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  1. Count me in towards the costs.
  2. This is truly a sad sad news. It's ironic to feel so much sadness for someone you never met, but I worked virtually with Jarrek for a number of years as we took Voyageurs V2.0 and turned it into Voyageurs V3.0. He spent countless hours to re-build the voyageurs 2nd website and spent a lot of time with the setup of the new site and new forum and the logos. In those early days, when nobody really believes in you and you are more likely to be laughed at rather than taken seriously and when soccer in Canada was still struggling at club level , it was a measure of Jarrek's character, when he willingly volunteered so much time and skills to something he was passionate about. It was a pleasure to work with Jarrek and he will be sadly missed. Rest in peace Jarrek
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