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  1. ray

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Should be an "Edit" link next to the "Quote" link.
  2. ray

    Ottawa CPL Club

    A few points: For the inaugural season of a league yes, every franchise matters for stability, resilience, perception, corporate sponsorship, broadcast contracts, etcetera. I don't think it comes to this heavy-handedness by CONCACAF (with perhaps CSA's involvement) if the Fury is talking with CPL and communicating a willingness to join CPL in 2020. The fact that we are at this point is a good indication OSEG were planning on stretching year-by-year USL sanctioning out for years to come. While I have sympathy for Fury fans, I have none for OSEG. Ownership knew de-sanctioning was a strong possibility but they thought they held all the cards.
  3. ray

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The writing appears to be on the wall for the Fury. Whether it was CONCACAF pulling the plug for 2019 or the CSA in 2020, sanctioning to play in a U.S. league was going to be withdrawn. They should have been working with CPL to transition for next year. Instead Ottawa thought they would be able to push their luck indefinitely. Now the team finds matters out of their hands. They can continue to fight a losing cause or they can try to patch things up with the CPL - their choice.
  4. ray

    2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifying

    In the November qualifying window, Canada travels to South America losing to Venezuela and beating Brazil to earn a berth in the 2019 FIBA World Cup. Congratulations to the players many of whom may not see action in the World Cup finals. They have laid the groundwork for what we hope will be Canada's ascent to the basketball elite over the next few years.
  5. ray

    We've lost Jarrek! :(

    I was just recently reading over some old Voyageurs e-mail correspondence. One was from Jarrek and I wondered what he'd been doing since. Sad to here this. I know he also ran a Canada rugby forum (probably the first) along the lines of the Voyageurs BB forum for a while. Definitely a pioneer. Thank you, Jarrek. 👏
  6. ray

    Tosaint Ricketts

    What Tosaint Ricketts isn't plural? Might be better for him ... to go elsewhere and play regularly.
  7. ray

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Does have that "So long, and thanks for all the fish" feeling, doesn't it? 🐬🤞
  8. ray

    Alex Bunbury

    Another (fairly wide-ranging) article on Alex : Bunbury gets wish to contribute to soccer in Canada
  9. Yes. If several of our best youth (maybe best ever youth) aren't available due to club commitments, so be it. However, the end result is a forgone conclusion.
  10. Yeah, sort of. I think it was Marc P maintaining the Canadians Abroad list while I was tracking official Canadian caps (Senior, Olympic, U20, U17) back in the day when cap-tied meant cap-tied, no ifs ands or buts. There was something to be said for simplicity back then . I wouldn't attempt the endeavor today. Here's a couple of files I kept from that era. One is my official caps list. The other is the first "Canadians Abroad" type list I ever came across from Jason Kmet. Have fun reminiscing. canadians_caps-A.html can_register.htm
  11. Khaska Walker? Ah, those were the days! Dark days for Canadian soccer, but still fondly remembered.
  12. ray

    CPL General

    A sane approach to student athletes. Long overdue.
  13. ray

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

  14. ray

    Toronto Wolfpack

    The Wolfpack picked a bad time to have a poor match. I don't claim to be knowledgeable about the sport but London Broncos looked the better side. They advanced the ball by passing to players who were already running at speed while Toronto seemed very static and were consequently easily tackled. Toronto came close to tries on at least a couple of occasions but London managed to prevent the the ball touching down. A great season for the Wolfpack ends with a sub-par performance. Better luck next year but it will tough with only one team being promoted. I imagine all the Super League sides will be happy they won't have to travel across the Atlantic in 2019.