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  1. Browne deal is done: https://www.tsn.ca/impact-acquire-panama-international-browne-1.1291493
  2. Our two minutes are up. Announce some pre Gold Cup friendlies already!
  3. Yes, to clarify what I was saying was that if Bono had played against Seattle he might have saved the third goal because it's the type of save (within his arm's reach) that he has made in the past. He's got great shot-stopping reflexes but mentally has made some bone-head plays (like on the first goal conceded against Chicago) so I can understand why they gave Westberg a chance.
  4. I suspect Laryea didn't play against Seattle because being on the road against a team with arguably the best left back in the league (and one of the quickest), it may have been a tall order to expect a guy who has only played one pro game at right back in his life to be able to shut down the attack from that wing (ie. not the best game to start blooding in a player at a new position). Hence Vanney went with the 3-5-2, although he abandoned that at at half time when he saw that his nephew's timing was off the whole of the first half. If Auro is still not back next week when TFC are at home we might see Laryea start again. While people are trashing Ciman in this thread (and understandably so in some cases), Mavinga and Moor have also had mistakes leading to multiple goals against so far this year. Moor at least hasn't had a problem reading the play or diving in to make challenges he can't win. Mavinga was one of two players out to lunch on (what turned out to be) the winning goal by Seattle yesterday (the other was Bradley who didn't track Roldan's run, but Mavinga didn't move to cover the space either - you'd like to think Moor would have read the play). It's a concern overall for TFC, who despite having played 2 fewer games than most other teams in the East have scored the most goals, but continue to leak in too many to have any championship aspirations. Laryea can hopefully help out in this regard if he can learn quickly, but I think right back right now and left back are not the concerns - it's in the middle (and in goal if Bono doesn't stop making bonehead gaffes per game - he might have saved the 3rd goal mind you as he is a good shot stopper).
  5. Gian-Luca

    TFC 2019 Season

    Didn't understand Vanney's 2nd & 3rd subs in this match. Down a goal so we take off Osorio for Ashtone Morgan? Not sure if he was supposed to play behind Morrow, in front of him, next to him or what. And that's the 2nd game in a row where, needing a goal, we brought on Akinola for more offensive who was completely ineffective as a sub. I should hope given that Hamilton has 2 goals in 3 games this year that he gets the next chance to come off the bench instead of Akinola, though he wasn't even dressed for this one. Of the players who were dressed, in a game like that where it's pretty predictable that we'll be sending balls into the box from deep, why wouldn't you go with Boyd as the aerial threat? If you aren't going to play him in situations like this, I'm not sure what he's doing on the team, you might as well bring Ricketts back.
  6. Even if that did accidentally hit the upper arm, when it is a “ball to hand” kind of an incident I would like to see far more space between the player striking the ball and the player getting hit by the ball in order to call that a PK. Henry is about an inch behind the player and has no time to react after the ball is struck.
  7. I swear that the support and attendance in Vancouver was better for Canada in the game against French Guiana than that photo would suggest. The memory cheats!
  8. No VAR at the Gold Cup but extra-time returns and new rules are implemented: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/04/10/concacaf-tweaks-rules-gold-cup-no-var-2019-tournament
  9. https://www.tsn.ca/canada-to-face-mexico-martinique-and-cuba-at-this-summer-s-gold-cup-1.1288549 Includes some comments from Herdman and Osorio
  10. Seems likely he will get the start again at RB: https://www.tsn.ca/tfc-d-moor-unlikely-to-play-saturday-1.1288437
  11. I don't mind the draw in terms of the teams - we've been craving the opportunity to test ourselves against good teams so now we have matches scheduled against Mexico and the US before WCQ begins. I just hate the locations they are playing at? Pasadena, Denver and Charlotte, then if we advance back to Houston? That would cost a fortune to try to follow the team around to support them in person.
  12. About 5 players from TFC could be blamed for that 2nd goal not just him. Laryea’s mis control turning possession over was really the only mistake he made on the day (many of his teammates made many more on the day) it was an otherwise impressive and encouraging debut for his first ever pro or even college game at right back. I agree with Obinna that he seems to have more speed than Auro does though I expect Auro will regain his spot when healthy again, the right back depth for club and country looks more promising
  13. Edwards is out 4 to 6 weeks with a knee injury: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/04/04/chicago-fires-raheem-edwards-knee-miss-4-6-weeks Would also rule him out of any friendlies we are playing in April to mid-May......except that we don't appear to be playing any friendlies anyway
  14. Gian-Luca

    General MLS Talk 2019

    Kansas City says "Thank you very much Chicago" and strengthens their roster by picking up Hasler : https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/04/02/sporting-kansas-city-sign-nicolas-hasler
  15. Estaquio is reportedly a more defensive midfielder and won't be available until Atiba retires (ie. after the Gold Cup) - of the three players that you've mentioned there, I think it would be Teibert who would be under the most "threat" (of not even making a national team roster) from adding in Estaquio into the mix as the other two are much more in the way of offensive midfielders than Tiebert is as their respective MLS stats bear out. The other factor for Teibert in the short term is the potential re-emergence of Will Johnson into the squad as he also provides a lot of hustle in the midfield as a defensive midfielder but with a bit more steel and Herdman might want another vet into the mix once Atiba is gone. All that said, I would expect Teibert to make the Gold Cup squad of 23 unless he is injured at the time.
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