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  1. Ruffian

    General MLS Talk 2019

    Somebody had an awesome Saturday afternoon on the couch watching MLS! Thanks for all the details!
  2. 16 year old Canadian Jayden Nelson looked really good when he came on late in the game. Then in the next play he looked like a teenager never having played a professional game by getting a yellow. Jacob Shaffelburg looked really strong. I am really surprised by the distribution from the back by Julian Dunn-Johnson, didn't know he had that in him!
  3. Henry has been glued to Ibrahimović all game so far and has done a decent job of shutting him down.
  4. It seems like KC vs Monterrey is live on https://www.concacafgo.com in Canada $2.99 for 24 hour access.
  5. With all of those services you get way more content than cable. Cable hardly has any good content anymore.
  6. Chapman really stands out in that list with a goal and 2 assists in 70 minutes of play.
  7. A really poor penalty kick by Jackson https://streamable.com/xhn5l
  8. I think Canadian MLS and CPL teams and academies need to show that they can develop and showcase young talent themselves or else many of the elite talents will continue to look to Europe for that development and opportunity.
  9. The thing is those two showed a lot of attacking promise while Laryea makes a lot of tackles. He could be a better option for a transition like this.
  10. https://www.concacafnationsleague.com/en/nations-league-qualifying/game-detail/440496#tab_match=match-details
  11. I'd like to see Adekugbe come on for MAK. Make sure that knee is OK!
  12. Sometimes I worry that we are such a hockey mentality country where any sort of going down easy is discouraged. This could be a huge disadvantage to our national team if no players use this to our teams advantage. I don't want players to look foolish trying to get a foul, but they need to know when they have actually been fouled and have lost some advantage and know how to get the call.
  13. He also played against Toronto FC in one, if not both of the CONCACAF Champiosn League games. He came on at the end. He looked comparable to Davies, not in the way he played but in the fact that he looked a step above talent wise but still looked like he needed a lot of development as he made bad runs and lost the ball trying to do too much.
  14. It looks like the Impact have a pretty close locker room. This could be a good sign for the team going forward.
  15. There is no DAZN channel that they could put on cable, it is all just on demand and live games. They could potentially license the content to TSN or Sportsnet.
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