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  1. Saw some new posts and popped my head in here hoping to read about some new teams in the league and all I got was a bilingual debate. Its safe to say that I'm disappointed.
  2. We are 3 months before the season starts, so I think if Concacaf, The Fury, and others are planning on digging in their heels on this issue, Fury fans better prepare for no football in 2019.
  3. Agreed. Canadian law is what we must follow here. I'm no lawyer but FIFA/Concacaf thinks its rules are not being followed even if things are forced by our nations laws, can they not take action? Things like banning the teams and players from events like the world cup, gold cup, CCL ect.
  4. If the Fury or USL want to take it to court and use Canadian or US law to their advantage, The Fury and USL must be prepared to be kicked out of FIFA altogether.
  5. I'm all for the Fury being forced into the CPL, but forgive my ignorance here, how does CONCACAF justify the hard nosed approach to Ottawa playing in a US league when we have 3 other Canadian MLS teams playing in a US league?
  6. That's a very valid point about the TSN and MLS relationship, but I believe TSN also has a deal with Soccer Canada for the Voyageurs Cup. Also, the MLS commissioner has stated that he doesn't see CanPL as a threat.
  7. Since the CBC is SUPPOSED to show things of cultural significance to Canadians, they should be showing this league. But I don't see that ever happening. I also don't see TSN or Sportsnet showing it either because it will be too small. Maybe DAZN will pick it up if the CanPL provides them a feed?
  8. Anyone have any experience in a Voyageurs "family section?" I'd like to take my boys and I'd like to sit with the V's. It will be our first national team match. I want to make sure that my 7 and 6 year old boys will be able to see something other than the tall guys back in front of them.
  9. DrFitzpatrick

    CPL General

    Not to mention watermelon sales go through the roof on game day!
  10. DrFitzpatrick

    CPL General

    I sense your sarcasm. But don't tell me for a second that people from Saskatchewan wouldn't support a team better than anywhere else. The Riders account for almost 50% of CFL revenue!
  11. DrFitzpatrick

    CPL General

    Then Saskatchewan should have been priority #1 by this league.
  12. DrFitzpatrick

    CPL General

    But radio seems to have lived on. Video did not kill the radio star as the Buggles said all the way back in 1979
  13. I think you are right. A country this big with a league that spread out is going to have a lot of challenges.
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