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  1. Cheeta

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I'd make the argument that OSEG and Co. were being willfully blind to what was coming from CONCACAF but it would be a bit harsh to burn 2019 because of that. A one time exception isn't going to do no great harm in the big scheme of things. Don't know what the plan is for 2020 but it's pretty clear now where they won't be playing. No more surprises there.
  2. Cheeta

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Great fun. Things being what they are we are of course viewing this in our current context but this decision by CONCACAF has way, way, more to do with killing something else before it breeds than being the bad cop for the CPL/CSA. That's the way it feels to me anyway. CONCACAF is trying to kill a Pan Central American club league before it gets off the ground or maybe something even bigger, don't know. But this policy is about 1% about USL teams competing in Canada. Ottawa is just collateral damage. And again, from the aspect of USL's dead-end future in Canada the good folks around the Fury get to have their 2 minutes hate and then need to look around and get on with things, or not. Because none of this is happening in a vacuum. There is going to be a CPL team in Ottawa. It'll be the Fury or someone else.
  3. Cheeta

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Yeah, you reach a certain point where one party believes the status quo is the better answer for them and the other party believes endless negotiations maintaining that status quo serves no useful purpose for them. That's when good old competitive capitalism gets to show its teeth and we find out who was right
  4. Cheeta

    Ottawa CPL Club

    LOL. Ottawa should just accept the inevitable, do what they need to do to get into the CPL for next season and BRING THE FURY!!! You want a piece of this!? You want a piece of this!? You've bitten off more than you can chew CPL!! BOOM!!!
  5. Cheeta

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Shrug. Anyone remember when the rumors started about CONCACAF becoming concerned about cross border leagues and the hostility towards the concept? Have it in my head that it was really early in the year. Late spring maybe? So, Ottawa went through negotiations with CPL and signings and bet on USL being there best option going forward. Sound right? Hope the didn't buy a shit pile of Bitcoins earlier this spring either.
  6. Cheeta

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Talk of a Super League has been going on for decades. Decades. You'll grow older and older waiting for it to happen. No one is stopping all the money in the world from putting together a super league in Europe. No one. Go ahead, knock yourself out, spend your money any way you want. Just keep in mind when you're out looking for the skilled labour to build your sports entertainment enterprise around that the Big Dog in the market, FIFA, isn't inclined to, and is within it's rights to, not allowing players/coaches/officials who participating in non sanctioned ventures from participating in sanctioned FIFA ventures, like the EUROs and the World Cup. Otherwise we'd have seen that super league 20+ years ago, yet here we are, still waiting.
  7. Cheeta

    Ottawa CPL Club

  8. Cheeta

    Ottawa CPL Club

    1st Part, agreed. Completely. 2nd Part, disagree. Completely. I read opportunity. A big-fat-opportunity. See 1st Part for explanation regarding the removal of an obstruction from CanPL into the Ottawa Vale.
  9. Cheeta

    CPL TV Contract

    I'm not. Simply because we've reached that tipping point where streaming/internet on-demand viewing is going to do what cable television did to broadcast television. There is a bit of transitional curve but before you know it the two are going to exist side by each as if they always did. Who know's, maybe you'll be steaming DAZN in high def through your cable package this time in 2020? DAZN has the right idea though. The highly fragmented footie communities in North America have always been willing to pay to be able to watch their particular leagues. If I have one concern it's that DAZN is going all Sentanta on us. Grand ideas, big investments, rapid bankruptcy.
  10. Cheeta

    CPL TV Contract

    Sweet. I'm in.
  11. Cheeta

    We've lost Jarrek! :(

    Travel well, brother.
  12. Cheeta

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    And there's the rub. Right player in the right mix of players (or system) can make themselves into so much of a difference. But when the options for that player to enjoy their ideal environment are sorely limited, well you end up loosing that players potential. As well as, I guess, the flexibility of using that's players skill set within something like say your national team program also gets lost. Not saying that's the case here, just saying that a place like the CanPL could be perfect for seeing exactly what really is out there. What do we got? What looks like it can be blended together for maximum collective effect. Maybe we won't find as many diamonds in the rough as we'd like but you know what? Emeralds are precious too.
  13. Cheeta

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    Nah, half the fun is the mouthing of opinions. Everybody weighs their PoY based on their own formulas. By that I mean club play vs internationals, not to mention the strategic voting which happens every year as the race begins to show its trends along with of course our own personal biases. Keep it all together for maximum effect. Nope. In my humble opinion we don't need separate topics for voting and for discussing the vote. What we really need is a looong stretch of counter top, a good rack or 8 or 10 beer taps strategically placed and some back ground music. The back ground music being necessary to provide a polite excuse for all the shouting we would/should be doing at each other. So bottoms up. Here's to all the monkeys who think Borjan, who has had to do exactly the square root of sweet fu'k all during his international appearances in 2018, should be our Canadian International Player of the Year. Aaaand... duck!
  14. Cheeta

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    We all knew the rosters were going to be shallow with the quality drop off pretty steep towards the stern but no way, no how, any league pretending to be anything near professional would have a 20 man roster. Maybe the league will mandate each team carry X number of "development/youth players" to fill out something of a 2-tier roster. 20 man roster + 4 development players? Give the kids at worst a chance to a least train with the big boys (on the cheap of course) while keeping a positive optic about the practice and a reasonable player roster. Gawd, I can't wait until this all gets fleshed out and we can stop speculating and get down to bitching about facts.
  15. Cheeta

    The Importance of Jr. Hoilett

    One of the funnest matches I've ever watched. A 90 yard gallop, 5 minutes into added time, to score the winner in front of the travelling fans at Upton Park. Not the sharpest goal but on the whole one of the most memorable. Should mention also one of the best performances by a player that I've ever seen in Dimitar Berbatov that day. Wonderful match.