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  1. Hopefully the biggest part of the April Fool's joke will be that trades will happen in the league (without the players' consent)
  2. What if the joke is in the joke? With Brennan, this could be fully legit lol
  3. Jealous. Wonder if I could convince the wife to make the drive to Hamilton lol
  4. Two twitter posts total. Both about Junior. "Son"... lol
  5. I think he is working as a goalkeeper coach somewhere. Same boat as Jordan Santiago who is still young enough to give it a go, but chose the coaching route
  6. Vanney couldn't figure out Kaye's best position either so not a lot of faith in this
  7. The Fury must pay this guy really well for all the shitposting he does
  8. Tg11, PhillyJawnGuy and him are consecutively the worst trolls I can remember being on here in recent memory. They are probably all the same person
  9. That's what I thought. I assume people are mostly either past reading his posts and assume its negative, or they assume there are negative undertones. Either way, pretty funny that he gets called out for one of his most positive posts in years
  10. This guy clearly knows nothing of Canadians or Canadian culture, so why people even engage him is beyond me
  11. I remember something about it being a cost thing. They would be able to bring more staff to the road games if they brought less players that weren't likely to be subbed in anyway. And then Ottawa says they have too big of a budget for CPL..
  12. I'd take him over Thomas, but certainly not Crepeau
  13. To attend University. There is an article about him on Pacific's site
  14. Wasn't McNaughton raised in Belgium? He's probably more Belgian than Canadian or American
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