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  1. Copes

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Great comment, and I couldn't agree more. Neighbourhood and stadium location is not to be overlooked. It's not good enough to say that "the city has X amount of people and therefore a CPL club will succeed or fail". There is much more to a location than that. Halifax has done better than any other club, in my opinion, in getting the club neighbourhood right. The location is amazing. The ability to march to the match from nearby pubs is top notch. The demographics of people who follow soccer (seems to be a much younger demographic than say baseball or football) are all in the core of the city, with the people who will likely pay less attention (older traditional sportsfans) existing in suburbs (Hammonds Planes, etc.) Derek and the guys nailed it. I really think Halifax will be the case study for how small Canadian cities should do CPL.
  2. Copes

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    More on our coaching staff: https://canpl.ca/article/derek-king-michael-hunter-join-stephen-harts-coaching-staff-at-hfx-wanderers-fc
  3. Copes

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    This is... great for the kid? Learn under Robben for the remainder of the season and be in a very good position to get minutes next year. Wow.
  4. Copes

    CPL General

    He is very clearly making fun of you and how insufferable your posts are. Like the notion that the national team coach would bar Canadians playing in the MLS? You're delusional man. You donate a strangely uncomfortable amount of time to hating on the MLS. Anyway, MLS has its flaws but its been the most successful league in US or Canadian history in terms of growing the game here, which was the first stumbling block. When MLS burst onto the scene, soccer was an afterthought. No one cared. Now we have 70,000 watching games in Atlanta. There has been a significant increase in the past decade of players being bought from MLS teams and heading to Europe. Does it have flaws? Yes. Do I think they will correct themselves? Yes. This is my perspective as well. I really look forward to watching the CPL teams take on the 3 Canadian MLS teams in the Canadian Championship. It's in the top 5 things I'm looking forward to with the launch next year. Not because I think that the CPL teams will win, but I love a good underdog story. One of the best parts of international soccer is when a smaller team gets a chance to play one of the higher teams in domestic or continental cups. You get some great stories out of that sort of game. I can't wait!
  5. Copes

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Got my tickets all lined up. 3 Nova Scotians all living in Newfoundland are buying in 110 - didn't want to take seats in the Supporters section since we won't always be there and you guys need to be packed. I'd actually like to plan my bachelor party around a game, so I might be looking to pick up more tickets in 110 for a game in June or July if anyone wants to help a buddy out! Haha. Anyway, more importantly - we have our first signing. Big day for HFX! https://hfxwanderersfc.canpl.ca/article/hfx-wanderers-fc-announce-historic-first-player-signing Hart really is building from the back. I don't know much about Sakunda, but I look forward to digesting as much as I can over the next little while!
  6. Copes

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Have my season ticket call on Tuesday. Looking forward to it. Hopefully my buddies who are much further down the Member number list can get seats in the Kitchen with me.
  7. Copes

    CPL General

    The inaugural game...
  8. Copes

    Jacob Shaffelburg

    Goes to show the tier that CPL is probably competing with (and I don't say that as a dig at CPL). I would have loved to see him in Halifax as well. Maybe there is a loan opportunity, if not, I'm just happy to see the budding career of a Nova Scotian.
  9. Copes

    CPL General

    Nothing at all, but it isn't going to happen day one. The budget for CPL has all but been set. It's approximately $1M. So yeah, overtime we will likely pass countries with less successful economies. As we should, and should have years ago. As for your points about MLS squads, you're projecting your feelings again. Sure, huge amounts of TFC's salary figure are dedicated to a few players. Doesn't matter. If the CPL $1M figure is to be believed, than a 23-man squad will make an average of $43,478. There isn't a player on TFC that makes that. The lowest paid players don't make that. https://www.statista.com/statistics/552202/player-expenses-of-toronto-fc/ Even if CPL doubles its salary to $2M (who knows how far out that is) the average player will fall somewhere between Jordan Hamilton and Ben Spencer. So I mean, I get it. You hate MLS. I think that CPL should strive to compete with them. But given that your initial statement was "CPL can definitely close the gap w/MLS before MLS even dreams about competing with Liga MX" I'm gonna call BS because top MLS teams are ALREADY competing with Liga MX, and CPL doesn't exist yet and is no where near competing with MLS based on salary figures. And just so I don't get accused of using the highest paid MLS team as a comparable, here is the lowest paid team's salaries. Once again, if CPL doubled their salaries we could buy the bottom 7 TFC players and the bottom 8 Houston players. None of which are starters (to my knowledge, I don't watch tons of Houston). https://www.denverpost.com/2018/05/10/houston-dynamo-player-salaries-2018/ There is no rational argument to be made that "I can't see why the squad players for CPL teams can't be the same or better than MLS ones". I can. Starting salary cap.
  10. Copes

    CPL General

    When you talk like this you can't even really be taken seriously. MLS's quality is rising rapidly. It is easily a Top 20 league, and it isn't hard to Google league rankings and find people who place ti Top 10. Obviously league ratings are arbitrary, but an aggregate across multiple sources is a little more valuable. Further, MLS has been consistently improving its CONCACAF Champion's League results, which is the best way in which to measure the league against Liga MX. This year TFC lost in a shootout after beating two top-tier Mexican teams. MLS is closer to Liga MX than ever before. You're entitled to dislike MLS. I really don't care. But CPL is going to have clubs with starting payrolls that are 1/5th of MLS' lowest paid team (Houston, $5,673,471) and 1/26th of the highest (TFC, $26,167,498). I'm not arguing that CPL shouldn't dream big, nor that CPL can't strive to catch up to MLS quickly. But with your posts around here you are doing nothing but projecting your feelings, and your feelings aren't in line with reality.
  11. Happy with the result and the fact that we are almost certainly going to the Gold Cup next year. Less pleased with the play, which seems to be the feeling of everyone. Teibert stood out, but despite his performance Osorio and Arfield were missed. Out attacking midfield felt like what it was... D-mids playing attacking mid. Davies also stood out. Alphonso made some mistakes but man... when he was on he was on. The dangle at the end of the game was awesome to see. Backline remain silently steady. They weren't flashy but I felt they did what they needed to. I would like to get some real fullbacks. I'm curious what ends up happening between now and the Nations League. Attack should have done better. Maybe not enough midfield service on account of missing the guys I mentioned earlier. But I don't think so. Larin alone had two chances he should have absolutely finished. Davies had another I believe. Just need to bury the chances we are given.
  12. Larin really needed to bury that. That hurts. Feel like midfield could have used one of those subs.
  13. I am quite content with that sub.
  14. Man, I actually think Canada is missing Osorio. Was trying to figure out what was missing in the attack and I think its the TFC kid. Not sure if I remember another game where I missed Oso this much. Uninspiring first half. A lot of possession with no thought or purpose. Don't understimate St. Kitts. Would not surprise me if they bury one. We need one or two more.
  15. Copes

    CPL General

    This is what I look forward to with the Canadian Championship over the next couple years. I have zero interest in hamstringing TFC, Whitecaps and Impact. Let them play with their roster. They are Canadian-based clubs, but they don't play in a league that has Canadian requirements. Voyageur Cup rules are fine as they are. The David vs Goliath story is exciting, and WHEN CPL teams eventually start beating the big guys with more internationally focused rosters its going to be incredibly exciting. I love TFC, but I'm going to lose my mind the first time HFX beats them. One of the reasons soccer as a sport is so damn entertaining is the different philosophies about the exact same game across different nations and leagues. Different playstyles, different investment levels, different mentalities, different player development, and different roster building rules. The excitement is pitting those differences against each other to determine who or what is the best - not in fixing the rules so everyone suddenly becomes the same.