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  1. Cristian Gutierrez starting for Colo Colo against O'Higgins in Chile's Primera Division action
  2. They also played 2 30 minute halves against Halifax yesterday and beat them 1-0 with a goal by Federico Pena
  3. Exhibition game today was cancelled. They are now playing their first game on Wednesday.
  4. Played 72 minutes in Colo Colo's 2-0 loss to Coquimbo Unido. He was subbed off for a striker with his team down 1 nil at the time.
  5. Cristian Gutierrez starting for Colo Colo today against Coquimbo Unido in Chile's Primera Division
  6. Moses Danto did not play with the WSA Group on Friday.
  7. Maximiliano Dundo a forward from Argentina took part in yesterday's game. He had recently been playing in Chile's third division.
  8. My point is that all the players on the field were WSA Academy players with Eduardo Badescu behind the bench and not a makeshift group of U23 players from Winnipeg as has been described in social media.
  9. The roster I was provided suggests otherwise. The 15 players who dressed either played with the PDL team last summer, played for WSA Winnipeg's team indoor this winter or will be playing PDL this summer. With regards to some players being away at school, this would account for perhaps 3 or 4 players but certainly not nearly of all their roster. Having said that however, I can understand why WSA's coaching staff would not want to have this game considered as an official exhibition game given the score.
  10. 8-0 victory for Valour FC over WSA Winnipeg
  11. Yes at 2:30 pm but it's not open to the public.
  12. The team is playing their first exhibition game this afternoon against Winnipeg's PDL team WSA Winnipeg.
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