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  1. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    The Champions (YouTube series)

    I was just coming to post this series. Very good humour.
  2. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Wow. I guess people are against the idea. I knew people wouldn’t like the idea, but honestly it would be fun to have him here. We dont have to be so darn serious about “our image” that we complain about having the fastest man on earth play for a team. I dont know about the costs of a contract, but he seems pretty keen to play pro soccer so he can’t be extremely unreasonable. As for the alligators, it would make it more interesting. I’m not saying to pay him millions, i just think it would be fun. Bolt seems to be around the level of players needed for our league. It isn’t like Bolt has never played soccer before in his life... The guy is not terrible.
  3. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    I agree. But remember, If the Costa Rica goal keeper wouldn’t have dropped the ball (literally) twice. We would have only had 1 goal. I agree that Mathewson was poor. I also think our wingers weren’t great. Fleming was our best player on the night I think. But she really has the talent to dominate a team like Costa Rica, and she didn’t. Part of that was down to the rough play of Costa Rica though.
  4. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Just saying. If Usain Bolt was in town, I dont think a single person would argue that the casual fan wouldn’t be more interested. Maybe us soccer snobs dont really care, because he really isn’t all that great at soccer. But the casuals would love it.
  5. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Milan Borjan

    Like Borjan could have actually controlled the game by letting in goals and stopping goals... all the goals were unstoppable. Basically, whatever was stoppable, he stopped.
  6. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I know its probably off topic a bit. But how about Usain Bolt getting 2 goals in his first A-league start? The guy would be perfect for a CPL team. Household name, but a lot cheaper than a seasoned pro I am sure. Of course, i highly doubt he would ever come to the CPL. Just thought about how much media attention he would bring the league.
  7. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CONCACAF WCQ -Texas Tournament - Oct 4th-17th

    If I am being honest, it was a pretty poor performance that could have nearly resulted in a draw... to many giveaways by our defenders and d-mids. Poor penetration in the final third. I would prefer them to play Fleming much closer to the goal like she was later in the game. Without her all of our attacks come from the wings.
  8. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    What is our CB depth

    You can certainly teach split-second decision making. You do it in specific simulations. It is easy to teach a person not to dive in. It is easy to lower the number of penalties and red cards. Henry just has to be willing and dedicated to learn and practice. Muscle memory is really important in sports. If we are being real, working next to Kendal Watson is exactly what he needs. A couple years back Watson used to have the exact same problem; red cards and penalties all the time. Hopefully Waston helps Henry.
  9. BenFisk'sBiggestFan


    I have subscribed for DAZN for a couple months now. Very good quality. I own an ipad and can watch live and recorded games easily with very few streaming problems. The only time I have low quality streaming is if the internet is the issue. I am able to put the streaming on my regular TV easily with a HDMI cable and it works very well. As for the soccer content; it is great. They have Champions League, Europa League, Laliga, Serie A, League 1, English Championship, MLS, and Carabao Cup. I can choose my favourite games from all those league’s to watch either live or recorded. However, i think my favourite feature is the Matchday highlight packs. They show highlights from every game of the week for each league. It is a good 45 min recap with a summary of the table at the end of the show. The EFL Highlight pack even gives updates on league 1 and 2. It is a great way to continually follow all the top leagues in a small amount of time. I was never able to keep track of what was going on before but now it is very easy and entertaining. As for the other content, I don’t watch the NFL, but I still find it worth it. They dont show to much but they provide some prolific tennis, darts, and snooker matches. They have some international rugby, cricket, and basketball. It is good variety. On the negative side of things... I wish they had the rights for more European hockey. They only show the KHL, I would be interested in the hockey champions league. I wish the Canadian MLS games were streamed live. It would also be nice to have some more soccer leagues like the Bundesliga, Premier League, Scottish championship or the Turkish super league. Obviously they can have every top league. But otherwise, i am impressed by their service and i hope that they pick up the CPL.
  10. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    Did anyone else catch the “playoffs included” STM benefit? That is interesting. Sounds like they will have playoffs, but not likely many teams/games or they wouldn’t include it in the season’s tickets for free. Unless of course I am misunderstanding and it is for additional cost...
  11. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Herdman new head coach

    What is tactical periodization?
  12. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CPL General

    I agree. But I don't think that should come at the expense of hiring the best manager/coach possible. Bobby is obviously a class above many other Canadian options. Hamilton is here first, so they get first dibs on the best coach. As well, Just because Bobby is with Hamilton doesn't mean that every sigma kid in the future is gonna go to Hamilton. I am sure many of them will stay in Mississauga, in fact the CPL may even make them.
  13. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CSA 2017 Financial Statements

    Part of the registration fee for Skate Canada is insurance. Which is quite a bit more expensive for on-ice sports than it would be for soccer.
  14. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Best XI

    If anything, Osorio seems to be better against better players. The more important the game or the higher quality the opponent, the better he looks.
  15. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Milan Borjan

    Was Red Star’s best player today against PSG. Let in 6 goals but Red Star was completely outplayed. They couldn’t handle the physicality or skill of PSG resulting in multiple one on ones with Borjan. He made quite a few quality stops on the Neymar/Cavani/Mbappe. He received high praise from the commentator, saying it could be double digits in goals if not for Borjan. At one point saying the game was PSG against Borjan. As a side note, there was a nice little moment near the end of the game where Borjan let out a little smile after a wonderful free kick goal by Neymar. He couldn’t help but admire the goal it seemed. He really seems to be enjoying his experience playing against the best in the world, and he doesn’t seem out of place.