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  1. He was at the Canucks game tonight too. Just got back from there.
  2. Yeah again this would've been a great time for more friendlies... It sucks that we can't get everyone on the field but like you said we really need to use a proper formation
  3. I don't have the Facebook but I'll most definitely be there. It'll be my first time voyageurs event that I'm participating in so I'll try my best
  4. Honestly, if people knew more about other players on the squad I don't think they'd be as angry about Davies not being there.
  5. Yeah when Liam joined the team I'm pretty sure they were like 5 points from the top now they're 17 back.
  6. When I first started watching Scottish prem someone explained it as a bit shite but entertaining as hell with great storylines and absolutely crazy on and off the field antics. I'd say some of the off the field stuff is more entertaining than the on the field. It's a real hard nosed physical league with great rivalries.
  7. Hey Cleveland would probably be the only place I could make it out to easily. It would be perfect.
  8. Yeah I'm not sure about the deteriorating. On the Besiktas reddit and even on some of the broadcast they say he looks like he's 25 again. A lot of Besiktas fans have him as their MVP and if not at least an honourable mention. Obviously he's getting older but everyone makes mistakes like he made the other day.
  9. There are a surprising amount of these
  10. Hoilett not in the 18 today vs Wolves. He was hot garbage last game so it makes sense. He did score a sweet goal last win against Wolves.
  11. I was just thinking the other day a combined Copa America would be really cool. Not sure how it would be formatted but I would love it. Considering how difficult it's been to win a Gold cup if you aren't Mexico or USA Concacaf teams would really have to step it up.
  12. 1-0 Albacete. Perfect cross in. This is some quality football.
  13. Starting today's match on the bench it looks like. I think it's really cool he got number 9. Either numbers don't mean a whole lot for this club or they believe in him
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