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  1. Did anyone watch the rugby this weekend? It looks like Pacific FC has great players but no stadium yet. I just saw highlights of the rugby. Anyone know the status?
  2. Nerf

    Ottawa CPL Club

    As a soccer fan, I enjoy watching the game at any level. I've been a Caps fan since 1978 and am not about to give that up. But I am going to be a fan of CPL too. Just like I used to be a Caps fan and EPL fan. You can enjoy both leagues. My hope is that the CPL really takes off and produces some great Canadian talent and that the MLS teams will pick them up (those not good enough to go to Europe). I think the two leagues will benefit from each other. A young Canadian player can see a clear path from CPL to MLS, and dream of EPL. Only when CPL can match MLS in talent and salary would I want to see the 3 MLS teams move to CPL. I dream that it will happen quickly, but realistically we have no idea.
  3. Slowly starting to look like a team. Just need those forwards...
  4. And it is great to see a bunch of Canadians on the team. Every year, when the Caps send out their year end survey, I always say that I'd accept a lesser team in the short term if it was full of young Canadians. I'd also like to note that in many Canadian Championship seasons, Vancouver has had the most Canadians on their roster....and some seasons they've had the least. I think it is pretty stupid to say that the Caps have been more or less friendly to Canadians than the other MLS teams.
  5. At least we are seeing some talent being signed. As with any project, you have to wait until it is finished before you can judge. I'm just happy that we can start to see some structure to it.
  6. Pacific FC is shaping up quite nicely. Looking forward to making the trip to see a match or two.
  7. As a taxpayer, I'd really like CBC to pick up a match of the week. They cover all kinds of Canadian content that doesn't necessarily appeal to the masses for the sole purpose of giving Canadians exposure. Promoting a new all-Canadian league should be right in their wheelhouse. Of course I'd also support it being on TSN. They have 5 channels, for goodness sake. I don't need to watch a CFL match on all 5 of them.
  8. This is getting quite close now. All I want to see is a non-Mexican team win. Preferably TFC, but I don't think that is going to happen.
  9. I think that we are doing a disservice to the managers when we say, essentially, we don't want MLS rejects. We want the best talent that money can buy, wherever they come from and it is up to the managers to pick the best. If the number of foreign players allowed is seven, then who cares where they come from. Foreign talent will add a dimension to the league, and Canadian players need to be exposed to all manner of play if they hope to succeed internationally. Euro leagues may have started out with national players only, but those days are long gone. It isn't that the CPL is new and should only have Canadian players. It is that the CPL is born in 2019 and should follow the lead of all world leagues.
  10. A team in Quebec will be great for the league.
  11. Nerf

    CPL General

    On a totally different subject, why haven't we seen a schedule yet for season 1??? And why haven't we seen jerseys available for sale yet??? The best way I can support this league is by giving them my money but they've given me nothing to spend my money on yet (note: I don't need another t-shirt, and I can't get season tix cause I don't live in a CPL city...yet).
  12. I definitely support the belief that at least 50% of players on the field should be Canadian. I could care less where they are born. A Canadian is a Canadian. I also know that if you want football to grow in Canada you must have foreign players. Name a good league in any sport that has no foreign players. If we want the CPL to be forever mediocre, and ensure Canadian talent never develops, then an all Canadian league is great.
  13. After the initial shock of such a messed up table, I am back to being excited that we have 13 teams in the league. More really, as Vaughan and Blainville earned the right to be in the league, so technically all the teams in their respective leagues also participate. So good for Canadian soccer and a proud year for the Voyageurs Cup.
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