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  1. Kits with no sponsor logos for sale on Macron site. https://www.macron.com/int/en/sport/teams/other-teams/canadian-premier-league.html?
  2. The difference now is that TVA is a national broadcaster. Preciously you could watch all the non TSN games on MLS Live. I was able to watch all Impact games online.
  3. Which means there is no way it was useful to me anymore. It was the only way to watch all Montreal games that were not on TSN. Now they black out every MTL game.
  4. So Guatemala gets a free pass into League C after being suspended? Edit: meant League C (changed)
  5. Merci, excellent resume de l'expansion CPL!
  6. Raven

    CPL Season Schedule

    Sigh...we have a league....be happy.
  7. Raven

    CPL Season Schedule

    I'm hoping Pacific FC change the start time for the season opener from 4 to 3pm. The last ferry back to Pender on Sundays is at 7pm. I've had 12 verbal commitments from people who want to go but if the game starts at 4pm we will likely miss the ferry home.
  8. Raven

    CPL General

    Speaking of which, shouldn't Pacific FC be invited to join the Cascadia Cup? That is of course if it is still a supporters initiated competition....
  9. Major club announcement on Tuesday at 5pm. Interesting that the notice has the Secondary logo and not the primary. I really prefer the secondary logo....if I had to choose.
  10. Great article with video. Love these kind of stories https://www.theguardian.com/football/copa90/2019/jan/24/football-in-the-canadian-arctic-nunavut-film
  11. Raven

    MLS Shortening Season

    What about the international window for the Gold Cup?
  12. Raven

    CPL General

    It is Saint John....not St John....and yes it does matter.
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