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  1. There's another World Cup before '26, too. How about we forget about building for 2026 and focus on qualifying in 3 years?
  2. ^I haven't lived in Vancouver for about 15 years, but I have no doubt that nobody misses you.
  3. ^So, what you're saying, Mr Marx, is that you don't believe in private ownership of property?* *this is a joke, and I'm generally pretty left of centre...definitely not a Trumpian fascist. :-D
  4. Anyone that is advocating for new clubs to be gifted a 1/8, 1/10, or 1/16 ownership stake in both CanPL and CSB at no cost seriously need their heads examining. CanPL and CSB are owned by the (currently) 7 founding clubs. Let's say, hypothetically, that CanPL (the league entity) is valued at $14m and CSB is also valued at $14m. In that scenario, each of the 7 founding clubs own $4m worth of shares. If Ottawa Fury come in as team 8 in 2020, the value of each team's stake drops from $4m to $3.5m. In this scenario, the minimum amount that Ottawa Fury should be coughing up on entry is £3.5m just to pay for their ownership stake in the two companies. That's before you start factoring in the dilution of each existing member's share of the annual TV deal. It's certainly in the interests of the existing clubs to set the entry fee at a fair level that addresses the above matters of simple arithmetic, but doesn't act as too severe an impediment to the new partners' viability. I'd suggest that a $10m entry fee, with a phasing in period for the sharing of league-generated revenues, for Ottawa Fury in 2020 would be a fair deal for all involved.
  5. I think we may just to accept that, whatever we may have thought about JDG the player, JDG the man just happens to be a major dick.
  6. Tomasz Radzinski played in the last sixteen for Anderlecht, but back then, the last sixteen was played as a second group stage rather than as a straight knockout round.
  7. I grew up on the west coast and the Douglas fir is my go to conifer when I need to remind my English/Australian missus that she knows nothing of majestic trees. 😁
  8. The Tokyo metropolitan area - Kanto - has a total population which is greater than Canada's entire population, so not entirely a fair comparison. For those unfamiliar, Tokyo and Yokohama are officially the two most populous cities in Japan, with Kawasaki also in the top 10. Effectively, they are all constituent parts of a single metropolis, known to the outside world simply as Tokyo. Suffice it to say, if Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver were close enough together that traveling fans could drive (or better yet, use a super efficient commuter rail system) to away games after work for a mid-week match, attendances for all clubs would be significantly higher.
  9. Don't tell BBTB. It might devastate his world view to learn that his iron clad belief that the previously mooted number of 1000 travelling fans meant that York's ST numbers were dismal and the league was destined for semi-pro ignominy in perpetuity.
  10. But, have you accounted for the 'material escalations' as detailed in Robert's Rules for the Mentally Unstable?
  11. SthMelbRed

    League Trophy

    Yet the winner of the UEFA Champions League (the competition) is awarded the European Cup (the trophy).
  12. A very quick search online, using Skyscanner, shows that a return flight from Calgary to Toronto for a late-June weekend can be had for about $450. In 1987 dollars, that'd be a little more than $200. Is your position that a similar flight could be had in 1987 for significantly less than $200?
  13. SthMelbRed

    CPL General

    MLSE is balls deep in the CSA's ass, and the CSA is most eager to please their Daddy.
  14. Care to cite some evidence for this, pal?
  15. Looking at this in a vacuum, this absolutely looks like a steaming pile of bullshit - a ridiculous way to determine the CanPL representative. However, when you consider that 1. the leagues participation coming in 2019 had to come as a bit of a surprise even to those close to the deliberations, 2. there was no way that a full season's competition could be used to determine the legitimate CanPL entry, and 3. in the absence of the possibility of playing a full home-and-away, balanced schedule in the short timeframe available, any process of determining the representative was going to be a bit shit, I can just about swallow this stupid decision. For 2019, we'll possibly have a illegitimate representative in the secondary continental club competition. However, from 2020 onwards, we'll have the right team in the competition and this bit of nonsense will be forgotten.
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