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  1. Pointing out the obvious : That would not be fair if not every team has played the same number of games or even if the schedule is not balanced and teams have played different sets of opponents
  2. I'm from Toronto and so it's York 9. I'm a STH. But I have a huge soft spot for Wanderers since I have family in Halifax and travel there once or twice a year. In fact I'm in Nova Scotia now. Hope to see a game at the Wanderers grounds on one of my trips. And the groundswell of support in the city and the supporters groups I find very appealing. Which is why I like Forge too. Lived in Winnipeg for high school and university so following them with interest. Perhaps visit my sister and go to a game. Edmonton FC has some history which appeals. Calgary will be a great rival for Edmonton. Like the Pacific FC project too so far. Will be curious to see if some kind of coast-to-coast "Lighthouse" rivalry develops with Halifax. So in short I'm pumped for the whole league and maybe that's my preference order. But actually don't want any team to lose. Want them all to win all there games and succeed on and off the field. Ha!!
  3. I want to thank you for that. And a commitment to free speech is something that is maybe easy to do .. until it isn't. Like the situation we have now on this board. But that is when it is most critical. So thank you for doing it when it's hardest, but matters the most. If we ban people that disagree/annoy us then we should have the decency to change the name from "Forum" to something else. As much as I disagree and am annoyed by BBTB too, he is not the one I want to see banned. The posts that cross the line in terms of being very mean and very personal are the ones I would like to see sanctioned in some way. For example, calling someone a "cunt" is totally out of line.
  4. Yes, I was wondering that too ...
  5. CanSuffer

    CPL General

    its up now for me
  6. A minority of foreigners in a national league can be a very good thing for developing a countries' player base if those players' talent level is slightly better than the current average talent level of the league. It will help to bring the level of everyone up a notch. Take any sport and look at the top league in the world in that sport. It's not confined to one nationality. That would be ridiculous/suicide.
  7. CanSuffer

    CPL General

    Speculation, but here it goes! TFC had a lot of problems with schedule congestion last year and this is likely why the bizarre format. They probably pulled some strings to get it. The obvious and natural system (where the 10 non-MLS teams do a playoff round to get to 5 then add-in 3 MLS teams and you have an 8-team elimination tournament) would mean 2 extra games in the TFC fixture list.
  8. I don't agree with or like many of BBTB's post, but he's never called anyone a cunt.
  9. More wondering about who paid for the early days of development of the league. While they were doing everything to get ready to be able to ask for a franchise fee. Also, presumably there's a franchise fee, but what is your source that confirms this including with an amount ?
  10. I'm still wondering who's paying for the league itself. Presume it's Bob Young too, but am totally guessing. But someone had to do pay for Paul Bierne and perhaps other expenses. And I mean going back to before Paul was actually hired by the league. Since then we have a commissioner and many other staff hired, a downtown Toronto office, the #GotGame open trials etc etc. Can anyone quote some hard facts (as opposed to speculation) where the money is coming from?
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_CONCACAF_Nations_League_qualifying#Seeding
  12. CanSuffer

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    Valour at Forge for the inaugural game. Wpg and Ham are the original 2 founding teams when the league was officially announced. The first to commit to the league and will be the lynchpins of the league. They deserve it. NOT giving them the first game is just disrespectful.
  13. Yes, something like this. The Hex never made too much sense to me. Quickly eliminate all teams except 6, then have a full round robin to choose 4. Are you really sure positions 7 - 9 don't deserve a better shot at it? The only reasons for it seem to be : lots of Mex/USA games and 'Hex' sounds cool 8D
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