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  1. mpg_29

    CPL General

    Interesting..apparently Canada Soccer stepped in and prevented FC Edmonton vs Whitecaps U-23 pre-season games.
  2. mpg_29

    General MLS Talk 2019

    Live updates for a match should be in a match thread imo. Though I notice that there are never match threads on here for anything but national team games..
  3. mpg_29

    CPL General

    I think the league "investing" in reporters/news outlet has been a smart move. That being said I'm not sure sure I'd call the website "slick"....it's pretty basic in it's current form.
  4. mpg_29

    TFC 2019 Season

    Ciman and Delgado were...not good imo
  5. mpg_29

    2019 Attendance

    If you look at the ticketmaster maps for teams like Cavalry and Valour. Those premium center field seats are showing some decent resistance to selling. They might go for the season opener but I expect those sections to be fairly empty throughout the season unless they adjust prices.
  6. I'd prefer it if they limited it to 1 expansion team per year. That's still a heavy growth rate for any league.
  7. huh...this starts June 15th? Seems earlier than it normally is..
  8. There's definitely a bit less incentive for more casual fans but if you are fan of a specific club and want to watch all of their games...you have no choice but to get OneSoccer. Also if you are an international viewer OneSoccer is probably still your only option for the foreseeable future.
  9. I'd have to imagine the whole point of a simulcast deal like this is for getting games on TV. Otherwise why even bother with CBC and not just go straight to youtube? The only games that are a part of this that I could see not being on TV are the Canadian Championship matches which are mid-week.
  10. 20 games would be roughly one game a week. I would imagine they'll get select matches that fall on Saturdays/Sundays.
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