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  1. Ruffian

    CPL General

    Not a lawyer, but on a quick search on the internet brought up a document from the Ontario Human Rights Commission. http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/iii-principles-and-concepts/3-grounds-discrimination-definitions-and-scope-protection In this document it states: It is illegal for employers to make distinctions between Canadian citizens, citizens from other countries, persons with dual citizenship, landed immigrants or permanent residents, refugees and non-permanent residents. It also states: People should not be discriminated against or harassed because they are from outside Canada. These may not always stand up in court but I am sure the issue is complex as the CPL will have to deal with Canadian laws and all involved Provincial laws. They might just be taking the conservative route and not limiting who is designated as a domestic player.
  2. Ruffian

    Marcel De Jong

    I think De Jong's contract would still be in place with Vancouver as they have to pay part of his salary so @Unnamed Trialist, I would say it appears to essentially be a loan until the end of his original contract.
  3. Ruffian

    Marcel De Jong

    I could see him not wanting to give up any of his guaranteed salary, but on the Whitecaps side any relief on his salary would give them money to work with under the cap. So if Pacific FC were willing to pay $50K then that is an extra $50K Whitecaps have to work with. De Jong gets his money and he is able to play professional soccer on a team that wants to play him. I hope @BringBackTheBlizzard allows me to call it professional.
  4. Ruffian

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

  5. Ruffian

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Terrence Boyd. Was doing great at Rapid Vienna for a while then got injured. American fans were calling for him as their striker over Altidore at the time. Seems to be confirmed now. And reported new DP incoming!
  6. Ruffian

    CPL TV Contract

    TSN Direct has many other sporting events streamed that do not appear on any of the channels. They also have most of the games on-demand after it has played. I would be happy with TSN, I just hope they improve their apps on all devices.
  7. Ruffian

    CPL Season Schedule

    I will be at the TFC game. I would have liked to attend this game too. I hope I can watch it on demand on TSN Direct/Sportsnet NOW/DAZN when i get home from the TFC game!.
  8. Ruffian

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    I thought any returning USMNT player went on the list. I think Ciman wasn't on the list until TFC became interested. So likely Boyd would be added to the list if MLS head office becomes aware of TFC's interest.
  9. Ruffian

    Marco Bustos

    Using my Crocodile Dundee skills I am going to say he is driving South. Sun is to his left (East) and it is rising since it is 8:51 am in the morning. So going back to OKC based on my science.
  10. Ruffian

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    They have the 2nd most league championships in their country after Rangers of Malaysia?
  11. Ruffian

    Noble Okello

    I kind of had a different impression of Bekker during his time with TFC. He seemed to be a consistent, dependable player but had no brilliance that stood out above other players. Definitely his time in NASL and USL has shown he has those moments of brilliance now.
  12. Ruffian

    CPL TV Contract

    Here is another company billing themselves as the "Netflix of Soccer". https://www.sporttechie.com/fanfoot-streaming-service-announces-150-million-rights-for-top-brazilian-soccer-league/ Apparently they bought the global rights to the Brazilian Serie A. Another company that may be interested in scooping up streaming/broadcasting rights.
  13. Ruffian

    CPL TV Contract

    I might actually cancel my monthly subscription for this. I only have it for Canadian MLS teams. I have TFC seats so I will be at most home games so I might only need to pay for the day pass 2 or 3 times a month for away games. Also I hope those times have TFC at 7 and Whitecaps at 10 so I can see all of those Canadians!
  14. Ruffian

    CPL TV Contract

    I guess the author has never used DAZN. They have sports shows and you can watch any of the game streamed on demand. I watch many games in the evening after they are played. Like Copa del Ray, Coupe de France and Champions League.
  15. The looks on their faces when he missed was completely different. They seemed pretty frustrated with him.