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  1. I don't disagree with you on this point. Perhaps I'm in a bit of a an echo chamber (I work for one of the larger non O&G companies in the city, and excitement for the Cavs at work is surprisingly high), but that being said, today, you can get season tickets for under $20/match. Considering all the competing choices for your entertainment dollar in this city, $20 to get you in the door for professional sports is fairly priced IMO (and comparable across the league), even in Calgary's current economic state. Again, this is strictly talking about the cheapest seats. It's the rest of the stadium that is problematic, and I agree with your sentiments. I just feel like people see the initial sticker shock of the overall pricing (justifiably so) and it's too late to capture them with the $20 seats, as they are already turned off the product.
  2. You bet, I already have them. My Cavs membership number is in the double digits.
  3. Someone posted an analysis earlier, half of the most expensive Officers club seasons are sold, and they account for over ~60% of the total season seat revenue.
  4. This is true, however (even as an Eddies supporter living on YYC), there are a bunch off affordable seats available. More than a bunch. It's easy to pile on regarding the ridiculous prices, it's been beaten to death. As Calgarians, let's fill ALL the appropriately priced seats, show the club that they made a mistake in pricing, and hope they revisit when they see that packed corners and ends and tumbleweeds in the middle isn't a good look to display to the rest of the country.
  5. I also hate how the ball plays. Watching Sunday's match again, you see some bounces that would never happen on grass, and it appears to play quite fast (i.e. balls chipped over the top leading our pacey wingers never seem to slow down)
  6. Calgary - Home and Away, 1331 17 Ave SW https://m.facebook.com/events/2230315010620596/?notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1553300842981269
  7. Agreed, even if it is better for us. In terms of general format, I'm trying to draw some positives. Perhaps with a round of 32 (i.e. a big bracket), you'll get more casual fans involved/invested in a March Madness type of way. A big knockout bracket like this will create some compelling storylines, when a plucky underdog knocks off a favourite. (Just grasping for positives here)
  8. I think the discussion could be split here, from a Canadian soccer standpoint, into two groups. 1.) Canadian Soccer viewers (i.e the MediaPro deal) 2.) European Soccer viewers Now, obviously there is a lot of cross over between the two groups, but I think the key in your first post is how this affects Canadian soccer and growing that market. As this has been stated a ton before, I think it will be important for the CanPL to have a presence in both cable and streaming worlds: a DAZN + TSN/Sportsnet/CBC arrangement allows you to capture all your potential markets (youth who stream, or older generations still attached to Cable TV).
  9. I really enjoy DAZN. It is quite nice to have access to all major football leagues and competitions (sans Bundesliga) in my pocket, anywhere I go. I know some of the cable providers have mobile solutions (Telus Optik on the go, for example) which allows you to watch cable TV on a mobile device. The real differentiating factor is the ability to cast the DAZN app to any screen, the Telus solution doesn't allow that. For example, I can go visit my mom on a weekend and not have to scramble to watch a match if she doesn't have the right cable subscription package. I just cast DAZN on to her TV.
  10. Ugh, looks like a generic "t-shirt" design.
  11. Based on what's been released by Nike so far today, it seems like the women will have their own kit. I like that, they should have their own identity. Hopefully both our men's and women's team get something unique like the French WWC kit, just released today
  12. @socceronly How do we go about adding people to our order? There are a few of us Alberta V's ( @shermanator @HaliCanuck @OnkelDal ) who want to sit together but all purchased separately. Thanks!
  13. Spruce Meadows would be the perfect ground to host a CanMNT match against a minnow, like French Guiana, in the future. Grass pitch, direct flights to Europe, and the ability to sell out (hopefully) vs a smaller opponent all are positives for Spruce Meadows.
  14. During the Al Classico Prospects series in the fall last year, the camera was set up on the players bench side, facing the main grandstand. The main grandstand (and the south stand for that matter) did not exist at that time, and the ground still looked brilliant. With the new main stand, and the south supporters end, it will look incredible Check out the following video for highlights - you'll get a feel for how the stadium is laid out (FFWD to 2:05 for match highlights). Perhaps the only gripe is that the camera angle is a bit too low - hopefully MediaPro can assist with that.
  15. Looking ahead to next summer, it looks like the oft-rumoured joint CONCACAF+COMNEBOL tournament has some legs again. This time, it's being pushed ahead by US Soccer - perhaps some.more legitimacy this time around? https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/26/sports/us-soccer-copa-america-conmebol.html#click=https://t.co/efR0gyp9bV
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