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  1. AvroArrow

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    That's it. 2:20 mark.
  2. AvroArrow

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Didn't Marcel De Jong have a crazy goal from distance? I can't find the video on Youtube.
  3. AvroArrow

    Jonathan Osorio

    Its privately owned. 60% Greg Vanney, 40% Eric Zavaleta's mom
  4. AvroArrow

    Jonathan Osorio

    I heard that the majority shareholder of Transfermarket Inc. is Greg Vanney.
  5. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018

    What on earth was Bono doing on the 2nd goal? The amount of goals that have been caused due to his errors this season cannot be overlooked. Too few goals are scored at this level to have a keeper that gives away easy ones this often.
  6. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018

    MLSE raise ticket prices? In other news, water is wet.
  7. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018

    If he does stick around, that could be the end of Ricketts with TFC, or at the very least he will only get sub minutes when you throw on the speed guy in the last 10 minutes. Janson has clearly become the 3rd choice striker.
  8. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018

    Besides the injuries, which are the biggest difference between last year and this year, the two things that I've noticed are: 1. Last year you knew TFC was never out of the game. Even if they were down a goal or two, you knew TFC had the skill and the mindset to still end up with a result. That is not the case this year. If they went down a goal or two, there was a very good chance that the game was lost. 2. The amount of dumb mistakes that resulted in goals being scored against them was ridiculously high. The defensive third has been a calamity of errors. And if you give up a dumb goal and go down, it forces you to open up and the other team can defend and counter.
  9. AvroArrow

    FIFA 19 Player ratings - Canada

    I remember there was 1 year when there were an abnormal amount of Canadian inform players. I had my sneaking suspicion that who was ever in charge of informs had a soft spot for the Canadian national team. ** I did a quick check, it was 2011** 80 De Rosario (80 pace) 79 Hoilett (86 pace) 74 De Guzman (82 pace CM) 74 Josh Simpson 73 Jackson (83 pace) You could play a 41212 with a gold or silver at every position. You could absolutely destroy anyone you matched up against because your star rating was so low and that year was all about the pace of your team.
  10. AvroArrow

    FIFA 19 Player ratings - Canada

    I used to play a lot of FUT and I don't know if a season ever started with 3 gold Canadian players. That being said, having Hoilet, Arfield, and Davies all playing on the left side really limits your options.
  11. AvroArrow

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    In a tournament this wide open and where your goals plus minus could potentially be a tie breaker, you have no choice but to run up the score. You being nice and taking your foot off the gas at 5-0 could bite you in the end if someone you end up tied with didn't stop and won their game 10-0. If CONCACAF doesn't want teams to run up the scores, then they will have to change the structure of the league.
  12. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018

    If I recall correctly, when he came charging out on that play he didn't even make a convincing punch for the ball. He did some kind of half punch half catch and was not close enough to the ball to do either because 2 or 3 players had a better position then he did. Inconsistent play and decision making is not what you want from your keeper. The risk/reward on that charge was not great.
  13. AvroArrow

    Alphonso Davies

    Alphonso Davies has the potential to be to soccer what Steve Nash was to basketball.
  14. AvroArrow

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    I don't see how TFC doesn't come down hard on this. They can't just say "boys will be boys" and move on. Random out of control fires started by supporters groups won't help TFC sell tickets. If you risk their bottom line, expect to get dealt with asap.
  15. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018

    Have to agree with Unnamed Trialist. The teams all play in major North American cities and therefore have major city cost of living expenses. And they pay some of their players 55,000 per year. I get that no one is forcing these guys to play and they are "living the dream", but you can't tell me that bumping up the minimum salary is going to bankrupt the league.