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  1. Floortom

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Would love for it to be Tomori but just cannot imagine he would commit at this time! I think Cristián Gutiérrez is a good guess. Ferreira too
  2. Floortom

    General Discussion on CMNT

    He's cap tied to Italy
  3. Floortom

    Canadians abroad: January 25-31, 2019

    Wow excellent touch and take
  4. Floortom

    Derek Cornelius

    Great opportunity if true for Cornelius. Not much CB depth at all in Vancouver. He's pretty much out of his squad now, so a potential starting role in MLS should be a huge motivator for him.
  5. The most obvious reason we don’t play them often in official matches is that we don’t qualify for the hex nor do we advance far enough in the Gold Cup. i.e. we just haven’t been anywhere near good enough to cultivate a rivalry with them.
  6. Floortom

    Why does Canada still tag along US soccer?

    Seriously - can you stop this crap? It’s annoying AF.
  7. Floortom

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    Is that junior’s first goal of the season ?? Amazing goal but quite a drop off in form from last season for him
  8. Floortom

    Gold Cup 2019

    Well clearly not the A team called by US side. no McKennie, Nagbe, Weah, Bradley, Miazga, Brooks etc
  9. Floortom

    We can finally say Canada has surpassed the US

    Nice to see this troll back. Was missing for a while 😂
  10. Floortom

    Gold Cup 2019

    Lol. That’s what you took from my post ? i mean all those guys (excluding Piette) would be called. It’s Cornelius, Henry, James, Adekugbe, etc that wouldn’t be called.
  11. Floortom

    Gold Cup 2019

    I don’t see that. We would be starting players that wouldn’t even be called to the US squad. If you’re just comparing the top-end quality between both sides I think there’s an argument, but there would still be a huge gap after those first 6 or 7 guys IMO.
  12. Floortom

    Fikayo Tomori

    Based on the fact that Nigeria is a World Cup regular I suppose. I don’t think his choice will be much deeper than that. Also, I would think that his family’s Nigerian ties are much deeper than Canada’s but you’re right this is all guess work
  13. Floortom

    Fikayo Tomori

    I don’t think his odds are great if being called by England anytime soon - but Nigeria is also an option for him. Still a more difficult squad to get called to than Canada obviously, but I assume that would be his 2md option
  14. I believe Julian was the one to publicly state that