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  1. JuicyHam

    Ballou Tabla

    1-0 Albacete. Perfect cross in. This is some quality football.
  2. JuicyHam

    Ballou Tabla

    Starting today's match on the bench it looks like. I think it's really cool he got number 9. Either numbers don't mean a whole lot for this club or they believe in him
  3. JuicyHam

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    As far as I know they're pretty divided on Muller in general when the team isn't playing well. Unfortunately for Davies though Ribery is back training with the team.
  4. JuicyHam

    Ballou Tabla

    Yeah I think we'd have to see how he performs first. And as competitive as la Liga 2 can be it's a massive step to playing in the same league as Messi.
  5. JuicyHam

    Liam Millar

    Yeah the league kind of gets the reputation for being kind of shite but it's entertaining on and off the pitch.
  6. JuicyHam

    Ballou Tabla

    Eventually I would think
  7. JuicyHam

    Liam Millar

    Is he likely to get time so soon?
  8. JuicyHam

    Zorhan Bassong

    If Herdman can win this dude over I will have no doubt about his charisma and certainly whatever hope and aspirations he is selling is working because Bassong seems pretty dead set on Belgium at this point
  9. JuicyHam

    Jonathan David

    I'm just glad he is starting more and taking the opportunity. Seems to have forced the manager to trust him more.
  10. JuicyHam

    Canadians abroad: January 25-31, 2019

    If James doesn't go offside on the one play he had a clean path to the net. Only 3 minutes of play but it's a start
  11. JuicyHam

    Canada vs French Guiana Sunday March 24th 2019 in Vancouver

    Hello everyone. I'll be going to the game but just wondered if I should buy in the Voyageurs section or just a regular seat. I'm new to being a supporter as I've only recently fell in love with the game. I went to the last game in Toronto and it went really well but it had me curious about the Canadian supporters section. You guys were loud and proud. I'm just wondering if it is too early to merge into a hardcore supporter section or just coexist with the average fan? Also is there anywhere I can learn the songs and chants or is that just something you pick up at and before the game? Thanks in advance.