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  1. Wasn't at fault for the goal but wasn't as prominent as last week. Cornelius was on the bench so Miller is on course to start ahead of him coming Gold Cup.
  2. Can see him overtaking Cornelius as the left side CB if he's playing consistently.
  3. Borjan Hutch Jakovic Cornelius Hoilett Eustaquio Davies Arfield Osorio David Cavallini
  4. If Ottawa joined CPL, wouldn't JDG have to take a pay cut due the cap on operating costs?
  5. Based on previous drafts, most CB in the top 10 seem to get a lot of game time first season. We can only hope.
  6. He'll have a better chance for success in CPL, same with Comsia and Miller.
  7. Goalkeeper is a different skill set to outfield players so it does not really surprise me.
  8. There was a twitter rumour about him being courted by CPL teams shortly after he won the Championship. Looks like the existence of another league has caused MLS to pony up for the best talent.
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  10. Didn't someone on this board predict this happening based on the Nike commercial with Davies.
  11. If this is the end goal for the stadium, I'd be very disappointed. That's with the terrible location and gimmicky cavalry concepts. It looks like the owners know little to nothing about football fans. A better option would have to scrap all current stands, rotate the pitch 90 degrees and then build around it. The club house would then have a Highbury feel.
  12. Teibert seems to drift out left when he's playing a more advanced midfield position, much like Matuidi. I would have dropped Piette and given Chapman a go, but I understand with the field conditions, maybe it was better to be more pragmatic.
  13. It's also worth noting that with the introduction of TAM and increased salary budgets, young domestics players in MLS are getting less minutes. Over the years, MLS has stopped being a development league. https://www.businessinsider.com/number-of-american-players-in-mls-has-declined-2018-3 http://www.espn.com/soccer/major-league-soccer/19/blog/post/3606287/limited-mls-minutes-mean-american-forwards-will-look-to-europe As long as CanPL can keep to it's business model and remain focused on the Canadian (specifically young Canadian) player.
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