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  1. CanSuffer

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

  2. CanSuffer

    Nations League - St Kitts Viewing Parties

    Next time start one. You might be surprised !!
  3. CanSuffer

    CPL General

    Valour at Forge for the inaugural game. Wpg and Ham are the original 2 founding teams when the league was officially announced. The first to commit to the league and will be the lynchpins of the league. They deserve it. NOT giving them the first game is just disrespectful.
  4. CanSuffer

    2022 World Cup Qualifier Campaign

    Yes, something like this. The Hex never made too much sense to me. Quickly eliminate all teams except 6, then have a full round robin to choose 4. Are you really sure positions 7 - 9 don't deserve a better shot at it? The only reasons for it seem to be : lots of Mex/USA games and 'Hex' sounds cool 8D
  5. CanSuffer

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Got my seasons tickets today. Club seats in section 104. Opted for the 4 payment (Nov/Jan/Mar/May) installment plan -- and still get the complimentary scarf.
  6. CanSuffer

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    Will TSN carry this game ?
  7. CanSuffer


    I wore my York 9 t-shirt this summer walking along St. Clair West in Toronto. A guy standing outside a bar having a cigarette looked up at me and said, "Nice shirt", nodding his head !!
  8. CanSuffer

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Based on prices already announced by some of the other clubs I was starting to pencil in $400 to my budget. But I can handle $500 for a club seat. I'm in.
  9. CanSuffer

    What should we do with the Voyageurs forum?

    I really appreciate this forum. I'm on this site daily. It offers a hard-core canadian-centric perspective that I don't find elsewhere. I find info and links to info, knowledgeable discussion, comments, and considered opinions that I can't get enough of. (Annoying at times to wade thru some unnecessarily personalized mean stuff. But so be it.) The dedication and hard-work of the Voyageurs and those behind this site who, quietly, tirelessly, and often thankless-ly, keep it going and work to improve it, is not lost on me. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks.
  10. CanSuffer

    about those open tryouts......

    Anybody know where/when(time) the tryouts in Toronto are? Is it open to the public to view from the stands? Don't know if I can make it, but would be curious to check it out for a short while.
  11. CanSuffer

    CPL new teams speculation

    I'm waiting for Goderich first!
  12. CanSuffer

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Me too. Was at the opening and put my membership down right away. But, like you, I haven't heard anything yet about pricing. There must have been a tweet or something somewhere that we missed but others picked up on. I'll wait until I get the first message to members from the club before I start worrying about the price might be.
  13. CanSuffer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    No, I don't know anything. But it is a fair assumption and the most likely scenario. The other scenarios are that it is officially confirmed, or officially denied, before. But I don't think many people would consider this to be "dragging on" until after October.
  14. CanSuffer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    This is not dragging on. If Ottawa is joining the CPL we won't hear anything about it until after their USL season is over.
  15. CanSuffer

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    It's about the Canadians for me too. I got interested in soccer in 86. Started following every 4 years. Then started getting interested in the MNT and the World Cup qualification campaigns. I follow TFC now too. I live in midtown Toronto and will be happy to take the subway to see Y9 in the first few years. I can already feel my allegiance switching to CPL. Can't get enough of it and what it will mean to the MNT over time. I'm expecting the season opener to be Wpg at Hamilton. I plan to be there !