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  1. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    not burning Ottawa, just OSEG burning themselves and their fans Should I do it "Simpsons" style? -I don't want to play in CPL even if CONCACAF orders me too I can write it 100 times if you want. Don't expect the league to sit around waiting for OSEG to finally change their minds. If there's a window to grab that stadium for a new ownership, its business basic that you take it
  2. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    What's all about this nonsense I'm reading? People idealize, respects or love MLS. Ask yourself this, would MLS welcome an ownership group that doesn't want to be there and slandering it publicly? Did they cave to NY Cosmos nonesense or did they not tell them to F themselves and started NYCFC instead? I dont see you condemning their decision. Why are you so surprised at the possibility that CPL would go the route all major leagues would go and deny them? Sport business is a business...business is ruthless. Why would you even want an ownership to be part of the league who clearly doesn't like it, doesn't believe in it and could start shit up from the inside? We dont want CSL 2.0 Let's not forget, sitting 2020 out would be the Fury doing it to themselves... so fuck em
  3. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Looking at how NHL and any other leagues have operated in the past...pointing to the Blasillie case v. NHL The league has the ultimate right to pick and choose it's owners. CPL have the right to pass on OSEG in theory. There's no denying that accepting OSEG would be the easiest thing to do. Question is... is it the smartest thing to do to accept a team that has no desire to be there and slandered you publically? Any idiot studying business 101 would say no. The Fury said publicly that even if CONCACAF let's them play 2019, they'd refuse to join CPL To me that's having "delusion of grandeur". That's the kind of attitude that the big 3 would have and I'd be the first one to say : " Can't deny they have a point" but the Fury??? C'mon. They are still going at it with framing CPL in a negative way. I won't speculate what CPL will ultimately do with Ottawa but... what makes business sense is: Internally "Fuck em" Publicly "we have multiple bids for Ottawa and we'll choose the one that makes sense for CPL Pick another ownership for 2021 Forcing the Fury to go to L1O (they won't) or to sit 2020 out Which voids their exclusivity rights on soccer operations at TD Place, city would be seeking to fill those dates --> see Hamilton Tim Hortons Field v. Tiger-Cats, CSA had to step in to make sure no other soccer team could bid for those dates New Ottawa ownership gets TD Place dates, city gets it's rent...Deal made New Ottawa CPL team offers to buy the Fury from OSEG and rebrand or OSEG fold Fury and focus on CFL Operations Sorry but name me a North American league that tolerates having owners that don't want to be there or aren't on the same page... (NASL?). Expecting CPL to "deal with it" is possible but 50/50 at best
  4. Ansem

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    i know, old news
  5. Ansem

    Winnipeg Valour FC

  6. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Since 2007, 3 world cup later... where did it get us? Hilarious that Canada will most likely participate during the CPL existence 😉
  7. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The biggest winners of the 2026 World Cup will undeniably be CPL. CPL "2.0" could happen around there... I acknowledge that MLS might hit 3.0 but I have MONUMENTAL doubts that Vancouver and Montreal will keep up in 3.0.
  8. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    why the attitude? I'm agreeing. As long as the disparity stays this big, I don't see it happening. unless.... CPL let's those 3 do whatever they want and they become the de facto Barca, Real and Atletico of CPL if CCL ever get big enough to make those extra CCL spot valuable. Besides, I have yet to see PSG being negatively affected by burning Ligue 1...winning games and championships sells...more than being just another mid to bottom table team (disregard this paragraph....I'm talking out loud 😂)
  9. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    it's quite obvious that such a scenario won't happen unless the CPL significantly upgrades.
  10. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    He's managing the affairs of the team but no, he isn't the money behind it
  11. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Miami (Thursday, December 13, 2019) - Concacaf typically does not comment publicly on sanctioning matters, but due to the lack of clarity regarding the state of the process and the unilateral statements from various parties in regard to the Ottawa Fury Football Club (Ottawa Fury) participating in the 2019 season of the United Soccer League (USL), we would like to clarify the following: Under international sanctioning rules, clubs that are affiliated to an Association may only join competitions in another Association’s territory under exceptional circumstances. For the sanctioning of such play in our region, approval must be given by Concacaf and FIFA; Concacaf to date has not received a formal request from any party to consider sanctioning the participation of the Ottawa Fury in the 2019 season of the USL, despite public announcements by Ottawa Fury that it would be doing so; In the fall of 2018, after unilateral public statements made by Ottawa Fury and before any sanctioning application was made to any governing body, Concacaf clearly advised the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) of its concerns regarding this matter. A further written correspondence to the CSA followed in November, providing guidance on our view that as it stands to date, we do not see exceptional circumstances, given the launch of the Canadian Premier League (CPL) for the 2019 season. As the governing body for international football in North, Central America and the Caribbean, we are committed to govern on behalf of all of our 41 Associations and key stakeholders.
  12. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Most likely goes to the court of sport arbitration in Switzerland. Not much grounds to take this to US or Canadian courts. The Fury being unsanctioned means they are going against CONCACAF & FIFA... I'm starting to believe that theory from Rollins article that OSEG are using it as an out of soccer altogether
  13. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    “They knew this was possible,” one source said. “Yet, they went ahead anyway and now they are crying about being discriminated.” Another person went even further, suggesting that the Fury might have “half wanted (to be denied sanctioning).” The suggestion being that OSEG doesn’t really want to be involved in soccer anymore, but didn’t want to be the bad guy in fans’ eyes, least it hurt them with RedBlacks’ ticket sales.