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  1. Yeah, that’s why I mentioned it. Don’t think we should give a second time. Been there done that...start with the next guy on the list.
  2. Radz was already given a voyageurs plaque upon his retirement. No suggestions on a name.
  3. This morning, Ian Wright and Robbie Fowler were both of the opinion that the Jagielka red was harsh. Personally, I like red for those sorts of fouls, but I’m not sure it is as clear cut as some are making it out to be.
  4. Dwayne (Winnipeg Fury) was definitely a key player, and certainly the person I would point to for these sorts of interviews, but as he explains in the article, the ‘creator’ was the voyageurs. IIRC, and I may be mistaken in my dotage, there was a small organizing committee of which Fury was a member. He did do all the leg work associated with acquiring the trophy and case (and took all of the heat for the choice from some) and was heavily involved post creation so I don’t want to undersell at all his contributions - they were massive - but it overstates to say he was the creator. If you’re lurking Dwayne, please correct anything I’ve misstated!
  5. Title is wrong but a good read nonetheless: http://canpl.ca/video/voyageurs-cup-creator-delighted-with-addition-of-cpl-clubs-to-canadian-championship
  6. Gordon

    TFC 2018

    What the fuck is this about:
  7. What do you need from us to push this forward? With regards to the forum/Vs issue. I personally don’t see anything wrong with “membership has its privileges”. Is it a loss if a small number can’t take advantage because they are not capable of interacting appropriayely with the rest of the community?
  8. So, was this all just another hand-wringing excercise?
  9. We play in CONCACAF, I have dreams - fantasies even - of Canadian players selling dives and injuries up one, late at Saprissa with Costa Rican (or any nation) seething at the injustice. Welcome to our world Bitches!!!
  10. Don’t think it is a troll nor malicious but do agree with UT that it is a breach of etiquette to transfer his post without consent. There is context lost - although I often think folks forget everything 2 minutes after they read it - when things are plucked from a thread and I think it is important to respect that even if you think no harm is being done.
  11. There are critiques, and then there are 5-6 repetitive posts per page for 225 pages. These are not the same thing, particularly when there is a refusal to: Reflect on and learn anything from the responses to said posts; respect the opinions of others while claiming victim hood when the same is not returned; and, ascribe genuine motives to the investors Coming forward and/or holding public info sessions; Not to mention: Challenging the integrity of the person breaking the story ad nauseum - and others piled on in this regard - long after the genuine nature of the story was well established (and those who piled on should start a mea culpa thread and apologize to Duane); and, responding with thinly veiled hostility to folks coming on to convey information shared at the various public information meetings. I see from those who have quoted him and that he still does not get it. The CanPL thread is not the only time this has occurred. We see the same in the CFL thread and countless others over the years.
  12. Wow! Mixed feelings, but Bayern is pretty much as big as it gets. That is massively impressive. And as a young still developing player, Germany>England. I’d expect a few years of loans if it goes through, but still...Bayern. It turned out well for the last Canadian to sign with them (other than the whole England thing) and Germany generally has been good spot for Canadians.
  13. While it is almost certainly a bullshit tweet, Huddersfield would be a significant step up on the Whitecaps and David Wagner is to Carl Robinson as a Ferrari is to a Skoda. If Davis is to make the roster of a massive team, he’ll almost certainly need a stepping stone club (not many teens get minutes for the biggest teams - even exceptional ones) to get there.
  14. All SGs? I thought it was pretty clear which specific SG was the guilty party? Am I missing something out here is Saskabush?
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