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  1. Zanatta with the assist for alloa's winner
  2. Glad we can put the talk to Victoria to bed
  3. More Congratulations to @AlloaAthleticFC's @dario_zanatta, who has been named @Ladbrokes Championship Player of the Month for December!
  4. A player in the Whitecaps back yard that they never had in?
  5. zanatta with an assist in Alloa first goal
  6. If you believe 750.00 per month is a contract that a player should sign to stay ?? that is below min wage
  7. the fact that the caps let zanatta go and kept Hurtado is all you have to say about the footballing decisions at the caps, one is a footballer the other not
  8. Zanatta was taken out for a pk for alloa first goal and then taken out again for alloa second goal
  9. Zanatta was takin down for a pk for alloa first goal
  10. Zanatta set up alloa's second goal also
  11. zaltan

    Victoria CPL

    While in Victoria Dante coached the Gorge men's team to the Nationals and Victoria United to the treble in the coast league his team always played attacking soccer, left to go work with BC Soccer and went up to UBC O to start up that program
  12. zaltan

    Victoria CPL

    Heard that Zanatta is also a potential coach,
  13. would have been nice to have the better 97's in Zanatta, godinho etc. to see how we mach up
  14. I'm for it also having a veteran around, but you as a club can not preach something and then go against the clubs vision
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