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  1. Looks like HFX beat Edmonton in a pre-season friendly down south. http://northerntribune.ca/fc-edmonton-vs-halifax-wanderers/
  2. $20 says we have one before 2030. In?
  3. Thats around where MLS was a couple of years ago for MLS Live. More than double the league games (probably 3x). I would be surprised if CPL tries to go that large even if it is for the year. I see a one-time subscription fee. Maybe they will call them 'seasons'. Basically subscribe for this year of CPL plus all extras and CMNT games until the league kicks off next year.
  4. I'll take your word for it, and I like it!
  5. Pacific probably has the strongest offense, and Haber seems to be the centre piece. Makes sense to me!
  6. Copes

    CPL General

    I think we can all forever dedicate our less-floppy league to you!
  7. I'm expected Haber to have a really strong offensive showing this year.
  8. This is the sort of speculation I've wanted. Loving it, especially since I'm a bit far to catch a training session. I'm surprised by the number of people leaving John out of the 11. The combination of his number (5) and his experience (which has been highlighted in a number of articles about him) has honestly led me to believe hr would be a stapled on leader. Possibly Captain option. Any thoughts from people more in the know?
  9. Copes

    CPL General

    To my knowledge nothing like this has been identified. I personally am also all for it, although as long as there is a salary cap it'd be hard to use that for anything other than training or operations so it would go a lot further to make owners happy than improve player quality I think.
  10. Coming back to this, do we think the numbers give us any sense into the front-runners for starting positions? Presumably Williams is "1" and is our starting Keeper. Perhaps Schaale, Bona, Hocine and N'Sa across the back (surprised not to see Sakunda here, although numbers aren't everything). John, Guti, Simmons, Garcia (and maybe Iida?) leading the charge for the midfield spots. Ouattara is probably in the mix too, Hart seems high on him. Perea I think was always expected to be our leading forward. I think we'll be playing with a single-striker given Hart's push for defense. I tossed out 13 names there - I know we know very little, but do those sound like the front-runners for our ideal Starting XI from what we know? I would have expected Rampersad in the mix as well - but those 14 kind of make sense to me.
  11. Halifax Home takes it for me. First reaction was Pacific Home, but after seeing the finer details on the website I've changed my mind. Personal top 5: 1. Halifax Home 2. Pacific Home 3. Valour Away 4. Edmonton Home 5. Pacific Away
  12. Copes

    CPL General

    So Rollins has been told he is incorrect on the above rumour.
  13. I'm very okay with the kits. Not blown away, but not upset. I also expected the Away kit to be the primary colour of the Home kit. And admittedly I expected us to have a white Away kit with dark blue accents. So not what I was planning for. I don't think I like two shades of blue for our two kits. I certainly LIKE the kits more than white, but I feel there are a couple teams that we will clash with, or they will be forced to wear their Away kits at home when we visit. Overall though I'm okay and look forward to buying them both. I'm think Sukunda on one to commemorate our first signing, and our Captain's name on the other (whoever that is) to commemorate our first Captain. If Williams ends up wearing the armband I'll do our top scorer instead.
  14. Not wrong. Income in St. John's and income in the rest of the province is quite different. I disagree with the assertion that Newfoundlanders don't support their sports teams. IceCaps consistently had sellout crowds and were recognized by the AHL on several occasions for their consistent attendance. Edge games seemed to do well when I've been there. People drive in from Burin for Challenge Cup, to get a sense of their soccer support. Newfoundland has never had division 1 anything. I feel quite confident that if there was a D1 team in a D1 league, it would do well. Especially if it was soccer.
  15. I'm incredibly stoked for tonight. I'm seeing lots of people suggest HFX will have both a dark blue and a light blue. Those seem very similar to me. But perhaps not.
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