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  1. Overall, York9 might pip the best jersey pair for me. I like the home white of olden days. Cavalry jerseys are close behind. Fairly pleased with the offerings Macron came up with.
  2. One doesn't "Get Teal'd" so much as "Tealing" oneself. Ex: "Oh man, fool gon Teal himself with the Dutch"
  3. ray

    CPL Season Schedule

    Hope that the apertura/clausura thing isn't true. The league should be keeping it simple to start with. Straying too far from the familiar North American sports model is probably ill-advised. Not sure what it does for them.
  4. Owen Hargreaves: PLAY FOR CANADA! DON'T FORCE ME TO TAKE YOU OFF THE REGISTER! That always stuck with me - In the now invalid <blink> tags . Memories indeed.
  5. Neutral at the outset, but will support any team wearing traditional "hoops" .
  6. ray

    CPL TV Contract

    I think the CPL need to get this finalized to get word of the league to more potential fans. Throughout this process from CSA approval of Canadian Premier League, to the launch of the individual franchises and in the build-up to the opening game, has there ever been any kind of press conference intended for a national audience? Over the past year I've been surprised that I haven't seen anything on TV about the league (except on Sportsnet between Premier League matches). I noticed a few of the people commenting on the BBC article were Canadian-based soccer fans but had not heard anything about the CPL. Ironic and a bit concerning that they learnt of the league through the foreign press. From my experience I could easily see how most Canadians or even the casual soccer fan would miss news of Canada's soccer league. All in all I think the CPL could have done a much better job of promoting a league that is less than 3 months out from launch date.
  7. ray

    CPL General

    Nice to see Transfermarkt fill up with CPL information: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/canadian-premier-league/startseite/wettbewerb/CAN1 First Tier - Canada 👏👏 Also of note, the Canadian MLS team pages on the site show Voyageurs Cup. Nice touch!
  8. Sorry to hear about Mr. Quarry being let go. I think it was he who arranged for the Voyageurs "Thank you, Holger" card to be sent to former coach Holger Osieck.
  9. ray

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Should be an "Edit" link next to the "Quote" link.
  10. ray

    Ottawa CPL Club

    A few points: For the inaugural season of a league yes, every franchise matters for stability, resilience, perception, corporate sponsorship, broadcast contracts, etcetera. I don't think it comes to this heavy-handedness by CONCACAF (with perhaps CSA's involvement) if the Fury is talking with CPL and communicating a willingness to join CPL in 2020. The fact that we are at this point is a good indication OSEG were planning on stretching year-by-year USL sanctioning out for years to come. While I have sympathy for Fury fans, I have none for OSEG. Ownership knew de-sanctioning was a strong possibility but they thought they held all the cards.
  11. ray

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The writing appears to be on the wall for the Fury. Whether it was CONCACAF pulling the plug for 2019 or the CSA in 2020, sanctioning to play in a U.S. league was going to be withdrawn. They should have been working with CPL to transition for next year. Instead Ottawa thought they would be able to push their luck indefinitely. Now the team finds matters out of their hands. They can continue to fight a losing cause or they can try to patch things up with the CPL - their choice.
  12. I was just recently reading over some old Voyageurs e-mail correspondence. One was from Jarrek and I wondered what he'd been doing since. Sad to here this. I know he also ran a Canada rugby forum (probably the first) along the lines of the Voyageurs BB forum for a while. Definitely a pioneer. Thank you, Jarrek. 👏
  13. What Tosaint Ricketts isn't plural? Might be better for him ... to go elsewhere and play regularly.
  14. Does have that "So long, and thanks for all the fish" feeling, doesn't it? 🐬🤞
  15. Another (fairly wide-ranging) article on Alex : Bunbury gets wish to contribute to soccer in Canada
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