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  1. Yeah, I guess I didn’t phrase that too well. But what a strike!
  2. In tonight’s match against DC United, Mathieu Choinière was subbed on just past the halfway point in the second half. A few minutes later, he dribbled around a defender at the edge of the DC penalty area and passed to an open Maxi Urruti, who knocked the ball into the net. Then in added-on time, Choinière picked up a loose ball outside the DC penalty area, and on the half volley unleashed an amazing strike that the keeper was powerless to stop. Rémi Garde is going to have to find room for this guy in the Montréal starting 11.
  3. Edgar would definitely be an ideal fit. Last fall I heard a rumour that former Montréal Impact midfielder Louis Béland-Goyette was interested in signing with Forge FC. Last June he suffered a broken foot. Have no idea whether he is fit to play, but with 10 MLS appearances in the past 2 seasons including 4 starts last season, he would be a great signing for Forge.
  4. No worries. Still lots of time to assemble a very good roster. As I mentioned in another thread, I get the impression they’re working on some major signings.
  5. I get the impression that Forge is working on some major signings. Could David Edgar be one of them?
  6. Abzi is a great CPL signing. Not as well known as some players who have come up through MLS academies, but has been dominant in the PLSQ. CPL is the perfect place for him to continue his development. Who knows, maybe a future CMNT call-up.
  7. Can’t blame a player for trying to get a contract that would no doubt pay him substantially more than in CPL.
  8. The Impact will likely re-sign David Choinière. Also at their training camp is Émile Legault, whom they might sign, but if they don’t he would be a great CanPL signing.
  9. Still can’t find any news about Béland-Goyette. He would be a very good signing for a CanPL team.
  10. I would think that a Voyageurs Cup game, in Hamilton or in Winnipeg, against an MLS team would draw a huge crowd, even on a Wednesday night, as long as the weather is good.
  11. A very interesting read. Thanks!
  12. I read somewhere that the Montréal Impact thought highly enough of N’sa to invite him to train with their senior team last year.
  13. Forge FC. I’ve lived in Quebec City for many years but I’m a native Hamiltonian. Hoping to be at Tim Hortons Field on April 27 for the inaugural match. And of course hoping we’ll have a CanPL team here in Quebec City in the near future.
  14. CanPL teams are signing some U Sports players. Will be interesting to see how those players do.
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