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  1. BCM

    Ayo Akinola

    Just placed my first person on ignore, after years of being on the site.
  2. BCM

    Herdman new head coach

    Which likewise you can't say without knowing the reasons he was fired. It's circular. Anyway, I was not opposed to Herdman per se (although I do not think he was qualified), but with the process. I still maintain by not advertising the CSA violated the law. But whatever, I'm giving Herdman a fair shake now and hope he turns out to be a mastermind and success on the pitch.
  3. BCM

    Herdman new head coach

    The media were a joke at the time, and continue to be - "worst kept secret" that no one but insiders knew or know about...seems like a pretty damn good secret to me.
  4. BCM

    Kosovar Sadiki

    Strange, can't cut it for Bury but trialling for Hibs. Football is a funny business.
  5. BCM

    Marco Carducci

    It's almost shocking to think he's only 22. He's been around for so long, we tend to view him as more established than he really is/was. If he went the college route, he'd be a rookie. If he sticks with it, he'll progress and move up the chain. I haven't written him off.
  6. BCM

    We've lost Jarrek! :(

    My deepest condolences to the family.
  7. BCM

    Tesho Akindele

    With the CPL budget in the "north of seven figures" total - ie around a million - I can't see the CPL being a viable option. Outside of sports, I am not sure many people would be happy to take a 60-plus percent pay cut, and I can't see it happening here either. Nor can I see a team paying one (non-household name) player 15 percent of their budget.
  8. BCM

    Gold Cup 2019

    Agree, sorry to say. I don't think any of our defenders make the US roster. Borjan is our only keeper in their top 10. And they beat us handily in depth. People like Tesho, Petrasso, and the like wouldn't even be in their conversation (Jan camp call up several years ago notwithstanding). Not saying we can't beat them, just that on paper they have the stronger side.
  9. To be honest, I thought Larin was a team player. His role when he came on was more than to score. He took a few fouls that were clearly in the best interest of the team.
  10. I thought Teibert played well, and he's my MoM. He used his high intensity motor, and not just running around like a headless chicken. There were countless times his hustle led to turnovers from the other side - sometimes directly in that he'd track back and win the ball himself but other times he forced quick and errand passes. Not all his crosses were good, but he did the little things well which I sometimes miss in his game. Best I've seen him play in a long time.
  11. BCM

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    I hope it was in the business class lounge... PS - @Thomas It is Sydney, Nova Scotia and Sydney, New South Wales. But it is Sidney, BC and Sidney, Manitoba.
  12. BCM

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    This is as talented and deep a player pool as I can ever remember. For the most part, young. The golden age is near, people.* *just need a couple of defenders!
  13. BCM

    Matis Romero

    I did.
  14. Thanks. Misiewicz replaced Street in the second half I see, and he was the one caught out on the goal. Street and Misiewicz, two (of a long list of our young) keepers that shoulda, coulda, but didn't.