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  1. paul-collins

    Hoodies for the fall

    Black, dark or light grey. Not interested in colours unaffiliated with CanSoc. But I have enough red.
  2. paul-collins

    Hoodies for the fall

    My vote is for the text/logo style but I like a non-red option for the fabric also
  3. paul-collins

    Crew to Austin?

    Next year I'm bringing broccoli to the games.
  4. paul-collins

    Jessie Fleming

    I'm just glad to have Forgedias' descriptions starting again. Honestly love to hear how Jessie is doing, and these posts are a great pleasure.
  5. paul-collins

    Russell Teibert

    Jaysus, we've been saying that since you were a Whitecaps fan. If not now, when?
  6. paul-collins

    TFC 2018

    Yes, reading the law #12, you have to determine that redirecting the ball was DOGSO in order to award a yellow. It was a good GSO but not an obvious goal, so I guess that's the argument. And you're right that the red for handling is only if it actually stops the shot.
  7. paul-collins

    CPL General

    I doubt the courts would even bother with such a challenge unless the requirement was extremely high for Canadian content. Right now it's basically affirmative action, and the response to any complainant is basically "it's not the Canadian who took your starting spot, it's the non-Canadian who is better than you who took your spot."
  8. paul-collins

    TFC 2018

    ... except shouldn't there have been a card also?
  9. paul-collins

    TFC 2018

    Ok, well, I'm not going back through the schedule to figure out where those missed PKs were... so definitely a home/away split.
  10. paul-collins

    TFC 2018

    I went through the box scores to count goals, I only got 10, not 12, so maybe I missed some? Or were the 12 penalties including misses? Anyway, it was 7H/3A for goals. (MLS League play) Also a USOC PK at home.
  11. paul-collins

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I'm still baffled by the comment that York Region is "rural". I can only imagine they're looking at the Oak Ridges Moraine? That's like looking at Caledon to determine if Peel is rural.
  12. paul-collins

    TFC 2018

    Well, given this was a poll of "peers" I think this is closer to what they were voting on when they were voting. Green with jealousy / jealous of the green. I mean, how dare he take all that money, a DP slot, and all the f'n hardware?
  13. paul-collins

    TFC 2018

    Weather - clear (sunny), high 5C, low 0. Pitch should be fine, assuming the groundscrew have had success over the last few weeks with the lights and heating. At least it won't be frozen like this week in Colorado.
  14. paul-collins

    Zambrano out!

    The point at which the Zaambrano apologists and those who are apoplectic over Herdman's appointment start dragging a defence of Carolina Morace into the discussion, I know I've entered a parallel universe. Y'all need to sit down and relax for a while. This hyperventilation isn't getting useful oxygen to your brains.
  15. paul-collins

    CPL General

    matty, I think you meant Holy Grail.