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  1. So, you're in the 'do whatever the fuck you feel like and to hell with how it negatively affects anyone else' camp? Good for you.
  2. If you prefer to have a wank in the stadium while the match is on, which is basically what you're doing when you insist on waving your flag throughout the game, that says a lot more about you. Nobody is there to see you. They're there to see the players. Flags, banners, and scarves are great before the match, or after, if the occasion warrants, but if you're not watching the game, why the hell are you there?
  3. I guess if wanting to see the actual game I paid to watch rather than the back of some dickhead's flag in front of me makes me old, I'm happy to wear it. Ask yourself what would happen to you if you tried to wave a flag on the Kop after the match kicked off.
  4. Flags and banners should only be out pre-match. Once the game kicks off, all attention should be on the action on the pitch.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/apr/11/canadia-soccer-coaches-abuse-mishandling Getting international media attention, now.
  6. I think they'd have to pay me to listen to Brendan Rodgers spout rubbish throughout the week. I'm not sure that Lennon is any better.
  7. FFS! Is there even a private sector in Greater Victoria?
  8. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell you that.
  9. According to Crystal Palace's academy GK coach, young Owen was born in the UK, but lived in Canada from ages 8 to 12. He will be training with an England youth team next month.
  10. It's a very North American thing, having one light (usually white) and one dark shirt. There's no reason that both teams can't wear dark shirts, as long as they don't clash. Case in point, last night's Chelsea-Brighton match in the EPL... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/apr/03/chelsea-brighton-premier-league-match-report
  11. It was more than just the goal he scored on Tuesday night. In the first half, the 'Caps team was absolutely dominated by a team of men who were no better than them in terms of skill. They were bullied and out thought by a much stronger, more experienced team. The only two who really came out of the first half with much credit were the GK, Evan Ince, who made a string of big saves, and Theo Bair, who's got some amazing physical tools - size, strength, and speed - that allowed him to match up against the older defenders. In the 2nd half, Nick Dasovic moved Patrick Metcalfe from the backline into midfield, as the #6, and brought Habibullah off the bench. Those two moves changed the whole game. The 'Caps just edged the second half in the run of play and got the goal to win the match. Habibullah was the youngest and smallest player on the pitch, by a long way, yet was not intimidated in the least. He was calm on the ball, played through tight spaces in the middle of the park, and wasn't shy about tracking back and putting in a tackle, when necessary. Like I said in the other thread, for a kid who's not blessed with out-of-this-world physical tools, like Phonz, he looks like he's got an enormously high ceiling. The other fans watching the game were amazed when I told them that he was only 15. I'm looking forward to seeing how he develops over the next few years.
  12. I didn't get to speak to him at the game on Tuesday night, but from afar, he looks and acts like any other 15-year-old kid from Vancouver, albeit one with exceptional football talent.
  13. I watched a Whitecaps development team (average age, 18) play a friendly against an Isthmian League team (currently 5th in the English 6th tier) last night. Simon Colyn looked okay, but the kid who's really special is 15-year-old Kamron Habibullah. He's not big, nor is he exceptionally fast, but he's got unbelievable quality as a player.
  14. Aren't you allowed to fly directly from the USA to Cuba, yet? I thought Obama fixed many of those ridiculous rules.
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