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  1. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    I don't see how Alejandro Pozuelo has the name recognition that TFC was talking about earlier.
  2. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Peter Crouch? He's got the dance moves.
  3. AvroArrow

    Marcel De Jong

    He could also end up taking a pay cut to play in the CPL with the understanding that he will be a coach afterwards. Then he gets fired as a coach when ownership decides to clean house and "move in a different direction" with their coaching staff. Neither is without its risk.
  4. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    He does like the pyro, so that would make a lot of the TFC supporters groups happy.
  5. AvroArrow

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I'm not as up to date on the CPL as I should be, so perhaps someone here can help me out with a question on DeJong. I did a quick search of MLS salaries and it looks like he was in the 150,000 range in MLS. What would he be looking at at the CPL level? I'm assuming it would be less. Would it be enough for someone to live on in the Victoria area? He could love the area but he still needs to earn a living.
  6. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    It has to be a striker. If Altidore could guarantee you that he would play in 90% of your regular season, then maybe you could go out and get a DP attacking mid, but the chances of Altidore doing that is slim.
  7. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Since the MLS rules are a mess, does it really matter how much of a transfer fee we get for Giovinco? It's MLSE's money and if they have decided that they are only going to pay X amount on their next DP, getting 3 million or 5 million for Giovinco isn't likely going to change that number. If you think it is, you haven't been following MLSE close enough. The bigger issue here is the DP slot and who comes into replace Giovinco. The impact of the DP's salary on the salary cap is the same whether you are paying them 3 milllion or 10 million. Howver, if Giovinco wanted to tie up a DP slot until he was 36-37 though, that may not have been a good idea and I could see TFC balking at that. If the player they bring in is worse, then the team is not going to be a better position and we could be looking at a long season when Altidore inevitably gets injured.
  8. AvroArrow

    Jordyn Huitema

    How much can a professional female soccer player make per year? A free ride at a top US university definitely has a cash value to it and may pay off more over the course of your entire life, depending on how long your soccer career is.
  9. AvroArrow

    Quillan Roberts

    I noticed that he wasn't listed on LAFC's most recent list of signed players. Google tells me his option was not picked up: https://www.prosoccerusa.com/mls/los-angeles-fc/lafc-exercised-contracts-options-on-five-players/
  10. AvroArrow

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    I don't see how the difference in travel between the major European leagues and the MLS cannot be a factor. London, England currently has 6 of the teams in the Premier League. So if you play for a London team, 19 home games and 5 away games (or 24 or your 38 total games) don't require you to leave the city you likely live in. The furthest drive would be to Newcastle, which google maps tells me is a 5.5 hr drive, and you would only have to do that once. Now compare that to the MLS where east coast teams regularly have to go to the west coast and vice versa. Driving would not even be an option. Even if you go on a road trip, the various teams on the west coast and the east coast aren't even a reasonable driving distance from each other. Portland to LA is over 15 hours in driving time.
  11. AvroArrow

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    That's it. 2:20 mark.
  12. AvroArrow

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Didn't Marcel De Jong have a crazy goal from distance? I can't find the video on Youtube.
  13. AvroArrow

    Jonathan Osorio

    Its privately owned. 60% Greg Vanney, 40% Eric Zavaleta's mom
  14. AvroArrow

    Jonathan Osorio

    I heard that the majority shareholder of Transfermarket Inc. is Greg Vanney.
  15. AvroArrow

    TFC 2018

    What on earth was Bono doing on the 2nd goal? The amount of goals that have been caused due to his errors this season cannot be overlooked. Too few goals are scored at this level to have a keeper that gives away easy ones this often.