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  1. @Naysayers How massive of a pay cut is he taking to jump to CPL from USL?🤣
  2. Ansem

    CPL General

    Interesting... wonder what's the play here...
  3. Ansem

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Maybe the league and opponents matters more than some naysayers care to admit...
  4. Doneil Henry causing a penalty tonight...
  5. That's all you take away from this... They almost sell out their most expensive ticket seasons but who cares... What's your opinion on the monstrosity called the Yankees Stadium?
  6. Also, there will still be the "wait and see" approach for a lot of oversea guys and those in USSF leagues like BBTB said, who Inthink want to see CPL having 1 or 2 seasons under it's belt before switching. It's undeniable that the CONCACAF league berth attached to the trophy is a major plus, especially when we'll be watching CPL for the 1st time playing in the tournament. The more CPL can line up successful seasons and keep growing with good CL performances, the more guys will be willing to let their contract expire to come home. For year one, seems that CPL clubs were unwilling to pay transfer fees. Once clubs will be willing to do that, I expect more quality and experienced guys being bought to come home.
  7. Yes The timing is important here. 2026 is the world cup and logically launching such league right after is the best timing. Soccer will be at its highest level by then. You're thinking in terms of today...no one disagree that a D2 pre 2026 would work. Also, there's really no rush. CPL can just carry one until they get enough bids to launch a proper 8 team league. How do you know the supporters would get bored? They would be playing in both Canadian Championship and fighting for promotion. Places like Kingston or Sherbrooke would surely take that over nothing... No splits. CPL could just announce its intend to launch the 2nd tier and now accepting bids. It's entirely possible that some D3 teams could upgrade to D2 by finding new investors to fund infrastructure and pay for the higher costs...sure. I just don't get this split idea of yours. Nowhere did the league ever expressed wanting to do that. They believe they can grow to 16 and then launch a D2. I don't see that being unrealistic after the world cup.
  8. OMG, can we stop with the "Canadian self defeating atttitude"? No CPL won't be an 8 team league after a split in half. How many times can CPL say 16 teams THEN we start D2? Can someone find me 1 article or official quote talking about splitting the league in half? yeah I didn't think so Sorry but it would be unbelievably stupid to build up to 16 and then split it in half after all those years. That's a very underwhelming move that would crush the league's momentum. Most importantly, no investors in their right minds would invest in such a risky venture. Pro/Rel is a tough sell as it is and now you're telling them that half of them will be cut... c'mon, let's get back on topic
  9. Funny how some people for SOOOOOO long kept hammering that this wouldn't happen. It's ok to be optimistic... just saying.
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