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  1. jpg75

    TFC CCL 2019

    Trust me, wasn't hard to find.
  2. jpg75

    TFC CCL 2019

    Someone hates MLS.
  3. jpg75

    David Edgar

    It's no Grimsby.
  4. jpg75

    Canadians abroad: February 15-21, 2019

    I'd guess Livingston fans probably bought the tix and made a mark up selling to Celtic fans.
  5. jpg75

    Tajon Buchanan

    Nice cross for the assist.
  6. He has more than one son right? The eldest is with TFC, i assume this is one of the younger ones?
  7. jpg75

    David Edgar

    Wow, someone's still pissed about me calling them out. From day one you've been all about your little website and what the V's can do for you instead of the other way around. You want to do something for Canadian soccer? Create some real fucking content instead of retweeting all the time. When we participated in the first installment of Canucks Abroad we routinely interviewed players and posted them here. We tracked the players on this site, posted schedules with TV channels the games could be viewed in Canada, posted updates etc. and did it all as part of the Voyageurs. I'd also like to point out members of your crew are routinely guilty of reposting on here without giving credit to the OP's - i'll make sure to point them out every time from now. edit: Buzz, Toje - sorry guys didn't realize you were working with CA. My comments were not intended for you, keep up the good work with updates.
  8. jpg75

    David Edgar

    So not only does the tweet not tell you which club it is, but the article being linked refers to the club as "City" and "The Bantams". For those of you just as confused as me the club is Bradford City.
  9. jpg75

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Wasn't this conversation already had in the game thread? edit: it's in the General Discussion thread
  10. jpg75

    Axel Desjardins

    Fair enough.
  11. jpg75

    Axel Desjardins

    Are they though? Consider that Axel has played in 4 of the 5 games during that Spezia point streak for 10 pts., and has let in 3 goals during that stretch. In his previous 5 games earlier this season he let in 11 goals and the team managed only 2 pts. His rival Mazzini has let in 2 goals in 5 games and Spezia have 13 pts. in those games. Seems like a huge correlation to me. Anyways, good to see Axel playing well.
  12. Yes, that's what i meant. No one should click on the link, might even be malicious.
  13. The link he posted says concacaf CL so it's probably spam.
  14. jpg75

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

  15. jpg75

    Ilias Iliadis

    2500 years ago young Greek men took it in the ass as part of their education. Also, congrats and good luck to Ilias.