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  1. Grandbloke

    Ottawa CPL Club

    OK. Thanks for the clarification. Their dissolution would definitely be a loss for Canadian soccer.
  2. Grandbloke

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Don’t be ridiculous. Most people on this board are eager for the Ottawa Fury to thrive in CanPL.
  3. Grandbloke

    Ottawa CPL Club

    There is no suitable Canadian league for the Canadian MLS teams to play in. They are much too strong for CanPL.
  4. Grandbloke

    Ottawa CPL Club

    If the Fury join CanPL, their fans would not have to switch their loyalties
  5. Grandbloke

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but my understanding is that Canada Soccer has the power to deny the Fury permission to play in the USL.
  6. Grandbloke

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    We can add Béland-Goyette to this list. He was released by the Impact. A while ago I read something about him possibly signing with Forge FC.
  7. Grandbloke

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Luca Ricci. A former Montréal Impact academy player who spent this past season with Phoenix Rising in the USL.
  8. Clément Bayiha is a midfielder. In a Montréal Impact U19 game I saw earlier this year, Bayiha was playing right wing.
  9. And Choinière in the middle.
  10. Grandbloke

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Right now I'm kinda wishing I lived in Halifax. I suppose I could always move...
  11. Hopefully, CanPL will limit the number of international roster spots to about 8 per team, similar to MLS. Initially, the level of play in CanPL could very well be quite similar to USL or perhaps slightly higher, but hopefully that will eventually improve.
  12. This is yet another example of how difficult it often is for young Canadians to get minutes in MLS, a league where Americans count as domestics on the Canadian teams. And this is also an example of why we need CanPL, a league where each team will have to play a significant number of Canadians.
  13. Nice to see these 2 very good young prospects get a call-up. The Impact have just recently signed Mickeal Azira, a 31-year-old MLS journeyman, who has more or less bumped Choinière out of the 18, even though Azira probably isn’t any better, costs more money, and will probably be gone before next season. But he’s a foreigner and Choinière is Canadian...
  14. Grandbloke

    Ottawa CPL Club

    How do you know what the Fury’s player budget is?
  15. Grandbloke

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Why would the Fury be balking at that? They are a very mediocre USL team. If the level of play in CanPL is indeed higher than in USL, the Fury would not do well with their current roster. And were it not for Crépeau, arguably the best keeper in USL (and who will probably be returning to the Impact next year), the Fury would be near the bottom of the USL table.