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  1. mpg_29

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Hutchinson to retire from Canada’s national team after Gold Cup: https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/hutchinson-ill-retire-canadas-national-team-gold-cup/
  2. mpg_29

    CPL new teams speculation

    I thought that there might be a possibility that Vancouver and Montreal would end up leaving MLS some day due to the economics. I don't think Toronto FC will ever leave. The only thing I figure is that unlike american sports.... soccer is still easier to sell in Vancouver and Montreal than a lot of American cities...particularly the heartland. There isn't 30 cities in the US that can outsell Vancouver and Montreal in terms of soccer. Therefore I think they will have an advantage in that way. Though some fun thoughts...the franchise fee alone from selling in MLS would probably cover your operating costs in CPL for 30 years ...
  3. mpg_29

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    There's also an NBLC team in Halifax. It could indeed get pretty crowded.
  4. mpg_29

    CPL TV Contract

    Considering there is only going to be 3 games a week whoever buys access is likely going to want complete exclusivity to make it even worth it. The only way I see a "game of the week" happening is if CPL doesn't sell the rights at all and just lets CBC/local TV simulcast a game of their own streaming service.
  5. mpg_29

    CPL TV Contract

    I mean I guess if they could offer the complete worldwide rights(Canadian + International) it would make it more attractive/valuable to some service like DAZN. They might not mind paying some money to have some extra content for their service worldwide. And it might recoup some of the costs for producing the live games. However the problem with this strategy is that the German or Japanese person that might watch it on DAZN isn't going to end up in the stands like a person from Winnipeg watching it on Sportsnet might...
  6. mpg_29

    CPL Season Schedule

  7. mpg_29

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Actually looks pretty good
  8. mpg_29

    CPL General

    The phrase "north of $1 Million" from Clanachan sort of reminds of "under $1 Million" from Shillington in that it is probably within a close range (ie 250K) of stated amount. It's possible we have something like ~750K player cap and ~500K for coaching, etc. That would be ~1.25M in total ie "north of $1 M" for all player + soccer operations(Clanachan) and "under $1M" for player salaries (Shillington). I just wonder travel is included in "soccer operations" or not.
  9. mpg_29

    CPL new teams speculation

    Yeah well I mean I read that statement as two separate things: 1. The league is trying to add an 8th team 2. We have some announcments over the next couple of weeks.
  10. mpg_29

    CPL new teams speculation

    If the league starts in late April/early May there isn't much of a window left for building. I'm not even sure how teams like Victoria are doing it. Though Victoria probably isn't as affected by winter construction season as most other places in Canada... Which is why I think any team that joins for 2019 at this point would need to have access to something that already exists or requires very little work...
  11. mpg_29

    CPL new teams speculation

    Really curious as to what city could join at this point to be ready in time. I'd have to think having access to a stadium would be no.1 criteria at this point.
  12. mpg_29

    Ottawa CPL Club

    There might have been a small window at one point but that rapidly closed...
  13. mpg_29

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Garber has pretty much said there are no more MLS franchisees coming to Canada.
  14. mpg_29

    CPL General

    Ottawa not joining probably alters what the salary cap will be again some. All those potential markets they are talking to as an 8th team would probably want a lower salary cap as they are smaller markets (significantly smaller in some cases). This is probably why we haven't heard a specific number yet as it's probably an ongoing negotiation and we likely won't until hear anything until the inaugural teams have been 100% finalized. At the same time. I had thought that an odd number of teams wouldn't be a problem because of a single table format. But it will be a problem with scheduling as you'd have to have a team sit out each week no?.... So they kinda need an 8th team don't they?
  15. mpg_29

    about those open tryouts......

    So 2 players while netting $200,000. Probably the best business model the CPL will ever have....JOKING.