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  1. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CPL new teams speculation

    Greater Victoria is split into 11 different municipalities. Victoria itself is only 90,000, but the whole of actual “Victoria” is 350,000. Add in South Island and you have well enough support for a first div team, not sure why you put them in second division in both posts. As well, I do love looking at population. But it has very little to do with the real support a team might get. I like how it narrows down the cities to their capabilities though.
  2. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    They have publicly stated that players will be under contract of the teams, not the league. I can’t remember where I saw that though. Might have been at an fc Edmonton meeting...
  3. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CPL new teams speculation

    Ya, but in other sports in North America there are salary caps and teams go up and down in the standings. People would get mad at the “cheap owners” if the weren’t winning to spend the full amount on players. We see it in the MLS all over the place, and they even have a soft cap.
  4. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CPL new teams speculation

    If pro/rel is a reality in 20 years, I could defiantly see a full 18 team league first division with regional leagues underneath it. Places like Moncton, St. John’s, Niagara falls, Sherbrooke, Surrey, and even Kelowna might be able to jump up and down from div 1 to div 2. however, I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon, and even then it is unlikely. I don’t think it is a problem for teams like Hamilton to be spending 2 mil on salaries and Kelowna to be spending 750,000. All it takes is a couple hidden gems and a team spending 750,000 could still challenge for the title. I also don’t think teams in small cities will work unless there is pro/rel because fans Would get disinterested without the thrill of avoiding relegation for the small markets. For that reason 18 teams will be a difficult number to maintain.
  5. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. They are being petty and very inconsistent, but forcing them won’t do anything at this point. It needs to be a more progressive process.
  6. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    As Jeff Paulus would say. "Wheeldon plays boring soccer." (Ok, I have never watched to foothills play)
  7. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I don't care who cast who aside. Right now, in Ottawa it looks like the CPL has cast them aside. I know we are all like " cpl is amazing". But branding of the team means a lot to a lot of people.
  8. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    You need fans to have a team. No fans, no team. If the soccer fans in Ottawa won't support a cpl team after this, then we won't get a cpl team there. As well, I Inderstand what supporting a lone team is like. I have been an FC Edmonton fan for a long time. If this had happened to Edmonton, I would be furious. Ottawa has been huge in bringing popularity back to soccer. The CPL needed front runners like Edmonton and Ottawa to launch. Then to just cast them aside right from the start? They may not see eye to eye, but both are supporting Canadian soccer.
  9. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Because now, all the fans in Ottawa hate the CPL for killing their team... Go read the twitter pages of Ottawa fans. I honestly think the CPL should step in a show their support for the Fury in this. The Fury may not be playing in the CPL, but that may be the only way they might in the future.
  10. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Ottawa CPL Club

    There is already so many leagues and teams fighting against each other in North America. It is so crappy that CONCACAF has started another fight. I have seen so many people already blame this on the CPL. Good luck getting a CPL team in Ottawa any time soon. Thanks CONCACAF.
  11. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    I expect half the CPL roster to be guys like these 4 signed by Cavalry. That doesn’t mean they will be the best players in the league, but these are the guys we need to expect. A lot of these types of players just don’t get a chance. Some of them will surprise us, and some will be glued to the bench. Just wait till the first couple seasons, at some point a bunch of people will be calling for Herdman to call up one of these “PDL” or “League 1 all star” players. Just because a guy didn’t play pro last year doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough to.
  12. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Just to keep thecrqzy trend of panicking in areas where we haven’t specifically heard news (sponsors, tv/streaming deals, salary cap, etc...). I don’t think any CPL team besides Forge and York are going to have enough players. This extremely reliable twitter account has only been tweeting rumours for York and Forge, so obviously none of the other teams have players. I am extremely worried about this.
  13. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Maxime Crépeau

    I think it will be a good fight for the starting spot. Two keepers who arguably could have been starters on their last teams. Everywhere Max goes he is going to have to fight for his spot. I think this is a great opportunity for him.
  14. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    Why does Canada still tag along US soccer?

    I don’t know... I have the US pegged to win the next World Cup. With guys like Pulisic and Mckennie they have the top talent in the world. And I haven’t even touched on the top talent in the MLS. Their veterans are great too; guys like Bradley and Acosta are standouts internationally. I think it comes down the USA’s world class developmental system.
  15. BenFisk'sBiggestFan

    CPL TV Contract

    Edmonton doesn't have permanent broadcast capabilities. In the past they have needed to bring in a mobile production studio, as well as set up lifts behind the goal to mount a camera. This is one of the big reasons for Edmonton pressuring the city to upgrade the stadium. Clarke stadium is just an ancient cement bleacher with 2 food sales areas. FC Edmonton brought in the metal stands on the opposite side, and would truck in a portable bleacher for behind the goal each game. The City of Edmonton needs to step up big time to support the team.