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  1. I remember something about it being a cost thing. They would be able to bring more staff to the road games if they brought less players that weren't likely to be subbed in anyway. And then Ottawa says they have too big of a budget for CPL..
  2. I'd take him over Thomas, but certainly not Crepeau
  3. To attend University. There is an article about him on Pacific's site
  4. Wasn't McNaughton raised in Belgium? He's probably more Belgian than Canadian or American
  5. The previous page has a link saying that all three would be joining Pacific for preseason training but Fussell was with the Caps U23 team. Unsure how accurate it is if that is the case, or if whoever wrote the article just put all three draft picks assuming they'd be there. Fussell was in a game with Whitecaps U23 on February 24 as well. So maybe he decided not to go the CPL route?
  6. Could be that some players overvalued themselves and were holding out for more money, and at this point they risk not getting a spot. I had kinda thought that maybe Irving had done that and then ended up having to sign as Ottawa's back up keeper
  7. Yeah I had seen in on Facebook. Went to link it and it was gone lol. He had said he was looking forward to playing with Carreiro and it stated it was a one year deal
  8. Just the games featuring Canadian teams
  9. Valour signed Petrasso. Looks like they are the new Pacific FC
  10. Agreed. In my mind if you're over 23 and not getting a crack at the national team, you likely never will. JDG2 was an exception. However, it's Gutierrez that needs to be convinced of this, and if he still has ambitions to play for Chile, he'll likely continue to hold out. The fact that he almost went to Valour shows he could be close to suiting up with Canada. But other guys have been just as close or even closer. Cristante was supposedly close. Lensky was only a plane ride away...
  11. Chile has had 21 players in the past 12 months that play in Chile. Gutierrez only needs one good season playing in Chile to get on their radar. de Guzman was having very good seasons in the Netherlands and was still not getting a call even though other guys that were playing in Netherlands and of similar age were getting called. The guy was 26 when he finally got a call
  12. They would probably have to do something to convince them. I remember seeing on Twitter a while back when a BC Div 3 league was brought up, the Rovers Owner asked rhetorically who would reimburse them their fee to USL if they were expected to join the BC league
  13. The Dutch wanted him?? There was a 5 year gap between him playing with the U21 Dutch team and the Senior team. Gutierrez played for the Chile U20 team in 2017, so if he is willing to wait as long as de Guzman did (at a point when we all thought he had no chance, and Julian was constantly telling everyone who would listen about how close Jonathan was to committing to us) it won't be until 2022 when we get Gutierrez
  14. I've come to terms now that Teal didn't make an ignorant decision. The kid wasn't Canadian. He was just the son of a Canadian legend. He sold us a bunch of lies about how it would be wrong to play for anyone else. That was really his only mistake. We get upset all the time when players decide to play for the birth countries of their parents (yes I know Teal was born in Hamilton, and Alex in Guyana but it's the same point), so we should really by now. It just so happens that he came along when our program had no hope whatsoever. He would n't even factor for Canada nowadays
  15. Brennan has his brother employed in some manner as well
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