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  1. jpg75

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    I don't think we want that either. It would create a really strong team that would probably be better than us.
  2. jpg75

    Christine Sinclair calls out CSA

    Actually the original tweet was about both the SF and Final not being shown. Also just noticed that tweet was a reply to the CSA Twitter address. The #showboth hastag is inclusive, John Doyle's reply to it labelling the momentum building for the MNT as misogynist is borderline insane.
  3. jpg75

    Christine Sinclair calls out CSA

    I think the fact both games were on the road is apt comparison too. Nonetheless, i will agree with the tweeters that the networks should have shown the final vs. USA. Perhaps they tried really hard but Fox was asking for too much $$?
  4. jpg75

    Christine Sinclair calls out CSA

    This. I encourage the women to fight for recognition and to get more air time, but there's no need to make it an either/or, or Us vs. Them competition with the men - who also happen to be as starved for recognition and air time.
  5. jpg75

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    On the bright side hopefully Davies gets released for the U20's.
  6. jpg75

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Pretty sure CONCACAF is already subsidizing some of the costs for the smaller nations, but even with handouts they still can't afford it. And obviously the decision to have 1 game per window and draw this thing out wasn't too thought out costs wise for these small nations. Why would a breakaway Caribbean confed. get a full spot, or even 2? Half at most. Maybe a full spot would be warranted when they go to 48 spots in 2026, but not now.
  7. I think you meant Oct. 23rd? That would be in 5 days...
  8. What did the award end up being? Looks like a guitar shaped thing...
  9. No thanks, i'll take the Hasal kid from Vancouver.
  10. jpg75

    Impact 2018

    He's probably amortizing the stadium construction costs over a 10-20 year period so that will inflate the annual losses on paper. I'm sure his accountants are probably piling other shit from the other business on to the balance sheet too. And the lack of stadium sponsor revenue is the obvious killer. He's probably doing just fine, just looking for more hand outs.
  11. jpg75

    Derek Cornelius

    Judging by your joke i'd say more like Age of Corny-ness.
  12. jpg75

    Derek Cornelius

    The biggest mistake i saw at the back was James letting the forward get body position on him which led to a breakaway that ZBG had to race over to break up. That said, Cornelius is probably not our #1 CB.
  13. We can say that we've seen both Pantemis and Busti with the U21's in Toulon. Both of them looked pretty good.
  14. Busti doesn't play for the Primavera team because he would be behind Italian youth keeper Leonardo Loria. He has been moved up to the Reserves to train with older players until likely next season when Loria will be too old for Primavera and Busti will get his chance as #1 with the youth team. Axel Desjardin played 15 matches for Spezia Primavera last season in the 2A division (2nd tier) and let in 25 goals. He was replaced for the last 3 games of the season which Spezia won all 3 to qualify for the Primavera play-off with Ascoli. Desjardin played the away leg which Spezia lost 2-1 and forced to remain in 2A this season. He has played once this year and let in 2 goals in a losd. His rival, Francesco Mazzini has let in 2 goals in 3 games (2 wins 1 loss).
  15. jpg75

    Local affiliates?

    So basically extrapolating Apples from Oranges. Cool.