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  1. Gian-Luca

    TFC 2019 Season

    There's one rumour I've heard that he took a swing (but missed) at Vanney, while another rumour was something along the lines of Van Der Wiel telling Vanney that he shouldn't care whether he (VDW) tries hard or not because Vanney will be fired before the end of the year anyway. A third rumour, that I'm just inventing now on the spot, is that Vanney took Herdman's recommendation to write a letter to everyone on the team before the season began, but missed sending one to Van Der Wiel. Compounding this was that Zavaleta ended up getting two letters from Vanney, one which said "Dear Erik" and the other which said "Dear Nephew", which Van Der Wiel found out about and took even greater exception to, which led to the altercation in question. On a more serious note, when I re-watched all of TFC's Champions League matches from a year ago recently, I was reminded again of the shootout where Bradley, Giovinco, Delgado, Auro and all the Canucks (Osorio, Chapman, Hamilton & Morgan) are arm in arm showing the traditional team spirit and unity that teams do during shoot-outs while Aketxe and Van Der Wiel are standing separately on their own. Everyone commented on the Aketxe part of that strange-looking scene (and he didn't last much longer) but nobody that I recall picked up on Van Der Wiel also standing aloof and on his own to the side. Vanney said that he was a distraction in the locker room last season and I wonder if that was an early sign that we all didn't pick up on.....
  2. Pier Luigi Collina isn't officiating the match? I want my money back. Paul Stalteri isn't going to be on the bench throwing water-bottles at the Ref? I want my money back. No chance of Garret Kusch charging on the field to tackle one of these dumb-ass fans who bought a ticket for the supporters section and then wants to cancel because their support is contingent upon one player being healthy? I want my money back.
  3. I can't believe it's as high at 8 tickets, given that they are going through you for what presumably was a "supporters" section. Totally ridiculous. I can understand someone on the fence about going deciding not to buy tickets after all, but cancelling their tickets because of one player not being able to make it? I don't blame you for being pissed.
  4. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/davies-miss-canada-game-french-guiana-injury/
  5. Or Montreal, Ottawa or even St John’s. I bet it is someone at Bayern realizing where in Canada the game would be played and saying to themselves “12 hour flight for a what-league qualifier? Nein!!”
  6. My guess is that Herdman probably feels that between Millar, Tabla, Hoilett and David we've got the attacking wing options in a 4-3-3 covered already, but there is less cover for the left back position and he may feel that Miller provides more in that vein than Edwards would. I don't think it's an issue between Edwards vs. Fraser, I think Fraser & Chapman are there to replace Airfield & Johnson, respectively (although chances are, neither are going to play or at least start with Osorio, Piette, Hutchinson & MAK ahead of them as midfield options - one of those four might not even start). I would like to see Raheem called to the team mind you and brought back into the fold in all of these non-existent friendlies that every other respectable Concacaf nation except us is apparently playing, but bringing Kamal Miller into the fold isn't a bad thing either.
  7. This suggested that they were going to play Davies at left back given that they have brought in a left-sided defender as his replacement (with Chapman and Fraser as the replacement for Arfield & Johnson).
  8. Of all the players in the CPL, I believe Petrasso has the distinction of being the only one to have been cuffed in the back of head by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Heady company indeed!
  9. I guess this debate you guys are referring to has been deleted by the mods? Or are you all referring to one poster (Brennan Fan) giving his opinion on the matter and then calling that a "debate"?
  10. To be clear, Chapman only had his hand on his heart for the Canadian anthem, not the US. Just like Jason De Vos used to do repeatedly back in the day.
  11. Gian-Luca

    TFC 2019 Season

    Both Altidore and Bradley mention post-game that they have been very tough on Akinola and Hamilton: https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2019/03/17/be-able-come-and-score-winner-great-feeling-jozy-altidore?autoplay=true https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2019/03/17/its-been-long-time-weve-come-behind-win-game-michael-bradley?autoplay=true Meanwhile Jordan Hamilton talks about how well dressed he was* in this interview for his birthday: https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2019/03/17/safe-say-its-probably-there-one-my-best-birthdays-jordan-hamilton?autoplay=true *This is in fact a joke on my part, but he does look snazzy
  12. Technically yes......although he could have pulled a Jay Chapman (who did have his hand on his heart during the Canadian anthem last night) and kept it on for both. In any event, its a small thing an indicator that he feels patriotic about the US and my guess is we get him only if the Americans ending up not wanting him (or if Herdman gives him his own private TedTalk )
  13. During the national anthems he had his hand on his heart during the US anthem but not the Canadian one, making me think he isn't switching anytime soon
  14. Gian-Luca

    TFC 2019 Season

    Chapman, Osorio and Hamilton to start, Morgan and Fraser on the bench. Fraser is the only midfielder on the bench in fact, Delgado must be injured as he isn’t dressed. Ciman starts on the bench as well, so does Boyd and Altidore who still isn’t fit to start
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