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  1. Pottsy3

    Michael Petrasso

    I've never really fancied him as a fullback. Would love to see him a bit higher up the field when healthy. Ottawa wouldn't be a bad place for him to get another shot.
  2. Pottsy3

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    The one from Forge FC looks like it should be Kyle Bekker, and possibly Chris Nanco. The article suggested the duo are Sigma products. Zebie and REB seem pretty sure bets in Edmonton. Ledgerwood is an obvious one in Calgary, and I have a feeling the second guy could be Babouli. Not many people have been talking about Mo, but the video looks like it could be him and the article suggested the attacker had experience at various levels in North America. Kadin Chung on Pacific FC seems pretty obvious. Skylar Thomas definitely fits the look and description at Valour FC. Halifax is definitely the trickiest one. Originally I thought Pasher or maybe even Petrasso but Hart says that he is looking to return to Canada after stints abroad, so I can't imagine that meaning either of them. So I'm gonna guess Ben Fisk, or an off chance of Stefan Cebara.
  3. Pottsy3

    David Edgar

    I read this article earlier and was confused how Edgar was linked to a premier league team. I am now learning that Sunderland has been on a huge downfall jeez. Jozy left for Canada at the right time I guess.
  4. Pottsy3

    We can finally say Canada has surpassed the US

    This guy truly is relentless
  5. Pottsy3

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    Dang was really hoping he would be the first star to bloom in the CPL. regardless, this is great news for him!!
  6. Pottsy3

    about those open tryouts......

    Was just walking around campus (Western University) and saw someone wearing a Van Island open trials toque. Hope this is the first of lots of CanPL merch I see
  7. Forgot to post this last week but I'm officially in! Got my 2 seats in 118, and my brother grabbed an additional 3 as well! I've been really impressed by the communication between the management and co-founders so far!
  8. They also both featured in the Halifax CPL #GotGame Trials
  9. Is the commentator calling Noble Okello by the name Ayo?? Think maybe he confused Akinola and Okello? Annoying one to confuse it with
  10. https://twitter.com/CanadaSoccerEN/status/1058448457046937600
  11. At times I feel like Okello is playing the wrong position. He's strong and a decent distributer, but on the ball he seems a bit shaky. He tries to get really creative, but the technical side of his game still has some developing to do. I wonder if he would be better suited out wide on the midfield. Love seeing Baldisimo bossing that central midfield. Edit: or play him up top if he's gonna keep scoring lol
  12. Pottsy3

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Not really sure but that’s what it sounds like. They’re calling it an “International Pro Players Showcase and Training”. Claim to have other Canadians participating as well as a bunch of South Americans. if anyone can translate better than me, they’re @InterRDFC on twitter and instagram
  13. Pottsy3

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Seems like Jimmy Brennan is scouting some young pros down in the Dominican Republic rn. As I'm seeing on instagram he's down at Inter RD (a club in the Dominican premier league) to watch their international showcase event. Couple of young Canadians at the camp including Nicolas Galvis who was called to the CanMNT last year. Could be a name that we see at York 9 next year
  14. Pottsy3

    Jonathan David

    5 days earlier he was playing 6 time zones over, so I think that would be a good explanation as to why they didn't bring him off the bench in a proper competitive match this week. The reserve game is probably just to keep him fresh, wouldn't read into it too much.