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  1. Cheeta

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Yeah, have to say when I think of Victoria nautical images don't exactly leap to mind. Not at all. Halifax? Whole different story. Maybe the peoples in the Victoria region view things differently. Don't know. But I'd stick to growing things. Rain forests and flower gardens, that's the 1st thing I'd say I think of if you'd ask me what's the 1st thing I think of if you mentioned Victoria. The city on Vancouver Island, not any person. That and Old People. Lots of pensioners. Hey, if the teams are putting mascots out there maybe they could get some coin together and buy a license to have Statler & Waldorf as the touchline entertainment. That would be fun but I don't think Disney licenses come cheap. Of course those are just the opinions that developed from my little urban island out on the edge of the Flatlands. As you were.
  2. Cheeta

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    If the vast majority of home fixtures will be Friday/Saturday, and I hope they will, you can expect that will be echoed elsewhere in the league as well. The reason I mention this is because I firmly believe this league, like the CFL, needs to try to own certain days of the week. Build a tradition around it. I also firmly believe that as much as possible the league needs to try to keep teams alternating between hosting and travelling. Catching a home match every other week is a very different thing from getting in a couple of games over 5 days. Gives the home support a bit of a break as it were. Again, know this is not entirely possible, but it should be in important consideration. Hmmm. Hamilton may be back on again...
  3. Cheeta

    CPL inaugural match - #1 attended match for 2019?

    Didn't help any...🙁
  4. Cheeta

    CPL Season Schedule

    ^ Now, now. I remember more than once kicking it about 1st week of April. In long sleeves and toques. On hard, brown, grass. Feeling the temperature drop like the a stone along with the sun. And in truth IGF is a very sheltered venue. Things they could have done better but overall a good design for harsher weather. However, also think you have a 10x easier job getting people out when the weather is being pissy, in October, after a fine Winnipeg summer than you would have getting people to come in April, after a typical Winnipeg winter. Generally speaking they're just not in the mood. Not at all. When's that damned schedule coming out?
  5. Cheeta

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    ^ Booooooo!!!!! GET OFF THE STAGE YOU BUM!
  6. Cheeta

    League Trophy

    Have to have a bit of silverware at the end of it all don't you? Otherwise, why would they build trophy cases? So, physically, what then? A cup, a chalice, a shield, a plate, a tankard? Maybe something less traditional? The players will get their medals of course but what does the club get to hold on to as long as the can merit it? And in the long held tradition of these sorts of things who would you like to see donate the thing and thus buy there way into footballing immortality? A corporate entity seems most likely but how about a prominent citizen or government institution? Maybe name it in honour of some worthy Canadian, alive or dead. Myself? Don't know. Just asking as things are getting on but then a-gin what's the rush? Might be some fun in a bit of fan participation around the whole question as the season gets on. Could have a reveal party towards season's end and so on, so forth. You know, should they go that route the CPL shouldn't be afraid to ham it up a bit.
  7. Cheeta

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    Actually kinda liking this scheme. An international carrot, even if it's going to be against clubs 97% of CPL fans/supporters have never heard of does still have a healthy bit of sexiness about it. The knock out format, like the V's Cup, won't add a bunch of fixtures to anybodies calendar unless of course they earn it. Everybody loves knock out competitions and everybody loves a good underdog story. If any CPL team goes anywhere in this tourney it's going to be a good underdog story. No doubt about it. Of course the Devil is in the details though. I mean how else can you fairly contest for a CPL "champion" to enter the tourney without a balanced 1st half schedule? And if we have to have a apertura/clausura league schedule to get this then I vote nay. Yuck. Figure something else out. If some one from CPL HQ needs to they can call me. We'll tilt a few glasses and see if we can't figure something else out. PIty both the the V's Cup and CONCACAF League will both be awarded so early into the league's season. Would be better if we can close out the footballing season with as much of a flourish as possible.
  8. Cheeta

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    I've been surprised by how many people that I know have been asking me about the team and up coming season. Non-footie fans, just people who know about my interest in the sport. Honestly didn't think word was getting around but obviously there is some chatter happening out there. But I have to agree. As Fury mentioned, a very deafening silence. Not sure what the marketing is waiting on, or what advantage they imagine will be achieved by delaying things but the opportunities are out there to be had.
  9. Cheeta

    Jonathan David

    😏 Have to give you that one.
  10. Cheeta

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    ^ Echo that. It's a good fit for all concerned. Say of it what you will but I'm quite sure the training field exposure a third 'keeper will receive on any CPL team will be far superior to anything they'd otherwise experience elsewhere. May serve them in very good stead should they continue in their footballing career. Hell, may even encourage them to give a footballing career a go. You never know. Keepers are funny.
  11. Cheeta

    CPL TV Contract

    Yeah. Don't get too into the public marketing until you've got something a little more finished to offer. One chance to make that 1st impression sort of thing. But it's getting on. The league is fighting a lot of competition for people's discretionary dollars.
  12. Cheeta

    Jonathan David

    Very nice. Sitting off, offering an angle and then just a wee bit of a ghost in at the end. Unselfish in the lead up, creating space for the greater good and getting the favour back with interest in the end. Yeah, nice. Definitively showing some awareness.
  13. Cheeta

    CanPL Opening Game - Group Tickets and Post Game Party

    Sorta sounding like Valour will have a by that weekend. So...a big fat maybe. Need to work on the Wee Elf a bit. Stay tuned. But Good Lord, aren't Forge going to have a Beer Garden or something at the stadium? Early start or no? If they do seems like a logistical solution.
  14. Cheeta

    CPL TV Contract

    I think you're right and wrong. They can't go wrong being on TSN. If they'll have you, they'll invest in you, and all and all just make a more than honest effort to see things onto success. I'm not saying they're going to go nuts trying to make a silk purse from a pig's ear, but they'll give things a real go and that can go a long way in to winning over the casuals into becoming the not so casuals. They'll make it easier to become a real fan. But Joe Average can bugger off. Would be happy to have him on board but he isn't necessary for the success of this league. You either get footie or you don't. I'm too old to continue wishing Joe Average will see the light and I think the CPL Big Heads get that as well.
  15. Cheeta

    CPL General

    As has been mentioned, as much as we want to criticize some of the blurry bits around today's major announcements, and the absence of some anticipated details regarding others, in the end it all boils down to one simple fact. The world's largest automotive manufacturer has made a corporate decision to attach their brand to the CPL. Fu'k me.