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  1. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I just want better designed merch in group orders. Small orders of fun products, with a group set to design and have a break even point.
  2. I understand 5, but why 1-4? I think we should be establishing committees on sub topics, if only for ideas, so then when stuff is in place, we are ready to go.
  3. I'd love to get a merch team together. I'm not going to speak to the rest of this, but I would love to be a part of / take a lead in merch ideas / design. Edit to add a link - https://www.whoareyadesigns.com/collections/all
  4. I think eyeballs are what matters. Forums aren't getting em. We'd get way more there than here. I think a pilot project of building a presence there would go a long away.
  5. REDDIT Reddit is the future on this type of thing. Moderated easily, easy to find, easy to grow. Cal
  6. I vote to move it to reddit. Easy to enforce and the money can go to other projects. I love this forum but hate it's accountability some times. I'd help mod on reddit. I'd cheer for Honduras before I modded here.
  7. That's why I was talking about a pre-order. If we get enough to cover the cost, we place the order. If we don't, then we simply don't place it. I don't want anyone to be out of pocket. I also don't want to wait another year to see if we can get scarves. Again, happy to help out.
  8. This was supposed to say spearhead. I'm an idiot. I checked in with a place that has a one month turnaround. 7 bucks a scarf (USD) on a 3 week turnaround. Selling for 20 a pop still gets us the ability to fund other projects. Could easily sell on the board over the next 2 weeks and fund the new order.
  9. Can we get an order of scarves in based on the old design? Going to be heading to Halifax and would like to pull all the new supporters from out that way. World Cup and CPL bump should give us profits. I'm totally happy to spead head this if you need someone to take it on.
  10. Bumping this to get a run of the old scarves that we are out of. I am glad to coordinate a pay first then order type of thing, but based on how many people gave away their scarf to players or swaps at games, we should definitely do an order. Even if we order another kind, this is the classic. I think we could easily sell 100 on the board quickly.
  11. As long as it looks good / the price doesn't tie up funds in inventory.
  12. Sorry, I only have one of those things... I think that first one you posted is beautiful.
  13. Califax

    New Guy

    Dues are payable to me. 20 bucks a week worth of smokes. Let's go.
  14. Please allow me to moderate. I will get rid of these posts.
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