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  1. Yeah, this was almost 20 minutes before kick-off. Being there, it definitely felt like 6,500 was pretty accurate.
  2. Liked for "all dumbass machiavellian". Well done.
  3. As a Fury supporter, these are definitely two statements I can get behind
  4. Question on D2. Seems like most people are in favour of D2 being national in scale as well. Considering that, how would D2 in Canada be economically feasible, if most of your revenues are expected to go down, but your travel expenses, which are pretty hefty, stay the same? Legitimately asking. I assume Russia has pro/rel? How do they manage that aspect of things? Any other country with similar geographical challenges? ***EDIT*** Thinking of this is a world where I don't think Moncton would be a great candidate for D1, but likely for D2, and wondering how they would keep up with travel expenses if they have to go out West that often.
  5. There was a previous post talking about having the Moncton team having an "Acadie" focus, permitting it to also have a "Francophone derby" with a Québec team. There was also the Dwayne tweet, and others mentioning the Francophone connection as well. I wasn't warning people against "imposing" an identity. And any team in Moncton would absolutely have to cater to both populations (though the Moncton Wildcats basically do it at an Ottawa Fury level, aka, not enough). All I'm saying is that pitching the idea of team focused on the Acadian identity as a possible road to success is a non-starter.
  6. If you install a team in Moncton and turn it into some language-based identity symbol, whether French or English, it will fail. As an Acadian myself, I can tell you that any team that "claims" that identity will receive little support from the Acadian community and even less from the Anglophone community. Moncton is already too small with a close to non-existant corporate base for the CPL. I don't understand why people think that discouraging any potential fan from forging links with the team could be helpful.
  7. Agreed, it was a clumsy sentence (though we are also taking a statement made in English, translated to French, and re-translated to English, so it's possible something got lost). However, considering the Fury have basically been uncompetitive for the last three seasons, I can see why emphasis was put on needing to succeed now. It was just said in a weird way.
  8. Not to get things too back on track, but I asked the journalist the context of the "we have one season" quote (cause, you know, context matters), and he confirmed that it was in the sense of "we have one season to convince people we aren't a perenial bottom-dweller". Has nothing to do with CPL, MLS, or the survivability of the team, despite the hopes of some on here.
  9. Maybe. Or since they got rid of their own USL/reserve team, maybe they figure that some minutes are better than no minutes. Or a combination of both. Quote from Dalglish in 2016: “There will be some players from Montreal Impact, but there’s no requirement to play them, so each player that comes from Montreal Impact has to earn their minutes on the field,” That being said, I have not yet heard anything as clear stated about the "affiliation" with TFC. Hell, I'm not even sure it's a formal affiliation yet, even though we may end up having more TFC players on our club that IMFC.
  10. Though I am irritated at the number of loans the Fury is picking up, I believe their affiliation (at least with Montreal) clearly indicated no such restrictions (must play X minutes or wtv). And having watched almost all their homes games last season, I never got the impression that an Impact player was on the pitch without having earned his presence. Hell, Callum Irving was the starting keeper last season, until a horrid start that gave Crépeau an opportunity, of which he never let go.
  11. Man, it's almost like more transparency around roster rules would be helpful for fans to better judge the moves their teams make
  12. Don't know about other leagues, but, unless I'm widely mistaken, there is no inter-conference games for the Fury at least this season, and there weren't any last season.
  13. I think it's completely true. In MLS, you can find out the salary cap, and the different types of contracts that can be signed to circumvent that cap. On top of that, the players' union publishes wages every season. It's painfully convoluted, but a lot of information is made available. For CPL, literally the only two things we know is that there is a salary cap, and coaches have there own salary bucket. We don't know how much either of them are. We don't know the value of any of the contracts that have been signed. On your "chances are high the rules are much more simple", that might be the case, but my point is we just don't know. And that's irritating. FWIW, I feel the same way about how the USL shares information, though we have a bit more information there through leaks of league documentation. Was it relevant to the question? Probably not completely. But in a salary-cap league, I think it's the kind of thing that would be nice to know and how it impacts the league moving forward. Just like it would be nice to know how transfer fees, should there be some, are accounted, if at all, in the cap.
  14. I assume nobody knows the answer to this, since CPL has even less transparency than MLS when it comes to salary rules clubs must abide by, but I'm now curious about how are loans factored-in with the salary cap?
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