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  1. Who starts at RB? Seems like Brault-Guillard is the only RB on the roster but it seems odd to toss him right into the 11. I really hope that Henry isn’t moved to the right.
  2. Now this is a roster to be excited about. These are the players I imagine being the core of our next WCQ cycle, old and new.
  3. Pottsy3

    Doneil Henry

    While I have only briefly seen him, I feel as though Legault is much better suited at right back. He's young, but doesn't seem very big or strong, and in the Toulon he seemed creative and quick going forward with the ball. He kinda looks like Fraser Aird when he was stuck back there, but with a bit better vision for 1 on 1 defending,
  4. Pottsy3

    Calgary Foothills 2018

    Oh damn, I’d assume that’s why his stint with Phoenix rising didn’t end out well either? He’s someone who I’m getting excited about going into the CanPL
  5. Pottsy3

    Calgary Foothills 2018

    And they did it without Team of the Season forward Moses Danto! does anyone know why he wasn't playing??
  6. Pottsy3

    Canada vs Dominica Tuesday October 16th 7pm in Toronto

    I was at the match and recall the low overall turnout. I was moreso specifying that I was impressed there was so much away support, let alone any away support at all. I agree though, such a small opponent wouldn't likely sell much anywhere else.
  7. Pottsy3

    Canada vs Dominica Tuesday October 16th 7pm in Toronto

    IIRC, last time Dominica got a decent amount of supporters which filled the North End of BMO. Should be a good game and a chance to see a fresh pool of players. Plus, it should help Tosaint gain ground in the scoring race 😂
  8. Pottsy3

    Canadians abroad: July 6-12, 2018

    CanPL is calling
  9. Pottsy3

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Love your list. Your version of Valour FC could have a really sweet starting 11: Babouli - Danto Messoudi - Bustos - Froese LBG ??? - James - Boskovic - Beckie Farago LB would be a tough one but maybe this team could recruit a prairie boy in Brett Levis. Anyways, just having some fun with it but this really is the type of starting 11 that would make me extremely excited to watch the CanPL.
  10. Pottsy3

    Maxime Crépeau

    No one is touching Borjan at #1, he's a step above. #2 is a little more realistic. No one is saying he doesn't deserve a spot on the national team, dude gets called all of the time
  11. Pottsy3

    Maxime Crépeau

    If Crepeau was 3rd/4th on the depth chart when not getting any playing time, I suspect he moves past Thomas and challenges Leutwiler for 2nd now that he is the only one playing games and playing very well.
  12. Pottsy3

    Alphonso Davies

    SPL is a league where Marcus Haber led a team in scoring just a year ago. Not to hate on Haber, but he would only start US Open Cup/Voyageurs Cup games with any MLS teams and is surely CanPL bound. Coming from a Celtic supporter, the competition in the SPL is simply not up to snuff for Davies.
  13. Pottsy3

    David Edgar

    I'd add Issey to that list too
  14. Pottsy3

    Harry Paton

    I think it's a good move. He was a star in the 4th tier of Scotland last year. I'm sure he'll get a chance to prove himself in the second tier with a team that will likely be promoted again soon.
  15. Pottsy3

    Toulon Tournament (2018)

    I'm surprised that the Sportsnet Article cited Jonathan David as one of the standout performers. Personally I was underwhelmed by Jonathan David. I'm sure that can be partially attributed to a lack of service in the final third, but it's hard to call him a standout performer for me. It was noticeable however when he was off the field. With Bair and Daniels up top I sometimes forgot we even had a striker.