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  1. whats with all these idiots speaking through their emotions and not seeing facts for facts.  all the players that we both mentioned played for the national team of a country not their birth.


    its pretty clear if you defend one and villify the other that you are being inconsistent and thus... a hyppocrite yet, guys like u and me are idiots, ludicrous, insane, mental...

  2. Welcome! Is your favourite Spanish team Real Madrid and your favourite English team Man United? Abuse of new posters is a Voyageurs tradition.
  3. dsqpr


    The owner of the Grove is a proper football fan - supports Sheffield Wed. Unfortunately the menu is a bit out there (yuppieville) and the prices are a bit up there, so not your typical football pub. I'm thinking hard about Canada's WWC opener in Edmonton. I have a passport for all the games in Winnipeg and intend to go to them all, so I'd have to head home on the Sunday. Driving is a possibility but I think it's about 14 hrs one way so would mean getting back extremely late on Sunday night, even with an early start. Not ideal as it follows Saturday night!
  4. Beauty, thanks nolando! Now that the dust has settled, and in the spirit of terrace humour and making fun of other country's players (and for no other reason), I'd like to suggest the following nickname: Sydney LeWho? Who are ya?!
  5. How fitting that a board dedicated to football should have judgement calls of its own that we can all argue about!
  6. Thanks to those of you who have posted here to let the rest of us know what happened. I actually saw the original thread but never realized that was the problem. I'm about the least PC person you will ever meet but I think it is OTT to call a girl or a woman a "whore". And just to prove my non-PC-ness, I will say that, although I do not personally agree that he deserves the label, I have no problem with other people calling OH a whore because like it or not, IT IS DIFFERENT FOR A MAN! So, I agree with the mods on this one. I also liked Massive Attack's presence on the forum and hope he w
  7. VANCOUVER Masster PRINCE GEORGE (BC) Raven VANCOUVER Masster EDMONTON River City REGINA mcaout WINNIPEG dsqpr KINGSTON leafdolfan OTTAWA Sébastien MONTREAL MTL_4_LIFE MONCTON Sébastien (summer time)
  8. Marc, I have to say that I think the time has come. I sense a lot of momentum from this WCQ campaign and this is an excellent idea for continuing to build our numbers. It would be great if there were an "official" venue for each "Chapter" for watching the match whenever Canada play. That would help to afflict a few more unsuspecting souls. And, as Razcle has said, it would give us some clout for arranging travel and accommodations for going to matches in person.
  9. Thanks for the history strobe_z, it is interesting background for us newcomers. I think your thread title also makes an excellent point -- it will always be hard for an unofficial supporters club to gain the numbers necessary to fill stadiums for home matches. I have been following Canadian football for many years and only became aware of the Voyageurs in the last week! I'm not sure yet what our numbers are, but I'm guessing it is hunderds rather than thousands. Regardless, I think all of you are fantastic for the support you show to the national team. But I do think that in order to fill stad
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