. But even if that's the case, the ball shouldn't have been anywhere near the left side of the net. If he knew the keeper was committed to going left, he's experienced enough to know to put the ball a bit to the right. If he aimed for the centre, it was just not that smart and really really poorly executed. And of course, if the strategy all along was to aim for the centre (and not a change of mind mid-walk up), then it was just poorly executed and the keeper was lucky he went the right way. But yes, some of the criticism is over the top.
  14. I'm guessing Russ got the call because the match was in front of his home crowd. Nothing more.
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