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  1. Someone from Piatti's family training with the Impact?
  2. All the youngsters in for this one
  3. Omar Browne confirmed...I like his ability to score goals against TFC 😉
  4. meh...i think I got my hopes up too much for these
  5. Wow these look like they'll be amazing
  6. Herdman should have a little talk with him
  7. That's why he didn't play according to the media
  8. Novillo is going to be punished for losing his passport apparently
  9. Subbed out for Bahiya, and he shows his frustration
  10. Shome having a really bad game, seems nervous out there. He just had a giveaway that led directly to another KC goal.
  11. Shome starting for the Impact against Kansas City
  12. Chad_Impact

    Away Days

    I would love to go see some games but flight prices in our country are ridiculous.
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