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  1. It isn't just the television optics, it's as much the in-house fan experience as well. It's just too hard to create any sort of fan experinece when you're scattering those in attendance over too large of a footprint. Maybe I'm being optimistic but I'm not troubled too much by what I think we're going to experience in Winnipeg. IGF is a decent park for footie and has been compartmentized quite well for Valour's use. Given the way CPL has been marketed (or rather not) an average draw of 5K-6K is going to play out just fine. And those numbers aren't being stacked with youth club purchases. By that I'm meaning a more mature fan base which is more financially invested, which is of course important. One nice thing about having "elbow room" is that as things get on people will know where they want to, and be able to, gravitate towards. Doesn't matter where your alloted seats are supporters will gather around whatever section the supports lay claim to while youth fans will gather around whatever sections the youth fans claim. I'm sure that's something that happens at every venue which offers that opportunity and that is, perhaps, one of the advantages of having an oversized venue.
  2. Cheeta

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Really want some serious trials before launching so yeah, seem to be cutting things a little close. Sure it will all be fine but easy to understand why you'd want to work out as many bugs as possible before hand and there is no substitute for a real life 3D model to work with. Can't help but recall they had to send in the tradesmen to tighten all the fasteners at BMO Field after a couple of matchs
  3. I can't eat at McDonalds once for under $9. I spend more than that at Tim's each week on my morning commute and I bought a year of DAZN content for $120. I think Celtic TV costs me $240 Canadian, but that's a pretty polished product, sooooo what is a season of CPL worth? One Soccer, if your're reading, if you can't get a $100 for a season's worth of CPL matches you're doing something wrong. Either you're providing a piss poor product or pursuing the wong customers. Just my humble opinion. Take it in context. Your's Truly Zen Cheeta.
  4. Absolutely no clue where any side is going to be this year. Until, that is, we know where any side is going to be this year. It's useless to look at what you supposedly have on paper, useless. How it all knits together. There's the magic.
  5. Cheeta

    CPL General

    If you EVER threaten a Valour player again....
  6. ^ I believe that the data (and it's dah-tah by the way, not day-tah) provided is inaccurate. I know for a fact everyone I'm aware of strictly adheres to Winnipeg's 4 basic food groups. Bacon, beans, whisky & lard. It's quite easy to actually so long as you remember 2 servings of slurpees can be substitued for one surving of lard and every serving of tobacco is equal to a serving of bacon. Perogies (so long as they're fried not just boiled) can be substitued for 1/4 portion of any of the above. Fruits? Vegetables? Phehhhh. Garnish for a ceasar. Maybe.
  7. And to be fair, there are always going to be image issues in these oversized venues. Maybe not as bad as that particular snap, but they're be unflattering pics from every ground that is shared with a bigger partner.
  8. Pitch looks all right. (If you can't say something nice...)
  9. One or two boss headers there.
  10. Cheeta

    CPL General

    No, I don't think so. Not in this context. Question raised, as it seemed to me by KW519, was whether Clanahan and his comments were qualified , disqualified, or should be viewed in the context of his personal experience or lack thereof, as a professional player, As to whether his views of certain matters where informed, or as importantly, realistic, based upon that. I, in my response, am suggesting that professional playing experience doesn't necesarrily really matter. And am using for my argument the greatest coach in the history of the NHL, who seems to have been able to figure it all out over a period spanning 30+ years during 3 very different and distictive styles of play in North American hockey. All that while having not 1 second of pro hockey playing time under his belt. . And Bowman isn't the exception proving the rule. He's just one of many across many sporting fields. But to be clear I'm not suggesting Clanahan is some footballing idiot savant. Sure, he might be talking shit. I'm just suggesting that suggesting his opinnions should have less merit because he never played professional football is sorta lazy.
  11. Cheeta

    CPL General

    RANT ALERT. If you want to go about ruining 89 minutes of spectacular, awe inspiring football, the sort of physical, technical and tactical contest that converts the non believers into footie fans then there is no better way to undo the efforts of 21 players and 3 officials then rewarding one royal twat for being a royal twat. You want to call that "immature" you go right the fu'k ahead. Load of crap. I'm going to call it common sense. I have to ask what year some of the people on here are living in? 1976? 1986? For fu'ks sake, someone, anyone, bring to me a rule change over the last 25 years which wasn't targeted at the time wasters and the divers and all the other fuk-nuts who continue to offend this sport that is God's Gift to human kind. And why that is? It isn't because collectively we think it's the thugs who are ruining football. Oh no, we got them sorted out a loooong time ago. Nah, nah, nah. It's those other twats we really need to be worried about. So here's to those players who, in 2019, go about the business of playing in the Canadian Style. Not being a-feared to sell a foul to the ref but also not being ashamed to carry on throught the physical challenges of this sport when the easist answer is to cry and moan and go on about how they were hard done by. To play for their team mates and their fans and not to the ref. THAT, is too big of a part of what makes this The Beautiful Game, to dismiss. Thanks for reading. Cheers.
  12. Cheeta

    CPL General

    Scottie Bowman. 9 Stanley Cup rings, with three different teams, over 3 decades. NINE. Exactly 0 NHL games as a player. Allow me to bold that. ZERO.
  13. Point of fact THAT is actually an edited tweet. Original read... EEEWWWW...💩 That's literally what USL does. Someone is a dumb ass crack-head, DAH-WAYNE. Actually kind of like where this is going. Turn of phrase sort of thing. "Don't do a USL."
  14. Very early days yet, how MediaPro handles match commentary in the future may be very different than what we'll see at the launch. Using existing infrastructure doesn't mean there isn't a program (which is quite different) continuing to develop out-of-sight. Increasing Canada's media pool with this league was/is a hopeful benefit. Same as coaching and officiating quality & quantity. Nowhere near the top of the priority latter though.
  15. Nope. Some outerwear, all very sharp and selling well but no kits. Clerk told us we'll be getting an email letting us know when we can get our shirts (next week maybe) and then they'll be made available to the public afterwards. Assuming we're going to have to go to the Bomber Store? Don't know.
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