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  1. Oh I'm not nearly smart enough to know that.
  2. Many people wanted to drive to a game. No possibility of Philly or Nashville, no bus from the GTA to Cleveland with the Voyageurs. For matchups and Fifa points, it's fine. From a structure standpoint, its disappointing.
  3. Probably would have been enough for a section in Cleveland but CONCACAF gonna CONCACAF
  4. What a shit draw. My god. They should start having the east central and western rotate on gold cup hosting. It's like they don't want people to travel for it.
  5. You're not wrong. The surface was a dumpster fire. Hopefully the lack of playoffs and time for the grass to grow alleviates concerns. It's something to watch. If the field is terrible by June, I would make sense to think about playing elsewhere. Montreal is my preference for USA. Halifax for Cuba.
  6. Are you trolling? You pulled 20K on a Friday night for the first game of World Cup Qualifying against a rival after getting Hoilett and Arfield. It's nice. It's respectable. But it's not so good that artificial turf and 3 time zones should be ignored to make YVR should be a permanent home. Also, Sprurs are shit.
  7. Not to be the homer, and I would much rather put 25 in BMO for this, but putting 8 thousand in Halifax would certainly be a home field advantage. The question is, can you get that mid week?
  8. If they're smart, the get a Canada US rivalry back online. But the only way to plan for that would be not having a draw and instead rigging some sort of ohhhhhhhhhh.
  9. That's LITERALLY all we do here.
  10. I wish we had more games so we could devote a couple of two stick to the embarassing Nike IDGAF attitude towards our kits. I feel this is the perfeft time to create a Vees kit.
  11. Yeah. Spontaneity or bust. Glad others agree. TFC stopped being a fun place to chant when that went away. It's essentially people yelling at you to sing retrofit euro chants. I wish I had heard the groundskeeper one, that's great. Exactly what got me in into the Vees in the first place.
  12. Tiebert was underwheming. Cant see how he gets minutes when this team finds its stride.
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