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  1. No need as will leave you alone in the sandbox to play by yourself ........ just can't be bothered ....
  2. As heard a few weeks back " when some take the low road , then take the high road " that i will and not bother getting in the same class and name calling as you have decided .My apologizes if I dont share the same opinion of Herdman as you do though ,don"t like my opinion your choice , don't like my suggestions , your choice . Though i don't believe i came on here name calling . Well i will leave you Joe with one thing i have NO AGENDA , way past this stage in my kids career , though seems nothing has changed from 15 years back within the CSA except that we are now looking at other countries pass us by in development and this U20 and the recent U17 have shown exactly that . So Joe who exactly is to take responsibility in your wisdom and careful as your Agenda is starting to show its true colors .
  3. wow , why is everyone so upset , we are on track for another medal in 2019 ! Just ask Joe
  4. Thanks Joe , You are such an inspiration of the game and life, All the best to you and the game moving forward .
  5. its simply wrong when there are teams In UFEA that are far better that dont make it in due to regional representation. 3 Concacaf spots are way too many for the level of play being executed .
  6. and thats make it ok for us to qualify ?? if we cant honestly compete with UEFA then we have no business being in the same tournament as them why is it when someone questions the integrity of the system and organization that you need to excuse them as sour parents .No one can question the system in your eyes ?? no wonder we are where we are
  7. Won't get in the mud as some others have decided ...........though my comments started a conversation that created some questions maybe the same conversation and questions should be held and asked in the offices at the CSA . Maybe the same questions should be asked by the paying public .Maybe if we wanted more and stop expecting the same old , then maybe this country could reach its true potential . Just maybe Though back to the upset dad
  8. exactly what is the right way , as looks like the right way didnt work for the U17s .Looks like Mr Worthington is setting up his excuses for failure Very discouraging to see a program that is lead on egos instead on talent . Herdman / priestman and Worthington should be shown the door .
  9. Whats more incredible is the lack of scouting by Worthington and his boss Herdman . Many top players in the NCAA and CIS left out , though no surprise as they continue to only look within their box
  10. Never been and never will be a Herdman Fan . The man is a con and the CSA is buying it . Nothing accomplished under his helm except a bunch of PR BS rolling from his mouth . Lets hope by September he is unemployed ! for the sake of future generations
  11. oh don't get me wrong , Haiti deserves full credit on their development and actually you have proven my point . Some say Herdman and his crew have progressed our game though when you look back we used to look at our rearview mirror and today we are looking through our windshield at Haiti . What i can not accept are the excuses of many on this forum and believe me it is not Herdman to blame fully . He has found a golden ticket in the CSA , a nice pay cheque for little effort for a foreigner . would love too elaborate though will end it now
  12. No it doesn't though what does give reason is the no movement forward on development since she took over the youth program . That also goes for Herdman , the program has regressed since Herdman has taken over and Coach B has followed suit . Beating Haiti 4-2 is no accomplishment and honestly do they even deserve to be in the WC over the 4th place EUFA team I highly doubt it .
  13. Agree though remember a lose is lose and no excuses then as seems to me that this group can take the wins ,though the loses are excusable .
  14. Yes they beat Brazil , and for your folk time for another parade all is great again within the beautiful game . So sit back and enjoy our progress moving forward
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