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  1. Black, dark or light grey. Not interested in colours unaffiliated with CanSoc. But I have enough red.
  2. My vote is for the text/logo style but I like a non-red option for the fabric also
  3. I'm assuming it'll say Support Local Textiles?
  4. Yes, ran across this last weekend, had forgotten the thread until I looked down and saw a team name in the floor. From then on I was checking everything to see where this was, and found it at the corner of the mall. Very cool indeed.
  5. Perhaps the better answer is to move the cameras opposite the benches?
  6. I think you'd have to do a patch and sew it on, rather than direct embroidery...
  7. Don't think it moved when I donated. Please check.
  8. Pins look awesome! Thanks Jamie.
  9. To reiterate my point, currently in the men's forum there are 8 (!) threads dedicated to individual players. If you want to merge WNT and MNT, I'd like a subforum for individual vs team discussion.
  10. My problem is that any discussion of the CWNT would get drowned out and chased off the front page by the interminable discussions of every L1O player who tickled someone's fancy for the men's team.
  11. I didn't even know there were pins!
  12. No, it's there. On top of that, there's a new line inserted between the last read and the first new post.
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