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  1. Hm didn't notice the design on the shoulders...looks a little better i guess.
  2. Are they going to announce these jersey's or what, 40 days until kickoff
  3. Davies on the bench tonight vs Liverpool
  4. You're looking at it
  5. Okay at least there are close images. It looks a little bit better with the numbers on them but still plain as plain can be
  6. It seems like Nike didn't even have a photo shoot with us for them... meanwhile:
  7. Look a little plain...
  8. I assume they're unveiling the women's world cup kit. Not sure if the men will wear the same.
  9. Yeah it's really strange, no urgency at all
  10. https://www.prosoccerusa.com/mls/orlando-city-sc/orlando-city-kamal-miller-training-notes/ Article on Miller's rise to the MLS
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