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  1. At what point will Legault be available on a free transfer?
  2. Bayiha is a very promising young player and It’s great to see him getting some minutes. But when Piatti returns from injury and when the Impact sign Omar Browne, Montreal will have 4 foreign wingers (Piatti, Novillo, Okwonkwo and Browne). Unless there are injuries to those players, it will be difficult for Bayiha to regularly make the bench this season. But I hope I’m wrong.
  3. ZBG will likely get a fair amount of playing time before the Gold Cup. Sagna is 36 and won’t start every match.
  4. Mexico has a weakness?
  5. Either Laryea or Córdova, I would think.
  6. I’ll be rooting for Béland-Goyette too. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him start in central midfield along with Golubar.
  7. Shome was definitely not the worst Montréal player in that game, but the problem is that he was virtually invisible. That’s why Garde subbed him off quite early. But he’s young and I hope he improves. Mathieu Choinière is clearly ahead of him as the number one backup in midfield.
  8. Pretty much a toss up. It will probably depend on which of the two looks better in training.
  9. Looks good. Maybe Hoilett on the left and Tabla on the right. If we need a goal, Osorio in for Piette.
  10. Looks like Toronto FC still haven’t signed Laryea. if I were him, I’d be thinking seriously about signing with Forge FC.
  11. Or maybe this formation: Cavallini ––– David Davies ––– Kaye ––– Arfield –––Godinho Hutchinson Cornelius ––– Edgar ––– Henry Borjan
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